A TV above a fireplace: types, choosing a location, examples in a variety of styles

The TV above the fireplace is a decor with a certain characteristic nuances. Data interior elements may differ ergonomics, manufacturability or have completely different historical colour, which turns to form a special atmosphere.

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  • Whether over the fireplace to hang a TV?
  • Types of fireplaces
  • Photos in the interior of the apartment
  • How to place the TV and fireplace?
  • Ideas in various styles
  • Recommendations on the installation from the professionals
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    Whether over the fireplace to hang a TV?

    If you adhere to certain rules and ways of posting, you get to create not only beautiful, but safe design that will focus on all the attention.

    Table for and against

    The main pros and cons.


    This combination allows to form the unified composite center and create an accent wall.

    Not all fireplaces are suitable for placing on them of your TV. Such a combination does not quite meet the safety rules, as by warm air coming from the fireplace, a television technician really hot and is a bad influence on her life.

    This combination saves space, which is especially important for small rooms.

    The glare of the fire can draw attention to themselves and distract from TV viewing.

    With this arrangement frees up more walls in the room.

    Too high placed bar causes inconvenience and discomfort when viewing.

    Types of fireplaces

    There are several varieties:

    • An electric fireplace. Is a conventional electric heater, made in the form of a fireplace. This model simulates a living flame and heats the room.
    • A bio fireplace. Such a view does not imply the installation of the chimney. He works from a special biofuel does not emit harmful substances and odors.
    • Wood. Real focus, requiring heating with wood. Wood fireplace exudes a natural warmth and requires a separate space to store logs.
    • False fireplace. Decorative false chimney is a designer solution that is perfect for decorating any interior.

    Various models of fireplaces allow you to choose the most suitable option of how to design a country cottage, a wooden house and a city apartment. They are undoubtedly the most beautiful and memorable decor element that gives the room more coziness and however effectiveness.

    The photo small living room with a plasma TV placed above white a false fireplace.

    Photos in the interior of the apartment

    Examples of design of various rooms.

    Living room

    The combination of TV with the fireplace is quite common in the living room. This allows us to fill the room special coziness and contribute to a pleasant quiet evening with family or friends.


    Harmonizing in color and design decision devices, will make the bedroom more comfortable and will fill the atmosphere with a uniqueness and sincerity.

    Photo black plasma TV over the fireplace in the bedroom interior.

    Dining room

    The TV mounted over the fireplace, opposite the dining table or on the free wall, is a win-win option for the dining room, which provides the ability to combine quality time with watching your favorite TV shows or movies.

    How to place the TV and fireplace?

    The most popular types of accommodation.

    In the niche of plasterboard

    Built-in fireplace and TV, quite often in a specially constructed niche of plasterboard. When placing a TV screen in a separate recess, it is also possible to protect it from the heat and effects of heat flow coming from the source.


    This angled design allows for maximum space-saving and efficient use of the useful area that will be particularly useful in the design of small rooms.

    On one wall

    Accommodation on one wall:

    • Horizontal fireplace under the TV. This arrangement allows to save valuable space and leave the other walls in the room free decor for different design elements.
    • The location offset. So this location does not look asymmetrical, and the wall didn’t seem empty, it is very important to consider the composition, design, size and shape of the devices.

    Well-planned location of the TV with a fireplace below, taking into account the size of the room and total interior solutions, will allow to create a truly harmonious composition.

    On opposite walls

    This placement is not the most successful, as the flames reflected in the television screen can interfere with viewing. However, it will be considered a personal choice.

    On adjacent walls

    This option is most successful. Set opposite the sofa and TV located on the side of the hearth, form two functional, not distracting from each other zone.

    Built-in furniture

    TV and fireplace built into a Cabinet, rack, wall, or in furniture design with shelves on the sides will be an interesting accent and functional element of decor, not overloading a General view of the room.

    Photo living room in bright colours with a TV and wood-burning fireplace with white cabinets on the sides.


    If the TV does not match the interior and is not combined with a fireplace, TV panel, you can hide in a special niche with sliding doors or using other masking systems that can not only hide the plasma, but also become a great decoration of the wall.

    Ideas in various styles

    Decorating ideas for popular style solutions.


    Original, unique and at the same time elegant and versatile proven├žal design requires a special approach in decorating. Elegant flat TV above a false fireplace, bio fireplace or wood burning hearth area with fireplace in bright colors, decorated with natural and ecological materials will be a major component of French style.


    Flat panel television and electric fireplace with strict and laconic design, will perfectly complement a rational and highly functional modern interiors.

    In the photo the TV over the fireplace in the kitchen interior, designed in modern style.


    For a sophisticated classic will be appropriate strict form TV or TV model, framed by baguette, molding or moldings placed above the fireplace, u-shaped, lined with wood, marble or granite.


    Modern TV and fireplace will become an unusual solution for a loft that will allow us to go beyond the usual and look at design in a completely new way.

    Photo living room in loft style with a modern TV over fireplace on brick wall.

    Recommendations on the installation from the professionals

    Some practical tips:

    • Television screen, preferably placed at a height of from 150 to 170 cm above the floor plane. This figure is the optimum for a modern plasma with a diameter of 42 inches.
    • To protect the TV from heat and heat, it can be hung in a special niche of the wall panels and drywall or install a wide mantel shelf.
    • If the fireplace has a large size, then the best option would be to place the bar at a convenient height from the side of the hearth.

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