Crafts from tree branches with their hands

The value of a homemade piece of things is difficult to overestimate. If you look around, all that surrounds man, it was someone invented and made originally in a single copy. Manufacture of different small products by hand can be enjoyed at any age. Are using various available materials: paper, cardboard, cloth, clay, wool. It is separately possible to allocate structures made from natural materials, as for the production of Handicrafts made from tree branches with their hands is not required at all no costs.

Art is taught in kindergartens and schools. This process is used to develop thinking and imagination of the child, teaches the labor and assiduity. For adults it is a hobby that allows escape from everyday life, to relax and calm down. As you gain experience, some turn their hobby into a business, considering the product of its activity, a work of art.

The contents

  • Features and requirements for natural material
  • How to prepare material for Handicrafts
  • Candle holders from the branches of trees
  • Decorative vases
  • Create decorative tree
  • Decorating photo frames and mirrors
  • Christmas wreath of twigs
  • Tree of dried branches
  • Original stand for pens and pencils
  • Eco clothes hanger in the hallway
  • Partitions and screens
  • The decoration of lamps and lighting fixtures
  • Unique murals in the interior of the branches
  • Ideas DIY roots and driftwood
  • Branches for registration of gifts and bouquets
  • Conclusion

Features and requirements for natural material

Each work begins with planning and preparation of materials. Before you leave your home, take a stroll in the Park, the landing, the forest, we should make a plan, think about what you want to collect, what happens where will be the drying of raw materials, to define the place of storage twigs. The required volume is calculated from the amount of the alleged craft.

The collection of raw materials should be done in early spring or late fall in a good Sunny weather. This is due to several factors. First, during this period, the crust and the core is not damaged, eaten various insects. Second, on a clear day we will see the quality of the material. Thirdly, after the rains, the branches will have longer to dry.

To work, you can take any species of wood. Suitable birch, willow, vine, fir, pine, deciduous, the branches of a walnut. The material must be without leaves flexible, not to have chips, cracks, damage, other defects. It is desirable that the fibers were located in the same direction. If necessary, take forked, branched variants.

Beginners should not use pine and fir branches. Difficult to work with, they are highly impregnated with the resin. This raw material is better to learn the accumulation of experience.

How to prepare material for Handicrafts

The preparation of the raw materials can be done in different ways, it all depends on its type. The usual branches are dried naturally. On the windowsill lay a newspaper in several layers on top of it a shoots the vine. In the drying process of them will crawl insects, spiders. To avoid these unpleasant consequences, they can be disinfected in a solution of potassium permanganate.

If the weather is nice the material dries within a week. If you put it in the oven for a couple of hours, the process will accelerate, but this is not desirable. The surface of branches is covered with paint or varnish wood, which protects it from interaction with the external environment.

Preparation of snags is a little different. After they are collected, they must be placed in hot water and baking soda, at the rate of 100 g per 1 liter of liquid. After two days, the snag is removed and placed in another solution of water with bleach (ratio 1:15) for 48 hours. After the workpiece is dried under the sun for 3-7 days.

Candle holders from the branches of trees

Designer wooden candle stands are highly priced. At home you can easily create crafts that will be unique and will serve as a functional and decorative element. To perform the design in several ways:

Made of thick branches. For the manufacture of such products will take a little time and effort. The process is as follows:

  • Getting thick branches. They are cut from two end sides at right angles, checked for resistance, are dried, if necessary, lacquered.
  • In the middle of one of the slices hammered the nail in half. With pliers he bites the hat.
  • The remaining protruding pins directly placed candle.
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    From thin twigs. In this case, glued a glass bowl:

  • Select the Cup to work.
  • Measured by its length. With a knife or secateurs made of wooden pieces cut to the appropriate measurements periods of roughly equal length.
  • Each element is lubricated by a special transparent adhesive that holds the glass glued in a circle to the glass close to each other.
  • In the middle of the product set a candle.
  • Decorative vases

    Using branches can be created as an independent design and decorate the finished object. For clarity, we consider several ways:

    Storage pots of flowers.

  • Choose a suitable vessel into which you can put a flower. Measure its height and circumference.
  • Of burlap, cut a piece and glue it to the glass surface.
  • Take the prepared twigs, cut them to the appropriate billet length.
  • Twine bind the twigs between the top and bottom. Knots must be tight.
  • The resulting tape banded around are covered with burlap of the workpiece.
  • Vase for fruit. Used wood only

  • Take 40 smooth sticks of the same length 15-20 see
  • Do they mark with a space from one edge of 1 cm and 7-10 cm
  • Using a drill and a fine drill bit drill in targeted areas of the hole.
  • Combine all of the elements of copper wire, threading it in the bottom of the hole.
  • Of the same material cut 40 lengths of 1 cm.
  • They drill holes passing through in the middle of the two ends.
  • In a prepared strip of the long billet winding the copper wire in the first 15-20 cm of a twig in the middle, then extend it through a short straw to 1cm, go to the next item.
  • Extending the wire in a circle, connecting the extreme end, get a nice pot for fruit.
  • On the bottom of the product laid a wooden flat circle.
  • Create decorative tree

    With branching it is possible to build the ikebana. This will require the following materials:

    • dry twigs;
    • sea stones;
    • decorative moss;
    • foam;
    • wooden, glass container;
    • glue.

    Gradual process:

    • Prepared a vessel half filled with sea stones.
    • The foam is trimmed to the inner dimensions of the pot, in it bore holes for mounting the main element.
    • Prepared a branched branch set in the foam.
    • The resulting structure is lowered into a container full of sprinkled sea stones covered by moss.
    • Branches glued dried leaves, flowers, their imitation of various lightweight materials.

    Decorating photo frames and mirrors

    The process of booking frames for photos, paintings and mirrors are similar. To work you need to use twigs in two sizes: thin, thick. They must be completely dry. A willow wicker or willow trees with slippery bark is better not to take. Let’s consider step by step master-class on creation of such products.

  • If the pictures have no frames, it can be cut from thick cardboard or plywood.
  • Framing should be painted in brown, black color.
  • Dry branches cleaned of bark, cut to the frame size.
  • Around the perimeter is placed and glued the first layer consisting of larger parts.
  • Then the following layers. Elements arranged perpendicular to each other, intertwined.
  • To increase strength you can also tie design wire. To hide, the surface is covered with spray paint.
  • As decoration used moss, pine, fir cones, paper flowers, beads.
  • At the final stage crafts cover non-toxic varnish.
  • Christmas wreath of twigs

    Manufacturer of wreath starts with a base. For this approach different materials. The work will use twigs of birch, so the wreath should be done in the same day they are collected. Step by step process looks like this:

  • Sort of birch branch, thick piled up in one side thin the other. They should not remain of knots, side branches.
  • Take a few large twigs and arranging them in the shape of a circle.
  • Bind them together with twine.
  • In the resulting billet begin to weave the thin rods, tying the edge of the rope.
  • When the base becomes dense, the branches woven without strapping.
  • The finished workpiece is painted with spray paint.
  • Put the product under the press for a day to give it the correct shape.
  • At the final step, decorate the garland of pine branches, ribbons, cones, balls, bells, tinsel.
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    Tree of dried branches

    Decorative Christmas tree will decorate doors, walls, window sill, table, other surfaces and items. It is used for the holidays or as an element of decor. To make the design in different ways. Consider some simple variants.

    Flat spruce.

  • It will take twigs of different lengths and thickness.
  • Lay the tree on a flat surface from thick to thin.
  • With a hacksaw saw off the ends so that each stick was shorter than the previous one.
  • Formed the silhouette of spruce.
  • A harness connected elements into a single structure.
  • The workpiece is painted with spray paint.
  • After drying, decorate the subject.
  • Surround the tree.

  • Foam gently shape the cone to the desired height.
  • The workpiece to be pasted on cardboard or thick paper.
  • Using the glue gun to the surface of the workpiece glue prepared dry raw materials, fine willow twigs.
  • For reliability, the product is banded in a circle twine, not reaching to the base by one-third.
  • Top glue painted green thin branches.
  • Apply the decor in the form of bows, ribbons, beads, and other jewelry.
  • The finished crafts can decorate the interior of any premises, give it to friends for the New year.
  • Original stand for pens and pencils

    Branches can paste over any glass, as in the example with the vase, use it for different purposes. There are interesting stands for stationery of driftwood, and also from hemp. Consider the easiest way to create a convenient item for placing pencils of a saw cut:

  • Choose any diameter stump.
  • Cut at the ends to the height of the workpiece was 10 – 12 cm.
  • Clean it from bark, twig, you can leave.
  • A drill bit of the drill holes indented from the edge and between 1 cm
  • Clean the surface with sandpaper.
  • In the finished product of the inserted pencil.
  • The product does not have to have a round shape. It can be cut in half, cut out a square to do in the form of a Crescent, to give any kind.

    Eco clothes hanger in the hallway

    Using a natural material, it is possible to save on the purchase need in everyday things. Homemade hanger, made of branches, will become a functional decoration, will suit any style. Consider the options of manufacturing products:

    Standard hanger for the hallway.

  • Prepare a wooden base. Ordinary varnished Board with dimensions 80х20 see
  • Select twigs with twig, they can be two, three or more.
  • Cut the sticks to size 15-20 cm
  • Stepping back a few inches at each end, fastened with screws sprigs to a wooden workpiece.
  • The finished product can be hung on the wall.
  • Suspended from the ceiling of a snag.

  • Choose a suitable branched a snag.
  • Clean it, dry it, clean with sandpaper, paint, varnished.
  • From both edges of the tie rope, fasten them to the ceiling, selecting the desired height.
  • Branch, framed.

  • Of planks with cross section 2. 5×10 cm cut 2 cut at 40 cm, 2 70 cm
  • Of them bring down a rectangular frame.
  • Choose branched twigs, clean them, leave them for 2-3 bitch with one hand.
  • Apply them to a rectangular design, with a pencil make a mark, cut to the desired size.
  • In the frame, where it will be established each branch and the stick, drilled from two sides of the hole.
  • Using the screws connect the elements.
  • The surface of the frame puttied and painted.
  • Crafts to hang on the wall.
  • Partitions and screens

    With branching, you can create the original partitions and screens, perform a unique zoning. They can become the focus of any room, to decorate it. To build structures in different ways. Discuss in detail one of the simplest options:

    • Measure the distance from floor to ceiling, the length of the future septum.
    • From Board 3,5×10 cm cut two segments corresponding to pomeron length.
    • Then pick the long, thick branches that reach the ceiling cut them at the ends with the height of the Board.
    • Carefully collected on the floor of the structure, locking the branches of the trees on both sides of the rails.
    • The finished structure raise, fix securely to the floor and the ceiling.

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    The decoration of lamps and lighting fixtures

    Thanks to the unique contour, size, branches, very impressive looking in the glow of artificial lights and floor lamps. They acquire the intricate patterns, creating the illusion of fairy tales and magic. You can make as complex ceiling accessories for living room, small fixtures for hallways and bedrooms.

    Chandelier will need to choose the durable snag, process it, paint with the main color of the interior. With metal hooks fasten it to the ceiling and drop electrical wiring, twisting wire on the branches. Mount the caps and light bulbs.

    Stylish looks decorated with branches floor lamp. To do this, pick up sticks the same length, to remove dust and bark, wipe with sandpaper both ends. Leans against them to the lamp base and fasten with twine. Can mount to arrange on the center stand, or in several places. Small branches are closing the shade.

    From the ordinary branches you can get a real work of art – the author’s wall lamp. What a bizarre and twisty will be the configuration of the wood, the brighter and more spectacular it will look. Attach the branch to the wall and wrapped the wire with a simple canopy.

    Unique murals in the interior of the branches

    Of driftwood, dry branches, small wood scraps can produce any piece of furniture in eco style, shabby chic, Provence. An original addition is a mural on the wall. Theme you can choose the different – autumn forest with fallen leaves, beautiful garden, view on the street from behind the fence, house and other. Each option can be adjusted to complement at any time.

    For the manufacture of panels is better to choose a flexible willow branches that lend themselves well to modeling. Based on any curly, straight plate or a section of the wall. Fasten the details of the plan with staples, screws, glue. Metal elements fill in the color of the wood putty, gloss over clay.

    Ideas DIY roots and driftwood

    For DIY you can use any wood material. Suited for this purpose is the remaining after the cut down tree roots and driftwood. Natural material can be considered as a sculpture, thanks to a spreading form. It is necessary only to properly handle, dry, cover it with special formulations that improve performance. Simple job even for a child.

    There are plenty of original ideas for creating unique design accessories. Well enough to look and associative memory itself will suggest a suitable option. Perhaps branched form will resemble an animal, fairy tale character, every household item. Also roots and driftwood can be used as a Supplement of the composition. The scope will depend on the strength, size, shape. Large items will be unique flowerbeds, bridges, benches for the garden.

    Branches for registration of gifts and bouquets

    Unique gifts made with your own hands, always admired. Supplemented by branches floral bouquet looks stylish and natural. For the manufacture of need a vine, willow thin sticks. First prepare the vase. Compare the length of the sticks, twist the wire in a long track. Placed on it flowers, twigs on a small distance from each other and twisted. Decorate the bouquet with satin ribbon.

    Natural materials have been increasingly used to decorate gifts. The different branches is especially actual in winter. Of the crushed parts, you can put a beautiful composition and glued onto the lid, decorate with pine needles, branches of mountain ash.


    With the help of natural material, you can create a lot of useful and beautiful things. This activity will be of interest to all members of the family. As you gain experience you can move on to more complex designs. To create original craft projects do not need large investments, and the result of the work will please not only the masters, but all the others.

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