Choosing a plinth

Style determine the details. Below the interior has a finished and harmonious form, it is not enough just to choose the color of the walls and flooring. “The icing on the cake” of your repair should be the correct plinth, which will be combined with floors, frames, interior doors and the overall style of the interior. How to avoid mistakes in the choice of material, color and configuration of the plinth, this article will tell.

The veneer plinth Goodwin Oak Vanilla

Choose the material for the plinth

Before you choose the appearance of the floor, is to determine the material from which it is made. Each option has its pros and cons are obvious for professionals, but not always known to consumers.


A solid plinth made from natural wood it is advisable to choose a massive parquet Board or a parquet. In combination with laminate or other artificial material it is unlikely to look harmonious.

Note that 99% of the wooden plinth is not an array, and the veneer applied to coniferous loose rocks or MDF. This is not because of the greed of manufacturers, and for reasons of convenience and expediency. The plinth of solid is inevitably to expand and contract even due to minor changes in temperature and humidity. A plinth is not glued — it will come off, and only the mounting screws able to ensure the correct fit. Installation on an inconspicuous cloves also does not solve the problem: over time, the baseboard with this method of fastening is pulled away from the wall.

Plinth Goodwin Oak veneer antique Viking

Designer tip: don’t follow a plinth of solid wood, veneer made of natural wood looks no worse, yet durable, inside it is a cable channel designed for a single thick wire, and mounted it on a clip or glue.


What is the plinth made of MDF? Fibreboard medium density (MDF) is pressed with resin wood fibers. The material has high hardness and strength, easily withstands changes in temperature and humidity, and is ideal as a basis for lamination.

*Laminated baseboard MDF Ter Hurne *

Board designer: MDF skirting boards-quality European manufacturers of safe for health and conform to the environmental certificate E1.

The original plinth with green grass or starry sky? Why not! Laminated MDF skirting Corkstyle Fantazy Green

On the basis of MDF produced as the moldings with veneer from natural wood which we have covered above, with any image of your choice or white paper without lamination. These skirting boards are designed for painting and give the maximum space for your creative expression.


The plinth plastic (PVC) not only allows you to save money, but also has a number of advantages in comparison with analogues from wood and MDF:

• If you need a convenient cable channel for the wires. Grooves in the walls for them to do and under the wooden plinth, but if you rearrange furniture or need to lay additional wire, this laborious procedure must be repeated. The skirting boards in PVC of difficulties with the laying of new cables will not arise.

• If the room has a radial design, Bay Windows, columns, etc. Curved wooden plinths are made only to order and for more money. Plastic easily bends and takes the desired shape.

Bright plastic moldings Arbiton Indo 02 North Ash

Modern technologies allow to realistically simulate different colors and textures.

Designer tip: using a level or a rule, ensure that the walls are perfectly aligned. If the walls are still imperfect and there is a curvature, choose a plastic plinth — the rest inevitably cracks are formed.

Plastic skirting Board (PVC) Dollken MD63 W056 Tube

Select the appearance of the plinth

To select the appearance of the floor, remember these rules:

  • If the room is one type of flooring, the skirting Board is selected under it. Such decor will help the room visually more spacious.
  • If the floor covering is different, the plinth pick the color and texture of door casing.
  • The height of the plinth is logical to fit the width of the casing.
  • It is not only the color, but the gloss of the surface. MDF skirting boards have a slight gloss that goes well with the laminate. But under the frosted flooring is better to choose a wooden plinth with an oil coating or matte varnish.
  • On the floor always gets more light than the plinth, so even if you have achieved the perfect match of shade in the store, in real conditions, the baseboard may look slightly lighter or darker. So when the plinth semitone lighter or darker than the floor is not scary.
  • Straight profile rather than curved boots. To bent the skirting is not tight to move the furniture, he acts ugly when docking with fitted wardrobes and window casings.

  • Baseboard wood Parketoff Bamboo coffee

    Of course, you are free to disregard any of the above advice if you come up with the original concept of the interior, in which an important role is played by the baseboard. No ban choose a very wide baseboard and paint it in a bright yellow color. The main thing that you were confident in your choice and don’t forget about the practical side of the issue.

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