Chairs in the style of “Zen”

Garden of stones is the same riot of colors, he sets up for contemplation and reflection. Borrowing the idea in the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, Thai designer Apiwat Chitapanya created for Masaya a collection of armchairs and accessories “Zen Stone”.

As you know, in this garden of stones, the main role is played not plants, and boulders and cobbles. They are placed in small groups, often of three. The space between them is filled with sand or fine gravel, on which the rake preconceputa lines that smoothly envelopes the stone Islands.

In the collection “Zen Stone” these stones are not used, but other materials to create a well recognizable likeness.

The lower part of the chairs and tables is a flat black stone. The seats themselves hoisted on a black stand, resemble grey boulders.

Revive the “rocky landscape” details of shiny yellow bronze. It is made from the backs of chairs, table supports and grounds openwork screens with holders for flower pots.

Although furniture is characteristic of the Eastern flavor, it turned out to be quite universal. The composition of a pair of armchairs and tables it is easy to imagine in a modern sleek living room.

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