Question about tiles in the previous post, he was pushed into writing the whole post. So… tile Azori, collection of Sfumato. Bought 2 shades, as is usually the case in collections. But a light version of anything. Dark for my taste better. It has a gradient color and when installing it had to consider. This way and that trying to make a layout dark and light color, in the end, the light color is allowed in vertical strips over the bathtub and laid out one wall where the toilet and sink.

Bathroom 120*120, take a shower is convenient, everything else is uncomfortable. Wash awkward, to the far corner to reach it. for 2 years never were in it. Need to buy more standard size, rectangular. Blinds hung two, otherwise you are missing one of the curtains to the length of the arc.

Next to the TB holder metal basket with fabric liner for mobile. Towel me uncomfortable, I’m short. I had to order a lower height, but wider.

Bought to tile the motive, but above the bath the way I have it did not fit. And so twisted and commercials. In General, used them on the countertop. I love it!

The lamp is the cheapest from Leroy. Locker IKEA. Hooks finally kinky, soft, self-sticking. Very satisfied. As well use them even on Windows, I have planters with flowers to hang. Cats don’t get and sills free.

In the comments asked about the hooks. Bought in OBI, but I saw and Leroy are.

Well, in the tradition of kotecki

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