Blinds in the bedroom: features, kinds, materials, color combinations, photo

Blinds in the bedroom today are an integral part of the interior. A large number of varieties, materials, colors and attachment methods makes it easy to choose the right solutions for your Windows.

  • What blinds to choose for the bedroom?
  • Types of blinds for Windows
  • Options for the ceiling blinds
  • Material slats for blinds
  • Interior design in various styles
  • Colors
  • Combination
  • Innovative solutions
  • Nuances of design teenage bedroom
  • Photo gallery
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    What blinds to choose for the bedroom?

    The choice should be approached quite seriously, because in this room people spend a considerable part of his life.

    • The fabric is better to choose natural materials.
    • Choosing types of blinds it is important to consider the location of the bed, the window size and placement in General, should not be set too bulky design.
    • Color is better to prefer a traditional and calm tones that relax and soothe.

    Types of blinds for Windows

    Blinds are pretty high demand, as they are well protected from the sun’s rays and regulate the required air flow. There are several types.


    Panel made from fabric, plastic, wood, aluminum. Can also be used for zoning or to use as screens. The interior in the bedroom they give a stylish and modern look.

    Horizontal or Venetian

    The horizontal slats are United among themselves by the cords of artificial fibres. Very compact. On Windows and in the interior of the bedroom, look neat and not bulky.


    Universal type which suitable for Windows with any geometry. Miniature design blinds allows maximum space saving. In the manufacture of pleated used many different fabrics that can satisfy even the most refined taste. Great for bedrooms, as do not accumulate on the dust and give the room a special sense of romance and relaxation.


    The multilayer structure consisting of slats of different lengths and appearance. Suitable for non-standard and original solutions. In the design in no way inferior fabric curtains and portieres. A great option for spacious bedrooms.

    Options for the ceiling blinds

    There are many options for mounting, look at some of them.

    Outside of the window opening

    This design is attached to the wall or ceiling and covers a large part of the wall near the window opening. This arrangement of louvers reduces the visual space of the bedroom.


    Blinds are mounted directly on the casement Windows. This mount allows to save space, freeing up the window sills.

    Photo bedroom mezhramnye blinds on the Windows.

    Material slats for blinds

    For the manufacture of the slats are used in a variety of materials and fabrics of different types. This makes it possible to choose those that will perfectly fit into the interior and make it unique and bright.


    Very rare paper used for making blades, as this material is brittle and often deformed. Mostly this material is used in the manufacture of pleated.


    Slats made from fabric treated with special products to prevent them from burning, odor and dust and therefore they require minimal care.


    Fans of eco-style and all those who wish to become closer to nature, to taste the slats made from bamboo. Eco-friendly and natural. Bring in bedroom interior freshness by absorbing all the negative energy.

    Photo bedroom with Windows decorated with bamboo blinds.


    Superior quality slats made of aluminium is the strength and easy operation. Manufactured in different colors that allows them to become decoration of any interior.


    Wooden slats are very lightweight and durable, environmentally safe and water-resistant. Perfectly decorated bedroom window and combined with other eco-friendly materials, blended with modern styles.


    Resistant to moisture and sunlight, well darken the bedroom, easy to care for. Features a huge selection of shades and textures.

    Interior design in various styles

    Perfectly fulfilling the role of protection from sunlight, blinds can also play an important function in the design of the interior of any style.


    This style is associated with a calm provincial life and home comfort. Of window decoration suitable options of fabric or paper in pastel colors or with floral print.


    One of the most popular styles today. In the design of the Windows can be used with aluminium or wooden blinds. Metal slats fit perfectly into the interior of a bedroom in the loft.

    Photo bedroom loft-style with metal shutters on the Windows.


    Modern style is the most traditional and common. Slats of metal in connection with the style of the interior looks impressive.


    This style is characteristic of naturalness. A great option would be wooden or fabric design in muted tones.


    The main features of Scandinavian style is minimalist, closeness to nature and simplicity. Slats made from natural materials that will be organic look to the bedroom decor, without overwhelming the window and without attracting special attention.


    Each room has its own colour scheme. Shutters color can match the decor or be a bright individual accent in your bedroom.


    Universal neutral color can be combined with all shades and textures. With proper decorating, lamellae white color can give the bedroom an airy feel.


    This color makes the room a tranquil setting, making the room warmer. These colors are suitable for bedrooms with Windows facing on the North side.


    With blinds of red color, it is possible to put bright accent in the bedroom. But this experiment will work very well in small or dark room.


    The bedroom is designed for comfort and romance so pink here will be particularly relevant, adding a room light and fresh.

    Photo bedroom with pink vertical blinds on the Windows.


    The black color will especially look great in the bedroom Scandinavian style and art Deco or minimalist. Fit to fully darken the room, have the blackout effect, creating an artificial feeling of the night. On the Windows look elegant and strict.


    Despite the fact that many people consider is the color “cloudy” and cool. With proper mixing with other colors, gray color can make your bedroom a dynamic and multi-faceted.


    In order to further transform the bedroom and away from the stereotypes, for window decorations you can also use different combinations.

    With tulle

    If the blinds give the window a certain severity, the tulle to dilute this image for its aesthetics, lightness and attractiveness. Almost all types combined with tulle.

    With curtains

    Another option – a classic combination with curtains. This type of design will become an interesting decorative solution to the bedroom window.

    Different colors

    To create an unusual image of the room, you can use a combination of different colors. This can emphasize the individual style and make the bedroom fun and unconventional.

    Photo bedroom with colorful shutters on the Windows.

    Innovative solutions

    For any window of unusual shape, you can use blinds.


    These Windows differ from their usual location and configuration. Therefore, one of the most popular options for the design of the attic, blinds are.

    Photo bedroom with a loft and pleated blinds-style blackout.

    With the balcony door

    An important role in the interior of the room is the design of the balcony doors. The blinds in this case not only looks stylish and original, but also greatly facilitate the use of the door and Windows.

    Nuances of design teenage bedroom

    Adolescence is the most difficult and therefore bedroom for boy and girl, must look no longer as children, and must Express the inner me. When making a room, it is important to consider the opinions, Hobbies, tastes and interests of teenagers.

    • Availability of good natural lighting.
    • If blinds are made of cloth, should give preference to natural material. If plastic, then it needs to be only a high level of quality.
    • For bright and colorful interior fit photo printing.

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