Design the nursery with the balcony

Children’s room – a strange place in the house. How it was great, it is still sorely lacking space for a fun-filled children’s games. The situation is worse when the child grows up. Problems arise with functionality. But everything can change if a children’s bedroom with a balcony. Space last can be included in the area of the room and fun to organize. So how can you make the nursery a spacious, exclusive and comfortable?

The contents

  • Requirements to the arrangement of the room for a child that cannot be neglected

  • The decision for design of balcony in the nursery

  • Design children’s: General guidelines

  • Color palette

  • Some ideas for the design of the nursery with balcony

  • Conclusion

  • Photo gallery – children’s with balcony

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Requirements to the arrangement of the room for a child that cannot be neglected

Children – the most multifunctional room in the house. It serves the child’s playroom, bedroom, place entertain friends, study area and gym. Changing priorities will require ongoing updates of the situation. What they will be – we’ll have to decide jointly with the owner of the premises. However, in the pursuit of trendy interiors it is important not to forget that improving children’s there are specific requirements. What?

  • The space of the room should not bear threat to health of the child in terms of injury.
  • Decorations and furniture must be safe from the point of view of ecology.
  • Cleaning should be available to all areas of the room.
  • Room shall be in close to the child theme.
  • It is important that the design of children’s sex, age group and personal preferences of the owner.
  • The ergonomics of the interior.
  • Children with balcony shall be in close to the child theme

    The decision for design of balcony in the nursery

    “It will be interesting to look for children with a balcony, the design of which will resemble a science laboratory, library, workshop”

    Making the balcony continuing the children, think about what you would like to put to him? Most often it is converted to:

    Play area

    This will require complete disassembly of the window unit, along with a section of the wall. The Playground is lined with a fluffy rug or a bright carpet. Under the wall are placed the elements of storage system toys. If you decide to leave a windowsill, then don’t fail to convert it into a table for crafts. In this case, the area of the balcony will get separated from the common space and will kill to make individually, with the use of bright colors and impressive decor. Settle on the walls of cartoon characters, pictures of favorite animals, cars or castles.

    Play area on the balcony


    It is important in the room of the student. This option would require disassembly of the window unit retaining section of the wall floor window sill. In this zone there will be a bookcase. The decor no bright colors. Everything is calm and neutral. The child has to tune into a working harmony. Desk rationally to move up to the right of the short wall of the balcony, unless of course the child is not left-handed. Here it is possible to take out the computer area.

    Workplace on the balcony in the room of the student

    Creative space

    If the child is interested in crafts or has a propensity to art classes, equip him for this peaceful area on the territory of the balcony. Put there an easel, a table and chair, make a storage rack the right accessories.

    It will be interesting to look for children with a balcony, the design of which will resemble a science laboratory, library, workshop.

    Use the balcony space for creativity

    This space is also better to leave the remainder zoned Perestenko between the balcony and room. The child would be happy to retire to doing something and reading in the tranquility of a small and warmly decorated space.


    Great idea for a maiden child. In the area of the balcony is a full-body mirror, and a custom-made Cabinet or dresser with lots of different size drawers for storing all sorts of things. For the older girls need to put another and a dressing table or dressing table, sitting at which the girl will be convenient to freshen up.

    A small dressing room on the balcony


    In this case, in the nursery on the balcony area is a cozy sofa or chair, move the TV. In this spectacular cinema child will be able to spend time with friends.

    Cozy theater in the balcony

    Sports corner

    Simulators, dumbbells and the wall more than overjoyed boys, although girls would be happy to watch her figure nicely decorated to simulate a gym.

    On the territory of the balcony, even well insulated and equipped with heating, never imposed bed. Sleep there will be quite uncomfortable, as there will be a feeling of security and absolute security.

    The sports area will delight both boys and girls

    Design children’s: General guidelines

    Planning in the home nursery, make its arrangement of the most spacious, with good natural light, room. The room should be warm, with good ventilation, without drafts.

    How it will look in the space of a room largely depends on the age and gender of the child.

    Children’s girls

    When choosing colours of the children’s room combined with balcony need in addition to the already specified parameters to take into account the character of the young Housewives. If it’s calm, prone to flegmatizm child, then feel free to add to the atmosphere and the bright colors. Razor will feel comfortable surrounded by lilac and beige tones. Special attention should be paid to the organization of bed. It should provide a canopy or canopy. Girls all these design refinements delight.

    Children’s with balcony for girl

    Designed in a specific stylistic decision space, in sharp contrast with the decor of the rest of the home allows the child to feel cared about yourself. Girl with pleasure will spend time in their personal fantasy world.

    Baby boy for with balcony

    “A popular trend in the design of children’s bedrooms with the balcony was the design of the walls in the sleeping area soft wall panels”

    Ideas room decor boy more concise and restrained. There is no place on the strings. To cultivate masculine qualities will help matching interior. Imagine his room into a pirate den, ship cabins, the space Shuttle, the thickets of the jungle. Any of these decisions should fully reflect children’s interests. Great attention to the sports area. It can be put into a General situation or to make a separate area on the attached balcony.

    Color scheme is often calm. Bright inclusions is to make curtains and other textiles which are not difficult to replace, in accordance with the situation.

    The interior of the room the boy laconic and reticent

    The furniture should differ by a large number of cases, which will comfortably accommodate toys. By the way, the area of storage can be put on the balcony.

    Individual admiration of the boy will cause the loft bed or other unusual stylized bed.

    The loft bed will delight your little boy

    A popular trend in the design of children’s bedrooms with the balcony was the design of the walls in the sleeping area soft wall panels. Wall upholster fabrics category velour. As the lining acts as a synthetic winterizer, foam rubber or other soft fillers.

    The nuances of the zoning

    The room with balcony is zoned children’s rarely standard. For this increasingly original techniques. Excellent results are obtained by the use of transforming furniture. It allows you to create a different environment without reference to a clear gradation of residential space into functional areas. So small sofa can be transfagarasan in the table with the seats, Ottoman concurrently act as a bedside table, and wardrobe will turn into a bed. This furniture occupies a minimum of space and allows you to create interiors, comfortable for study, sports, friendly gatherings, relaxation and comfort.

    A Murphy bed saves space child’s

    Color palette

    What color to decorate the nursery – a rhetorical question. Forget about what the boys should be surrounded by blue and girls pink, but if the children of this spectrum like, you can dwell on these shades.

    Experts say that today the design of the room of a child is possible in any color. It is only important to choose the right combination of colors. Here the parents decided on their own to do design a child’s room with a balcony, and panic. But in vain! Do not make the nursery dark and neutral. It certainly should be bright colors that will put accents, and many years will be to focus on the attention.

    What is relevant? Natural shades:

    Green palette priority selection should be khaki, moss, olive and mustard green.

    – In the yellow range on horseback lemon-cream and ochre tones. Don’t forget about the color in terms of emotional impact on the child and add small patches.

    The yellow accents in the room lift your spirits

    – Red-orange range is used with caution, as to a child’s psyche color is overactive. Will not cause problems carrot, terracotta, Burgundy shades.

    – Pink spectrum are good in their variations. The ideal background solution for furniture walls painted in warm pastel colours.

    Interior in pink color like the girl

    Blue is the color of cold and absorption of light, so do not use it in primenenij rooms and spaces with a lack of sunlight.

    Some ideas for the design of the nursery with balcony
    Marine style

    Sea love all children, so the design of children’s in marine style will be perceived by the young dreamers “hurrah!”. Because the sea associated with space, it is necessary to take care that the child was not the pile of furniture.

    Marine color scheme of the interior is a mix of white, yellow and blue paint mixed with patches of Sunny sunsets and the riot of tropical greenery. To furnish a child’s desirable natural wood furniture. It is possible to make the decorative inlays on the floor, walls, ceiling.

    Children with a balcony in a marine style

    As a finishing material can be birch, pine. Treated and varnished wood will be pleased to walk barefoot.

    To create an atmosphere stay on the ship in the nursery, combined with the balcony, will help the following techniques:

    • the furnishing of the room soft furnishings theme colors in the upholstery;
    • buy a bed that simulates a sailboat or, say, a submarine;
    • decorating one of the walls with Wallpaper with images of seascapes;
    • adding to the interior of specific parts such as a ship steering wheel, anchor, hammock, hanging chairs, rope ladders;
    • the organization of the captain’s cabin or the observation bridge on the attached balcony.

    To recreate the atmosphere, use decorations in a nautical style

    Space style

    This child’s room design with balcony for fans of fantastic adventure, ready though now to go to conquer intergalactic space. This is a stylish and practical solution for the design of the nursery, allowing not only for a child to create an interesting atmosphere, but also to develop interest in astronomy and geography. It’s enough to make the ceiling projection of a starry sky.

    It is best in such a design will look large room, but in principle in such a subject can be performed more modest space.

    In the design widely used mural depicting the Martian or lunar surface, suspended ceilings with lighting, lamps with shades that mimic the world. Vividly should be presented to the play area.

    Wallpapers accentuate the space theme

    Sleeping area a good idea to make like a capsule, which rest real astronauts. Under the training zone is perfect attached to a balcony area. It makes sense to make as the commander’s cabin with control panels, a computer and other space chips.

    To create the right atmosphere in the children’s room with balcony can help with the following design:

  • Furnishing a bed in the form of aircraft or missiles. If insufficient space use a loft bed, which will make a great place for games, if you shoot the floor with mats and pillows with themed drawings.
  • Feel free to use in the decoration of furniture, walls, ceiling, gleaming futuristic accessories.
  • Do complex design of the ceiling, if possible in several tiers, with obligatory halogen lighting. Let them remind some part of the Universe.
  • Complete interior fabrics with theme prints.
  • Window attached balcony can be closed by a sliding plasterboard panels with slotted Windows.
  • If the child collects futuristic toys or loves comics, for these things have to allocate a place of honor.
  • Bed -the rocket will not leave indifferent neither one child

    What from this list will be able to implement in your nursery, you choose.

    Children’s decor for Teens: Scandinavian design

    Cozy minimalism comes in handy for finishing small children’s bedroom with a balcony. Characteristic style white finish of surfaces will help to visually adjust the space and will be a perfect background for furniture and decorative accessories.

    White trim visually increase the room space

    Scandinavian interior design ideal for hyperactive children. To light the room didn’t look too fresh, and the atmosphere in it has not turned out cool, add wood colors, or a few bright accents. Their representatives may be furniture and textiles.

    The room boy we can go further, and to do in the nursery, combined with a balcony, accent a wall.

    In unison is issued and the space of the attached balcony. If the area you want to allocate, then do it with dark strips laid onto the floor. The walls are decorated with light stone, and create a transition between areas in the form of a low arch. The impression of the entrance in a cozy, protected cave. Decorate her solid wooden furniture and a pleasant stay in complete privacy guaranteed.

    Comfortable working area on the balcony of the nursery


    As you can see, children’s, combined with the balcony, it is always a good solution and an interesting interior. It only remains to agree on the features of its design that he gladly spent time there, and felt that it was really his room where he can do whatever he wants and where no one will disturb you.

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