Decorating with Wallpaper

It seems that the excess Wallpaper after repair remains, and throw them very sorry. Don’t worry, we’ll show you 15 ideas how to give them a new life in the interior

It is almost impossible to buy Wallpaper for repair so that not one extra piece left. Over the years you can accumulate a few rolls of different styles and colors, which all together are not enough for one room.

We offer you not to give up and to think about using them in interior design — the options are many.

Pictures of Wallpaper

Pull the old Wallpaper on a frame or insert in the frame. Especially interesting look several of these paintings on one wall with similar patterns such as geometrical. Real art!

The decor of the furniture outside

Love the decoration in decoupage technique? The principle is roughly the same: treat the boring furniture with white glue, apply the Wallpaper properly and smooth. Paper web for reliability, you can cover the top lacquer. You now have a completely new and unique nightstand or dresser.

The decor of the furniture inside

Why limit it to only those that are visible to everyone? The interior of the drawers are also quite often catches your eye every time you push it. Decorate her beautiful bright Wallpaper with a floral pattern.


Interesting use of Wallpaper is like a very small and narrow cuts. Can choose the same pattern for each step or to try a variety.

Accent on one wall

If the Wallpaper is not enough for the whole room, you can quickly refresh the familiar interior, highlighting one wall. So it is possible to change the zoning and to shift the focus to where you would like to direct the attention.

The ceiling

For large area material most likely is not enough. Work best Wallpaper on the ceiling in small spaces, like bathroom or toilet — the room is cozy and closed like a casket.


Make the Wallpaper a new shade for your favorite old lamp. Or paste over the inner side of the simple plain pendant lamps, to add intrigue.


Delicious homemade headboard for bed without back immediately will make the interior luxurious. It is better to use vinyl Wallpaper , which easily can be wiped clean.


With the screen is easy zoning — create area for a wardrobe in the bedroom or to separate two children’s beds. Standard plain paper cover decorate Wallpaper with an intricate pattern. Or choose a color and pattern similar to the walls of the room — and the screen will merge with the interior.


Bright pattern looks especially impressive under glass. There is not even need glue the Wallpaper at any time to change the others.

Patchwork wall

If you have several types of Wallpaper, make a wall something like a mosaic of cut squares. Can be very fun and unusual — especially in the nursery.


By the way, the Wallpaper in the nursery are often subjected to undesirable effects — stain them, paint on them. Don’t worry, just take it as an opportunity to periodically update the interior. For example with children you can do the whole panel with the world map, cut from different rolls of old Wallpaper.

Finish open cabinets

The inner surface of the open cabinets and shelves usually is neutral and boring. Why not decorate it with Wallpaper to put up the dishes stood out even more profitable — especially great will, if the patterns will be combined with curtains and fabrics in the room.

Decor items

Trays, boxes, drawers for storage of small things, gift boxes — all they will benefit from pasting the Wallpaper. Interesting idea: decorate office your clipboard, and even during difficult negotiations you will please think about your beautiful house.


Economical and unusual way to give a second life Wallpaper, which is not useful in the repair. The easiest option — assembled accordion-sheet. Better to choose those that let in light, but not too thin. Another way is to stick narrow strips on the blinds.

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