Choose your interior style

Each person has a chance to begin to overhaul and equip his apartment, faced with a difficult choice. Modernity or classic? Monochrome or slender diversity? Yes, choose your style by yourself is extremely difficult.

Especially relevant is the question, what are we doing in the selection process?

If you blindly follow fashion, looking for something truly their own. Here are a dozen exercises that will help you to outline the perfect image of the future interior, where will be in harmony style and personality.



1. Walk around the house.

Try to ignore and to hear the story of your apartment now. Who is this stranger that wakes up every morning, comes back, spends time in the dwelling? Highlight things that you can’t wait to leave: old kitchen table, the Wallpaper in the hallway, chairs that were you company the last few years. Similarly, highlight the moments, dear to the heart. Perhaps you really like the old huge wardrobe, bed and bedside table, stool and floor lamp. They become stylistic core of the future updated apartment. And things that you could own hands wear out or update, you can turn into a real work of art, giving furniture a new life.

This same technique will help to see the fresh look that you really would prefer to do with the finish. Replace the Wallpaper on the plaster with colourless varnish, the old flooring is modern laminate flooring. Or leave it as it was, but to think carefully about the decor.



2. Inspect all the little things.

Many memorable things, having now the status of deposits on the mezzanine can be used as decorations. Old family photographs, postcards, reproductions, perfectly played, just place them in a frame under glass. Ruthlessly sift every small thing and safely dispose of rubbish. The meaning of collections is only when a set of encyclopedias, albums and records there is someone to admire.



3. Take inspiration from the outside.

Close your eyes and remember the place where you would like to return. This may be a foreign town, welcoming home friends, happy teenage years. Geographical point (for example,warm memories of Spain) or period of time – and associated memories – will help you to decide what you mean the word “comfort.” The flavors, textures, specific furniture… Every detail fits in with the existing style of the interior. And it might make sense to recreate in their own territory.



4. Turn a hobby into a style.

Athletes, and book lovers, film fans and chefs! Paraphernalia of your Hobbies will help create the perfect platform to showcase their passions! And home library, and stand with awards, and nicely decorated with paintings and photographs, the wall can claim the title of the main style highlights of your home.



5. Feel free to dream.

Visualization of a dream home – a Council at the level of the banal gloss. However, you allow yourself to fantasize about their dream homes, while not focusing on the budget. This will help to determine the key points in repair. Large Windows, a modern kitchen with a full set of professional equipment, luxurious four-poster bed, fireplace or an imitation of it – almost all can be reduced in scale and cost and implement in real life.



6. Collect pictures.

Collect any interiors in a separate folder on the computer mercilessly rip out pages from magazines. Sooner or later, you can sit down and analyze the accumulated image. Color? Composition? What details are a red thread through all saved pictures? If you do not mind to perform their own impulses, this method is perfect for you.



7. Not to focus on uniformity.

Believe me, this is perfectly normal when you like several styles. Purism in creating your own interior (and even your own hands) – the hard way. Relax and allow yourself to love diversity. In the end, eclectic looks not only effectively and safely, but also creates a real home comfort.



8. Find sources of calm.

What things in this life make you smile, to feel safe? Perhaps you like to sleep, covered with his head. So, you’ll need a large bed and a huge blanket. Or do you love twilight, and therefore without dense curtains can not do. Turn these associations into a tool of choosing the style.



9. Spend more time in the hotel.

Photo it is photo. But a reality like nothing else close all the questions on a particular style. No one calls you a blueprint to remove other people’s interiors, just try to make a couple of conclusions. Be more careful, perhaps someone at home you feel comfortable and good, not because hopeeveryone picked up pillows for the sofa. But because it smells of fresh pastries and the Windows overlook the Sunny side.



10. Focus on your wardrobe.

Even if you hate shopping, strive to create a capsule wardrobe or even buy things on a residual basis, preferences in clothing can be used as a starting point in the search for interior style. The house likewise will reflect your true essence. Why you decorated in beige colours flat, if in a Cabinet of three dozen bright dresses? Try to answer this question, you might try to impersonate another person? In short, unleash your imagination, be honest and get ready to fall in love! Then the interior will get a true and individual, comfortable and stylish, and you will feel here at home. And this, ultimately, is our main goal!

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