Duplex stretch ceilings: photo in interior design, types, colors, shapes, design, lighting

Duplex stretch ceilings are quite trendy and spectacular interior solution. With their help it is possible to organize original, creative and unusual lighting, visually zonirovat space and to hide his shortcomings.

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  • The pros and cons
  • What material can I use?
  • Texture layered paintings
  • The color of the ceiling
  • Forms of suspended ceilings
  • The designs of bunk ceilings
  • Color combinations
  • Finishing inside corners
  • Examples in various styles of interior
  • The stretch 2-tier ceilings with lighting
  • Ideas in interior rooms
  • Photo gallery
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    The pros and cons

    A few of the advantages and disadvantages of these tension structures.


    These ceiling models complement the interior and make it more expressive.


    They conceal the amount of space, therefore more suitable for larger areas.

    They have been great for zoning.

    Have a bit of trouble to care for.

    Thanks to the endless variety of colors, textures and shapes, these designs can be arranged any room.

    What material can I use?

    There are two main types of materials:

    • PVC film. Such a model is not water tight and we have a huge number of colors and textures. They can be matte, glossy or mirror.
    • Fabric. Is environmentally friendly and has a strong structure. It looks quite expensive and effectively. They used cold mounting method.

    Texture layered paintings

    The most popular surface of a tension ceiling models:


    Look low profile and not flashy, do not reflect and do not glare. They are considered the most common and best option for the ceiling design.

    Photo bedroom ceiling matte duplex design in white and green.


    Create the illusion of depth, increase the space, beautifully reflect light and make the light stream more intense.

    Photo glossy two-level tension ceiling in the living room.


    Have a nice and soft pearlescent. Unlike glossy surfaces, they are more unobtrusive and quiet reflective effect.

    On the photo of duplex stretch black gray design satin.

    The color of the ceiling

    Colors ceiling space depends on the appearance of the entire room.


    A neutral, achromatic color that goes well with different styles. White gives the space extra volume, space and increases a room.

    Photo living room with split level ceiling in white.


    Noble gray always looks very elegant and stylish, and emphasizes good taste.


    Light shades of purple to create a gentle, flowing and romantic design, and more give the room a dark mystery and secrecy.


    It looks rich and adds to the room volume. Despite such a dark color, it creates a crushing effect.

    Forms of suspended ceilings

    Different shapes give the room originality and create interesting visual effects.


    The most popular form, which is used for the ceiling design. Square tension structures, enliven the interior and make it very expressive.


    Strict rectangular shape looks modern and stylish. This ceiling model combines all the elements of the room between himself and gives it a complete look.

    Photo split level suspended ceiling of a rectangular shape in the living room.


    Oval, ellipse or semi-circle, lift the ceiling, smooth out the corners in the room and will allow you to create unusual lighting.


    Catwalk wavy ledge or the l-shaped drop are quite traditional and popular design aesthetic for interior design.

    Complex curved design

    Difficult forms always remain at the peak of popularity.


    The interior will add personality and originality. This curved stretch model, like one or two waves, will surely attract all the attention.


    Will be a great addition and decorative element of the room. Design in the shape of a flower in combination with or without chandelier chandeliers will never go unnoticed.

    The designs of bunk ceilings

    Striking design will transform and emphasize the ceiling space.

    With photo printing

    Paintings with flowers, butterflies or other colorful images, form a very delicate, beautiful and sensual design.

    In the photo the pink and white split-level ceiling with photo print in the form of butterflies.


    Perforated, patterned, artistic ceilings perform well, not only aesthetic function, but also practical.

    In the photo, duplex suspended ceiling with carved pattern.

    Starry sky

    These designs look amazing and be a real decoration of the interior. Two-level ceilings depicting a starry sky create a feeling of open space above her head.

    With the Central beam

    Look natural, and are the key feature of the room which attracts focus on unobtrusive and complements the overall design.

    On the photo of duplex stretch design with a Central beam in the interior of the kitchen.

    With an elevated center

    A convex Central part in the form of a square inside an oval in the middle or the circle in the centre will be a dynamic accent to the entire room.

    Color combinations

    The most common color combinations.

    Black and white

    Create an amazing contrast and transform any room. Two-level ceilings, two-tone, made in black and white always look very stylish and original.


    Multi-faceted, very harmonious and attractive combination. Brown perfectly sets off the white color, making this tandem a more balanced and soft.

    White with beige

    Form of status, luxury and noble design. This combination is considered a classic and is the perfect solution for decorating any room.

    Green and white

    Look air and gently bring the atmosphere of freshness and extraordinary lightness.

    Photo bathroom duplex suspended ceiling with a combination of white and green colors.

    Finishing inside corners

    Several design options:

    • Straight angle.
    • A sharp corner.
    • Rounded.

    Examples in various styles of interior

    These designs can perfectly fit in many interior styles.


    Satin and glossy surfaces brings in classical interior even more gloss, Shine and glitter. Ceiling models in sober colors, in combination with moldings, moldings or baseboards, you will look elegant and create the room of comfort.


    This style is particularly suitable for glossy canvas without drywall, which have high reflective properties. They perfectly accentuate the futuristic design and will help you create interesting light compositions.


    Diverse geometric shapes, combined with a competent light, perfectly fit into modern interior. Various color combinations are also appropriate in this style.

    Photo two-level suspended structure in a living room in a modern style.

    The stretch 2-tier ceilings with lighting

    Lighting solutions with green, orange, yellow, white or red illumination, make the ceiling design more refined.

    Led light strip around the perimeter

    Hidden led-lighting not only gives the ceiling an unusual appearance and creates a soaring effect, but also sets a certain lighting mood of the room.

    The photo on the right the ceiling with a niche under the eaves, illuminated by white light.

    With a niche for illumination

    Looks original, beautiful and very aesthetically pleasing. An alcove with a blue, purple or turquoise ceiling lighting gives the space a special mystery.

    With a chandelier

    Stretch two-level model combined with a chandelier to create an interesting play of light and visually make the room higher and wider.

    The photo kitchen combined with living room with split level ceiling combined with chandelier.


    Such lighting is located on the contour of the ceiling elements. It highlights how the entire surface, and certain half of the ceiling, and gently diffuses the light.

    Ideas in interior rooms

    Ceiling models to blend in with the design and set the mood.

    Living room

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    Photo duplex stretch ceilings in the hall

    Two-level ceilings are quite a practical solution for the living room. They allow to realize the most daring design ideas.


    Such designs enable you to visually divide the kitchen into functional areas and focus on certain parts of the room.

    The photo small kitchen and a two-level ceiling is white and green.


    This type of stretch fabrics can diversify the design of the bedroom and to make her unusual mood lighting.

    Children’s room

    Fabric, decorated with a variety of photo prints or drawings, will not only set the mood of the child, but also help to visually delineate the space and divide it into training, recreation area, or game.

    In the photo, duplex suspended ceiling, which is zoned children’s room into two parts.


    Gloss is ideal for bathroom decor. It creates the impression of extra space and emphasizes the chrome shiny bathroom surfaces.

    Entrance hall and corridor

    Matte or glossy canvas with a bend, with various stairs and passages, will allow the hall or the corridor, to sparkle with new colors.

    On the photo of duplex stretch white brown ceiling in hallway with staircase.


    For washroom perfectly suitable glossy or matte texture of light beige, blue, white or pink shades that will allow you to maximize the space.

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