Decoupage tea house (85 photos): simple to implement workshops and tips handy

Decoupage tea house – a fashion trend

The desire to transform your home, creating a cozy space that occurs in each family. Decoration for the kitchen, as a rule, be necessary things: towels, pot holders and various utensils. But what if you go a little further and make a completely unique item handmade?

Such an amazing creation could become a tea house, which is not found in every kitchen. Unusual storage for tea bags has always attracted the attention of the guests and delights for the holiday table. To give the accessory the appropriate type of help the technique of decoupage. Let us examine the most interesting ideas with You!


  • Decoupage technique
  • Options on different materials
  • A house made of wood
  • A house of cardboard
  • Appliances Ambiente

Light scuffing will make the hack more original

Decoupage technique

  • Decoupage is a French word meaning “to cut”. The technique is based on the decoration of various objects and is the joining of the pattern to the surface. Usually an ornament or a picture cut out and applied to the decorated object, covering picture varnish for durability.

Due to the simplicity of the technology is becoming increasingly popular among those who enjoys crafts and loves a hobby that is associated with creativity. Decoupage is used as the pieces of furniture and tiny accessories. Decoration of kitchen utensils has long been used in different countries and every year attracts more and more fans.


Besides the obvious advantages in the creation of unique items there are hidden possibilities of this technique of decoration.

Note! For example, the decoupage is often used for restoration of old furniture and smaller accessories.

Decoupage tea house is an opportunity to make an unusual and useful kitchen piece of furniture out of nothing. As well as the ability to implement bright ideas, using the available means at hand, to demonstrate design skills, and just spend time because of unusual activity with the help of decoupage.

It does not require special skills or expensive materials in the work, you can even use old magazines, normal tissue and other forgotten things!

Technique on different materials

If the parts used for the decoration of the house can go to almost any of the items that how to be with by the house? Does that require a special frame? Typically, the working surface usually be wood, cardboard or ceramics.

A beautiful combination of sprigs of lavender and pink lace ribbon on the contour

Spectacular tea house for the two columns of tea bags

Fact! What wood is the best material for decoupage.

  • Wood is quite durable, goes well with a variety of paints and lacquers, durable and environmentally safe. So in the kitchen with the product is always a place. The tree begins with a surface treatment with sandpaper. Then it can be ground and applied ornaments.
  • Cardboard can certainly be considered as the most affordable material. If the wooden house there is not in every house, with the cardboard certainly not anyone will not have difficulties. However, it is capricious in operation, so it is easy to crease, lose its shape upon contact with the paint and not as durable as wood. Therefore requires additional strengthening in the form of a layer of the gypsum mixture. In other aspects the technique to create ornaments similar to the ones in the tree.

House tea cardboard

  • Ceramic decoupage is used not so often, especially when creating a tea house. In the case of this material will not be able to use only the existing in house tools. If the ceramic house is still available, its main feature is a very smooth surface. When applying cut-out drawings to make sure that the parts are not loose.

Tip! Beginners are encouraged to try their hand at the available materials. If the first time something does not work, is not a pity to throw it away and try again.


A house made of wood

Before you begin to work, you need to define an idea: you can make an ordinary house or try to build a hut on chicken legs. This decision will be more interesting and unusual. You can also make rural mill, adorning it with ears of wheat, or to create an Oriental style. The game will depend on those ornaments that will be able to find for the application. For a tea house out of wood you will need:

  • blank wood boxes;

Blank wooden boxes

Wooden blanks can be purchased ready-made or make it yourself

  • acrylic paints (white and coloured);
  • a brush or roller;
  • varnish;
  • colored napkins with drawings;
  • PVA glue;
  • relief acrylic paste;
  • acrylic contour paint.

In modern stores you can buy everything for doing decoupage

First you need to cover the box with white paint and allow to dry.

Tip! If you are using special procurement from the store for needlework, before painting go over the surface with sandpaper.

Side of the house, which is decoupage, you need to cover with acrylic paint and allow to dry at room temperature. Then you need to repeat all steps again to paint and to prolateriat.

Surface treatment with sandpaper

Primer and coating with acrylic paint

Napkins carefully cut with scissors selected drawings (only top layer). Put the drawings on the surface of the house and apply by brush PVA glue, diluted with water to the consistency of milk.

Tip! The surplus should wet cloth, removing all imperfections and bubbles.

After drying, the house is covered with acrylic varnish. If necessary, you can finish any detail colors or to cut around the pattern of the napkins.


The last stage of work on the facade of the house is varnish. You need to apply two or three coats, allowing each to dry. To create a tile roofs should be applied in relief a paste and highlight every detail. Then apply paint and once dry cover it in lacquer.


Tip! To decorate the house, use a three-layer napkins. They are ideal with characteristics that are available and differ in a huge number of different drawings.

A house of cardboard

If you want to try to create a house from scratch, you can make it out of cardboard yourself. For this you will need:

  • cardboard and scissors;
  • a pencil with a ruler;
  • napkins with drawings;

Tools and materials for decoupage cardboard house

  • acrylic paint;
  • PVA glue;
  • lacquer and thick paper;
  • egg shells;
  • twine and brush.

Decor bows the finished product

Winter theme in the design of the DIY

To create a design out of cardboard, you will need to cut 2 pieces of square shape for the base and roof and 4 walls, one of which involves a hole in the shape of a semicircle for the issuing of tea bags. All parts are glued together with glue and paper.

Note! It is possible to strengthen the design, gluing some extra rectangles on joints-gluing.


The technology of drawing with a swipe on the surface of the cardboard is the same as in decoupage wooden house: the drawing is cut out and transferred to the surface, then fixed with glue. The free space of the facade and the roof are decorated with crushed shell, which will give the surface an interesting texture.

The shell is covered with paint and with a sponge creates the impression of darker paint. The hole for the issuance of tea and the roof are decorated with twine, in the end the whole house should be covered with varnish.

Decorating the surface of a cardboard cut out figures

Tip! Add to the ornament of house is more creativity in the form of a cat peeking out the window, or the mouse, stealing the grain from the barn. Use your creativity interesting stories.

Appliances Ambiente

A three-dimensional image is demanded not only in the cinema. Designers around the world successfully used the laws of perspective in interior design.

  • Ambiente is a technique for “deceive the eye”, that is, the creation of the composition, which has optical depth. It is purely a visual technique that provides a three-dimensional effect in the painting. Of course, such images look interesting because they look “alive”.

3D drawings will transform your product

The image created in the technique Ambiente, looks amazing

Decoupage technique Ambiente available for more experienced artists, because creating three-dimensional images is much harder and will require some effort and special materials.

Note! In addition to standard required for conventional decoupage wooden house, additionally you will need to 3D gel and a palette knife (you can substitute flat shovel from a manicure set).

The process of creation takes place according to the same scheme as in the previous workshops. The main difference is the creation of three-dimensional image, which with a palette knife under the edges of the patterned relief paste. It turns out that one picture is located in different planes: the center bit is removed, and the edges are pushed forward beyond the surface of the house.

Some of the details on the drawings, for example, a street lamp or flowers are handled in a 3D gel. Using toothpaste can be done not only tiled roof, and draw the brickwork on the house, using a plain toothpick.

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