American cot-sofa (70+ photos): a comfortable berth in the deficit area

The transformation mechanism is one of the most important parameters of any sofa

A chronic shortage of living space in modern apartments made multifunctional furniture is especially needed. That is why most of the sofas and traditional upholstered furniture transformirovalsya in bed. A special place among the different ways of “folding” is the transformation of the American cot.

The contents

  • Sofa with the mechanism of the American clamshell: features and benefits
  • Sedafleks or American trundle bed vs French bed

Sofa with the mechanism of the American trundle bed in the living room, Scandinavian style

Sofa yellow looks very impressive

Sofa with the mechanism of the American clamshell: features and benefits

Sofa American cot (geographically more accurate, the term “bed Belgian” or “Belgian clamshell”, which is much rarer) is equipped with a mechanism sedaflex developed by the Franco-Belgian concern SEDAC-MERAL.

Colorful textiles in a modern interior

Corner sofa with the mechanism of the American trundle bed and drawer for bed linen

Most of the models provides the opportunity to expand the sofa without removing the cushions – they are fastened (fastened with straps), so the transformation of the sofa they are wrapped under the mattress, as if “hanging” underneath.

The frame is made from metal which is firmly docked curved orthopedic instruments. Initially, the base made of a grid (with small/large cells), but due to the sagging mesh of this option was completely rejected. The latest models of the mechanism of “sedafleks” use the combined base – the Central and head part – more comfortable with a LVL base, and the foot set elastic straps.

Mattress for mechanisms American clamshell thick enough – there are options for the thickness of 10, 12 or 14 cm and of different types like spring and foam. Frequently establish a layered model, the bottom which is a spring block, and the top is a soft layer of filler.

The basis of the mechanism of the American clamshell

The transformation mechanism of the American clamshell

It is important to remember that a sofa must be installed with a special mattress – it should be easy to withstand folding up to 180 degrees, with it repeatedly. Therefore, an ordinary mattress, which are equipped with beds or upholstered furniture won’t come. Sofa American clamshell usually assemble a lightweight mattress that has a minimum of gaskets, in most cases – one-sided (i.e., have a mattress just one side is lying).


Tip! The sofa American cot is not advisable to use a mattress thicker than originally specified by the manufacturer. Otherwise, this leads to rapid wear of the mechanism of transformation.

For the prevention of disease back release orthopedic sofa bed American trundle bed with a specialized mattress.

Sofa blue color in the interior, decorated in modern classic style

Small yellow sofa with the mechanism of the American clamshell

Other advantages to note:

  • simplicity of transformation – for folding sofa will not require excessive force
  • compact enough when folded
  • the ability to withstand significant (standard – up to 200 kg, but there are models with reinforced armor, can withstand loads up to 250 kg) the weight of tourists

Large white sofa with the mechanism of the American clamshell

Velvet sofa with the mechanism of the American clamshell

  • the couch with this mechanism you can set to any, without limitation, floor covering. When folding there is no risk that the parquet (laminate) may be scratched. In contrast to the roll-out of models, sofa American cot can be installed on carpet (carpet) – if you regularly fold it will not leave marks-dents
  • the basis of a sofa the mechanism with its own frame, and to it are attached the other elements of the sofa – the sides, back, drawer side. Because of this sofa can be for the parts brought to the apartment and directly assembled inside. And for transportation do not have to look for a full-size truck
  • seamless mattress, as well as stability and rigidity, which guarantees the absence of scratches will provide a comfortable and restful sleep
  • large range – the ability to choose the sofa in almost any style, from classic to hi-tech

Yellow pillow will help to make the interior more contrast

Light gray sofa with the mechanism of the American clamshell

Leather upholstery has a lot of advantages

One of the main drawbacks, which has a sofa bed American cot – the lack of an underwear drawer. However, this disadvantage is simply to compensate – today you can find corner sofa option of this type, where an extra section is in the form of Ottomans, equipped with a lifting mechanism, and its internal volume is sufficient for stacking of clothes. Another fairly significant disadvantage – deep therein from edge of seat to wall will require a distance of about 1-1. 1 M.

Sedafleks or American trundle bed vs French bed

It is the most common comparison, as in specialized furniture sites and consumer forums. This is due primarily to the fact that the mechanism of the transformation of American clamshell is quite similar to a French clamshell:

  • American cot folds up in two steps – first, just bent almost in half, and then lowered her down. The headrest at the same time is folded perpendicularly relative to the plane of the bed

The schema transformation mechanism, the American cot

  • French bed transformirovalsya in three stages – first it is twice bent, and only on third down.

Scheme of transformation of French bed

Comparing two types of cots – “French” and “American” most often focus on the fact that “American” dvukhsloinoi mechanism more reliable. This is only partly true – indeed, the more connections and the mechanical moving parts (as in the French cot them more), so overall the product is unreliable.

Reliability and durability is largely determined by the choice of the manufacturer, with high quality manufacture of parts and assemblies of mechanisms of lifespan “American” and “French” clamshell approximately the same.

First of all, most importantly, visually discernible difference is the depth of the seat. The French folding bed (triple addition) internal depth is in the range of 64-70 cm, and the American (double mechanism) – not less than 82 cm, so they look deeper. Different internal designs – French clamshell hide under the seat, and “American” often serves as the core, which are about other parts.


But the main difference, all the same functional purpose. Sofa French bed – “guest” option, primarily because of the short bed. He has a maximum mattress length – 185 cm with a width of 145 cm, larger sizes are made to order only.

Beautiful living room design is a fusion of

Bright living room with an interior in Scandinavian style

If you subtract the length of the mattress place a pillow, even a person with average growth of legs will be dangling. If you add enough thin mattress, the quality and comfort of sleep will be poor.

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