Arch in the entrance hall and the corridor: types, location, choice of material, shape, design

The arch in the hallway and the hallway with its functional and versatile design and beautiful appearance, harmony with the design of the entire room, able to perfectly fit in any interior solution, like city apartments, and private homes.

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  • Types of arches in the interior hallway
  • The location of the arches in the interior of the apartment
  • What material can be used to line arches?
  • The shape and size of the corridor and hallway
  • Design arches
  • The design of the corridor in a variety of styles
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    Types of arches in the interior hallway

    At the core of the arches can lay any variety of geometric shapes.

    Square (rectangular)

    Data structures similar to the usual doorway that fits perfectly into any interior. Such a design of the passage will be a good option for solving style, does not imply smooth transitions and lines.

    In the photo two arches of rectangular shape in the interior of the entrance hallway.


    Standard, the right rounded arch shape with clean and smooth lines, is the epitome of strict elegance and grace.

    In the photo the interior of a small hallway with arch round shape.

    Elliptic (oval)

    Based on the ellipse, gives the arch a more elongated shape, which will be most appropriate in the hallway with low ceilings.


    This asymmetric pass provides plenty wide decoration possibilities with which you can generate enough individual design that matches almost any style.


    Is quite bright and unusual, giving the interior corridor of a certain dynamism.


    Fancy arch shaped waves and other unusual solutions, will be quite a unique decor of the room. Curly design accentuates the originality and subtlety of aesthetic design hallway, adding a certain zest.

    The location of the arches in the interior of the apartment

    Popular options for the location of the arches.

    Between the kitchen and the corridor

    For the kitchen and hallway, designed in a single style, arched doorway, will be especially an excellent option that will allow you to merge the two spaces not only visually but also physically. This decorating technique will completely change the perception of the interior and will form a more harmonious atmosphere.

    Photo rectangular archway between the kitchen and hallway with staircase.

    In the living room from the hallway

    Arch allows you to visually smooth the transition from the corridor to the hall and make a spatial composition of much integrity.

    The division corridor

    Arch structures are an excellent solution for space zoning. They allow you to create a visual partition of very different curved, straight or semi-circular shape that will blend in with the overall style of the hallway.

    In the wall

    With the help of decorative arches in the wall, it turns out, not only to give the room character and expression, but also to create a spectacular decoration of the corridor that can be used to frame mirrors, paintings, photographs or use a niche to accommodate other things or pieces of furniture such as a dressing room.

    The photo of the hallway in bright colors and the arch in the wall, equipped with a closet.

    What material can be used to line arches?

    The choice of material depends on the appearance of the whole structure, as well as its functionality and durability.

    • Drywall.
    • Tree.
    • Plastic.
    • Metal.

    The photo of the arch of plasterboard in white color in the interior hallway.

    The shape and size of the corridor and hallway

    Options for the design of corridors of different shapes and sizes:

    • Narrow. Arched doorway to narrow room, visually divide the space into functional zones, will give it a proportionality and most efficiently utilizes the entire usable area.
    • Long. For a long corridor, an effective solution is a round arch with enfilade arrangement, which turns out to accentuate the length of the room and to turn this lack of planning in dignity.
    • A small hallway. Arches in a small room instead of a door, allow you to visually expand the space without weighing and without cluttering it.

    In the photo the interior of a small hallway with a rectangular arch white.

    Design arches

    Design ideas for the decoration of arch passages.


    The arched design has a stunning, graceful and luxurious appearance thanks to the stucco embossed and carved detail, does not need additional decor.

    Decorative stone

    With masonry, you can unusually decorate and emphasize the arched element, giving it a kind of antiquity and of the middle ages. Quite an interesting solution is the artificial creation of decorative chips, due to which the finish is even more natural appearance.


    Original arches with lights as point lights, bulbs and led strip look more vibrant glow and technologically advanced and perfectly perform the function of the lighting element.


    Is a very interesting and versatile and easy to use material, with imitation of various stone, brick, marble or other surfaces. Tile makes the arch is more expressive, which adds to the visual diversity of the corridor.

    Wood trim

    Exquisite, luxurious and natural wood finish, with a variety of textures and shades, guarantees the creation of a harmonious and truly sustainable design. However, solid wood is a rather expensive material, so it is often used for finishing the veneer.

    In the photo of modern entrance hall and arch, adorned with wooden trim.

    Custom design

    There are so many options for decorating, such as decorate arched doorway with textiles and give the interior a more cosiness, to arrange its embossed elements, molding or baguette, to simulate end-to-end Windows next passage materials to decorate in the color of the walls and make it practically invisible, or conversely, to apply the contrast selection that will be a real highlight of the hallway.

    The photo is a spacious hall and wooden notched arch with columns.


    With bright and aesthetic appearance of the mosaic can be designed as arched the entire design, and to apply partial decoration. This geometric pattern will give the room design a completely new look.


    Openings, embellished with reflective elements that create a beautiful play of light in the room and give the interior a special elegance. Mirror design certainly attracts attention and adds space for additional spaciousness and lightness.

    The photo of the elliptical arch with mirror decoration in the interior of the corridor.


    Looks quite unusual and has both simple and very stylish look. A variety of brickwork gives the archway of massiveness and solidity.

    With shelves

    Wide arched opening with shelves, small side or corner shelves provides convenient placement of decorative items or storing various small items.

    The design of the corridor in a variety of styles

    Universal arch can be a wonderful addition to any style trends, such as:

    • Modern.
    • Classic.
    • Provence.
    • Hi-tech.

    Photo rectangular arch in the interior hallway in a modern style.

    Using modern materials and different finishes it is possible to construct a truly unique and unusual arched doorway, which successfully fit into any stylistic decision.

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