Do you need a suspended ceiling in the apartment

At present ceilings have become commonplace. They attract attention and are very popular due to easy setup, practicality and versatility. A suspended ceiling can transform the interior beyond recognition, to hide a poor repair, close, various kinds of communication and wires, and to prevent the consequences in case of flooding. Most importantly – a ceiling durable. With proper maintenance the service life can amount to tens of years.

Some believe that the suspended ceiling has damage and is not practical. Consumers scary its relatively high price, which results in more simple and familiar methods of finishing. You can find a lot of opinions that it is not necessary to use a ceiling of the house. To understand the situation, you need to learn more about the possibilities of stretch ceiling.

First ceilings appeared about 50 years ago. The main objective was to transform the room into a beautiful and cozy place and give it an aesthetic appearance. The curves of the ceilings, falling plaster, stains and whitewash for a small period of time turned into a perfectly smooth and level surface. This industry is developing so quickly that the possibilities of stretch ceilings, we can say, limitless. We are talking not only about the wide range of textures of the canvas and the incredible number of shades. For people who want to create in your apartment a special, exclusive interior, are made of stretch ceilings with photo printing, the pattern which is applied by hand and various forms of design in the form of a cone, waves, arches and more. Wisely choosing the lighting, you can create on the ceiling a variety of interesting lighting effects.

Even if You are not going to decorate the room with colored or multi-level designs, to the suspended ceiling should look again. Well painted, plastered or coated with a special plastic ceiling tiles will require repair after a few years. Conventional suspended ceiling will allow not to think about repairs for decades. In case of minor flooding or strong film of stretch ceiling just stretch, and then take its original shape.

It is also important that such a ceiling is able to keep noise and heat. The film itself has no such feature, but if the tension between the ordinary and the ceiling to put a special fabric in the room will be much quieter and warmer. This is good for those who live in high-rise buildings and the sound of music or the loud voices of neighbors is a common thing.

Safety stretch ceiling

At the mention of environmental and safety is something worth paying attention to. Many producers ensure the excellent quality of their product, with a special certificate. But, for example, cheap ceilings, made in China, such a document can not. The composition of substances, which is included in such non-certified product, is simply unknown and, most likely, can be hazardous to health. To opt for a cheaper stretch ceilings is not desirable.

So, you decided to have installed in your house ceilings. Pros and cons taken into consideration, the material and color. It remains only to choose a good company that you can trust. I do not advise You particularly trust the colorful ads. After all, the best advertising is quality work. Perhaps there are friends who have established ceilings. Ask them how they liked the result and how long was the installation process, does the company quality certificate, because the issue of health security is always relevant.

To summarize. Stretch ceilings are a perfect option change the interior of Your ceiling. High technology, contemporary style, combined with impeccable aesthetics that will please every person who wants to experiment and not afraid of change. A large variety of colors and materials will help you to choose the ceiling for every taste, and photo printing will give the possibility to display on the ceiling of any picture that you just want. Try it and You will not regret it!

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