DIY napkins with their hands

Simple paper napkins can be used not only as a standard attribute of the dining table, but also as raw material for making original crafts. Versatile material perfect for creating decoration or separate parts of one big idea. DIY napkins require minimal financial investments. Having studied the detailed instructions to create three-dimensional decorations or subtle panels for any holiday, any man or even a child of Junior age. To implement the most interesting ideas require just a few minutes.

The contents

  • Bright monograms and animal figures
  • The creation of flowers and floral arrangements
    • Rose
    • Peony
    • Carnation
    • Topiary napkins
  • Appliques and patterns of napkins
  • Interior decoration and holidays
    • Garland
    • Surround the balls of openwork napkins
    • Wall decoration for photo zone
    • Numbers for birthday and anniversary
    • Christmas angel
    • Christmas wreath
    • Christmas tree napkins
  • How beautifully folded napkins for the holiday table
    • Easter Bunny
    • The Christmas tree
  • Ballerina napkins and wire
  • Doll napkins to the carnival
  • Decoration gift
  • Using napkins for decoupage in the interior
  • Conclusion

Bright monograms and animal figures

Multicolored monogram, decorated with bright balls of napkins will be a great decoration for the nursery. Decor of this kind can also be used in the living room with the application of the first letter of the surname of the family. The thinning technique of rolling paper you can use for manufacturing various animal figures on the plane.

For making a simple DIY you will need a piece of cardboard, colorful napkins, PVA glue. First make a sketch. If it’s a monogram, draw the curly letters and make the slot. Prepare paper lumps. Better to do them as small as possible. So the hack will seem more magnificent. Fasten pieces of napkins chaotic or planned. On the reverse side of the monogram, add lace and bright hang the product in a prominent place.

Animal figures move through the stencil onto the cardboard. Now mark out the pattern and determine the location of each colored ball. Unfold the napkins, cut into squares and roll the balls. Distributed a picture of the diagram and glue. Nice will look pre-glued eyes, ears, noses.

The creation of flowers and floral arrangements

Stunning colorful bouquets and single flowers from napkins will decorate any event will be a great gift. The only drawback of paper decoration, in the absence of natural fragrance, it’s easy to fix if you drop it on the essential oil. Paper flower created in a very simple technique, long time will remain attractive.

To start you need to do right now. The choice of the scheme and the plant will depend on the number of available tissues and their colors. To create a unique homemade decor is very simple, it is enough to gradually move to the target, using as clues the following workshops.


Make a Queen of flowers out of paper in several ways. The easiest to roll it from one swipe without the use of scissors and glue. They need to spread material and spread it on the table. One edge, grab the index and middle finger, twisted into a tube. Visually measure out 2/3 and crushes the napkin, forming a Bud. Turn down arbitrarily the upper part, simulating a drop-down petals. From the bottom of the tube make stem – twisting the cloth in a spiral.









A beautiful rose can be made from a dense three-layer workpiece. White classy piece to decorate the glass for any table. Raspyleniem a large napkin. Bend one corner of 1-2 cm and turn, pressing to the very end. The resulting strip roll. Holding down the bottom, straighten the upper petals placed in a glass or a glass.


To make fluffy peony from multi-layered napkin of any color. To give the product of realism possible, severing one strip of folded paper bends. To quickly create multiple items for lush DIY, presents the following step-by-step master class:

  • Spread a napkin in one movement, the resulting two-layer rectangle;
  • Folding the blank accordion associate a torn piece of paper or thread in the middle;
  • Resposive pliable pleats on both sides from the centre;
  • Turn the wire stem or prepare a few colorful pieces for other craft projects.






Original clove on the leg work of fine bright cloth. Blanks are square elements of size plan of the flower. Fold them in half diagonally. Carefully cut away the edge of the triangle. A small hole will be the center of the flower. On the opposite side of the workpiece make the arcuate cut and form the edge of the fence.

In the same way it is necessary to do a minimum of 5 workpieces. The more elements, the more magnificent will be the carnation. Now go to the formation of the flower heads. As a basis you can use stiff wire, a long match for fire, a pencil. Take each shaped parts and the bonding between them in the Central part. Straighten each petal. Stem, you can wrap the green ribbon, color corrugated paper, foil.

Topiary napkins

Topiary of any decorative material looks stylish and original. But beautiful tree napkins made much easier. It can be crafts in the form of a circle, star, heart. The elements can also vary. Often used paper roses, dandelions, peonies, asters. It is sufficient to proceed with the preparation of materials and original ideas will come to mind.

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Ready topiary napkins – a great gift for any celebration or just a memorable accessory. For making imaginative crafts you will need the following materials:

  • Pots, flower pot;
  • Newspapers, napkins;
  • A few woody branches;
  • Thread, stapler;
  • Tape, glue;
  • A mixture of cement and sand.

Produced beautiful pots and put the sand and cement. Add some water and make a solution. The center established the most extensive branch and decorate the base of a makeshift barrel small stones or bits of glass. If desired, the composition can be modified and to wrap the Central stick flexible rods. Minor elements fix the transparent tape.





Until the solution in the pot dries out, proceed to the formation of the center of the topiary. This crushed several Newspapers, wrap the whole ball printed edition, fix thread. Go to making flowers. Turn the napkin in half twice and fix with a stapler. Straighten the edges of each layer. According to this principle doing the right amount of flowers. Remains to stick to the paper ball and decorate with beads.

Appliques and patterns of napkins

The essence of the applications is adhered small pieces of napkin onto the prepared surface. The basis for the original paintings can be a sheet of cardboard, a piece of dense wall-paper, any flat plate. At first glance, can seem like a child and primitive. But if you come up with the complex story of many parts, it can be easily used as a stylish interior decoration.

Suitable for hall, kitchen – applique napkins “sprig of lilac”. For DIY, you will need to prepare a piece of green paper, pink, white, purple napkins, glue. From colored paper cut out leaves in the form of hearts. For the picture size But 4 will be enough 10-15 pieces. Wipes tear into small pieces and roll loose balls.

Draw on the cardboard the scheme of the future branches, the designated place of leaves and bunches of flowers. Marked with coat of glue and fix the part. Beginning thickened branches can be decorated with brown beads and dark sequins.

Interior decoration and holidays

To create a festive atmosphere without cause at any time from the materials available. Worthy decoration of the interior will be a variety of crafts from delicate tissues. To prepare for the celebration, to make an original photo zone your own hands as possible without wasting time and money. DIY have small weight, so can safely be grouped together and suspended from the ceiling, lighting. They are easily held together with white glue or tape between itself and the base of almost any material.


Beautiful room decoration can be made from white napkins. A few lights down the wall, will create a breathable atmosphere of warmth and cheer up. This decor is not only pleasing to the eye, but also visually raise the ceilings, will create a stunning backdrop for pet photos.

It will take a pack of white napkins, scissors, a few thin satin ribbons in bright colors. To create a delicate garland in just over an hour, you can do the following in stages:

  • Turn the napkin a triangle in three addition;
  • Cut the area of a semicircle;
  • Put the resulting items on top of each other in a staggered manner;
  • Hold the bottom center and tighten, fix, glue, thread, stapler;
  • Even out all the petals give the maximum circular shape;
  • The resulting required number of flowers;
  • Unrolling the desired number of strips;
  • Fasten the products with double-sided tape.
  • Surround the balls of openwork napkins

    Openwork napkin is a decoration of any holiday table. Bole to give a unique look to transfer so a new year, Christmas atmosphere is possible, if to make of them surround the balls. They look great in any interior. They can be hung on ribbon, put in a beautiful vase under the tree.

    It will take round openwork napkins, multi colored rope, stapler, glue. Turn paper in half the product without bending to the end. You only need to grab the center of the bend. Bend the paper again and fix with a stapler. Need 10 to make such parts. Take a napkin and fasten her braid – this is the basis for fixing elements. On each side must be attached at the 5-th of identical parts facing each other.





    You can do without the bases and glue to secure the workpiece between a stapler, double-sided tape. First collect 4 pieces, then connect the two halves.

    Wall decoration for photo zone

    Background of the napkin is the most popular and budget. A large number of ideas, colors, types of material allows you to make any area according to the theme of the holiday. Paper materials need a lot, but the effect of splendor is worth it. An unusual idea to surprise guests, will delight children of the house.

    To mix a DIY you can use as the basis of plywood, paneling or cardboard. In the latter case, place is not only lush and beautiful, but also mobile. Also for the base fit prefabricated parts of the former boxes from large appliances.

    A wall decoration can be a standard POM-POM or flower cuts of various sizes. It’s better to make eye-catching accents. To do this, straighten 15 napkins, superimpose them on each other and a collapsible accordion. Associate at the center tape and cut a semi-circle edge. Now raise each part of the swipe up and add volume. Several large flowers should be distributed from one corner to another or randomly. Other elements can be different color and size.

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    Numbers for birthday and anniversary

    To decorate a popular decorative item in various colors options. The creation of such crafts, many are passionate about young mothers, especially in the first birthday of the child. The original surprise in the form of three-dimensional figures from the wipes would like to have for an anniversary, without a doubt, any adult. For his self-production you will need the following materials:

    • Base – suitable foam, cardboard boxes. Young mothers often use the packaging of baby food, gum up the necessary frame;
    • Wipes – a few packs of the same or different colors;
    • Mount – you can use glue, thread, sticks, double-sided tape;
    • Scissors for shaping the edges of the paper products.

    The first step is to make a frame, glue the existing box scheme. Now preparing flowers out of napkins. It can be roses, peonies or just lush POM-poms. The easiest option is to stack multiple transparent pieces of paper, fold like an accordion, to consolidate and spread its territory. Than the more elaborate the details, the less need for numbers. Glue the elements to the carton blank primaries straighten the edges of the thin paper.

    Christmas angel

    Simple angels of white napkins adorn the room, Christmas eve. Intricate figures will turn out beautiful and festive at the little wizard. To produce one angel you will need three napkins, white and yellow thread, scissors, glue, blue marker.





    Unfolding a napkin, roll it into a ball. Straighten the second half and envelops it with a paper ball, tie with white thread. Turned out the head of the angel and the shredded dress. The remaining tissue is crushed like an accordion from corner to corner and fix in the middle to make wings. Parts to glue. Of yellow thread and make a halo. Wrap them in several layers on two fingers. Remove and a little scrolling. Then glue on the head of the angel. Draw eyes with a Sharpie and sent to the tree.

    Christmas wreath

    For making interesting Christmas attribute only takes a couple of hours and a minimum of materials. You need to prepare white or green napkins, you can use both colors at once, the foam base for the wreath, 6 MB big shiny beads, glue, round pattern (e.g., a plate). The process of creating a DIY will be interesting and simple, if you follow the following step by step instructions:

  • Prepare the elements. Straighten the napkins and cut out the shape of the circles;
  • Fold the circles three times and glue the middle on the inner side;
  • Fasten parts to the base;
  • Decorate the wreath with beads, evenly distributing the decor from each other.
  • If you are cutting round parts, workpieces, use patterned scissors, the edges of the POM-POM to be patterned, and the wreath more lush.

    Christmas tree napkins

    Unusual Christmas beauty out of the simple green wipes. Crafts can make any size as miniature, for decorating a holiday table, and large, as a replacement for natural eating. It will be a great gift to friends and colleagues as hand made decor will give the soul of the wizard, fills the house with cosiness.

    To make the tree possible from materials that are probably available in every home. Need cardboard for the frame, napkins, scissors and glue. First prepare the base – turn the sheet of construction paper for cone type, even the bottom edge for better stability. To seal wrapped edge, you can staple, glue or tape.

    Improvised branches can be made from fluffy paper POM-poms. Collect of the workpiece as the peony flowers or chrysanthemums. Then glued to the frame, observing the dimension from the bottom to the top.





    Also use decorations of napkins in the form of Flirty Ruche. Cut into strips 3-5 cm wide, strung on a string and pull together. Then the elements are glued to the cone in a spiral. As decoration you can use beads and ribbon bows.

    How beautifully folded napkins for the holiday table

    Beautiful placement of the napkins on the festive table – one of the main win-win options of decor. It may be simple addition or a bold a bold idea in the form of swirling shapes. Single items are placed directly on plates, in glasses, for compositions specifically assign a place in the napkin holder. Translucent paper in different colors, appropriate combinations can be a unique thematic element of design feast.

    Easter Bunny

    To create a cute Bunny will need a plain square napkin of any color. Straighten it one turn. Getting double rectangle bend a length in half. Note the middle and bent the edges to the center. Now the bottom corners alternately bends. You should get a layered diamond design with a Central smooth bends.









    Bend alternately to center both area. They should meet in the middle and to be equally smooth. Overturn the workpiece on the other side and directed forward bottom corner. The sides should be formed from the pocket collapses. Turn off the product, as if into a tube, and send one end into the pocket. Straighten ears and muzzle of the Bunny hands. The lower part do sustainable.

    The Christmas tree

    Flat single napkins will adorn any Christmas table. You can make crafts of any thematic focus, but the most appropriate will be green tree for the whole plate. Quickly and correctly folded thin paper will follow the master class:

  • Disposable square on the table to open cuts looking down;
  • Raise the top layer and bend up, not bringing 1 cm to complete the connection;
  • The next layer is raised in the same way, subject to the location 1 cm to the edge of the previous element;
  • With the remaining two parts carry out the same manipulation;
  • Overturn the workpiece on the opposite side for forming a circuit;
  • Right-angle bends both sides to the center;
  • Expandable crafts front side and bends the corners;
  • Begin to tuck the ends from the top down, using closed scissors or a ruler;
  • Each layer must be set to the previous;
  • Wavy herringbone put on a plate and decorate with the red star out of felt.
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    Ballerina napkins and wire

    Weightless hack of napkins and wire will decorate any room. Gentle, graceful ballerinas can be used as pendants, to put on a festive table, hung on the Christmas tree. It will take a piece of flexible wire, some wipes, glue, scissors.

    First make the frame. Twist the two wire body, arms, legs. Hands, feet, head do in the form of loops. Then cut the napkin into equal strips and wrapped the whole frame crafts. To thin paper was well bonded, the ends can get a little wet.

    For the manufacture of packs you will need to spread a napkin, cut into four squares. Overlay items on top of each other and turn twice to get an acute triangle. Compressible and scrolling the paper with your hands – given the texture. Rounds the bottom edge of the skirt of the future.





    Now dress the ballerina in a weightless outfit. To do this, make slits for head and arms and put the dress on the frame. The waist area is associated with a thread or a shiny ribbon. The head can be decorated with beads to make a paper headdress, crown, Hoop.

    Doll napkins to the carnival

    Preparations for the spring celebrations takes place with great trepidation. The manufacture of ceremonial dolls on carnival long ago became an established tradition. Beautiful crafts out of napkins is a perfect gift, decorate the plate with pancakes and other treats. To create the miniature beauties of the carnival will take several multilayer thin sheets, thread, scissors. We will act in the following way:

  • Prepare four napkins of various colors;
  • Spread one part on the table face down, bend the opposite corners to the center;
  • Another swipe to roll the ball and placing it on the intersection of the curved edges of the workpiece;
  • Overturn future in the doll and cover the area with the ball circle white;
  • Forming a head in the form of a ball, tying a thread;
  • Another napkin twist the tube, tying the ends – this will be the puffy sleeves;
  • Slips hand under the base and then tied to the belt;
  • Make a scarf from a bright piece of colorful napkin – fold it in a triangle and tie on the head. Fix the ends with glue.
  • Decoration gift

    With their hands can do not only the original packaging for a gift, but also to decorate it with bright napkins. Use the following master class will be the most simple materials: an empty Pak packaging, napkins in two colors (e.g. red and pink). You will also need glue, braces, and a simple hole punch.

    Prepare a box – remove the glossy layer of the manufacturer’s information. Basically, her cloth more bright colors. When the gift box is dry, cut the protruding beyond the edges of the paper and proceed to the decor. Take a pink napkin, crushed and paste, not set, on the product. Red billet divide into 4 squares and roll each flagella. Then the lubricated tube with the adhesive force pulls on the handle of the spiral.

    When dry out all parts, glue the plaits on a pink background, simulating a rough twig. A hole punch make the flowers from the white album sheet and lightly tighten up them leaves. Combine the petals with an offset to the center and glue to the red twigs. Midway can decorate rolled bundle of cloth.

    Using napkins for decoupage in the interior

    For decapage use special multi-layered doilies with a more durable top layer, but the fit and the usual table elements, provided that the decoration will be very carefully. That the product was not torn and glued, craftswomen use some tricks: put on a surface nail hair or stick them with a file.

    To decorate, freshen up any piece of furniture in the technique of decoupage is very simple. The first step is to select and prepare a suitable surface (a table, a dresser, a picture frame, etc.), choose napkins with a themed picture. To work need itself paper material, PVA glue, roller, brush.

    Decorate a variety of furniture and accessories, you can completely pasting over with paper or partially cutting out the individual motifs. In any case, the work involves applying glue on the surface and applying images. Then decor spread with a roller or soft brush. In this technique, you can easily decorate the interior of any shape.


    Even the simplest decor, hand made, will look nicer purchase the standard accessories. Of the huge number of ideas you can pick up a suitable scheme for crafts for every taste. Creative arts will bring pleasure to adults and children. From the minimum set of materials you can create an original decoration in just a few minutes.

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