Eclectic decor LCD “Commandant’s quarters”

Design project of an apartment for large family: mom, dad, older son 18 years, daughter 8 years old and the youngest son 4 years. Apartment of 105 sq m with a balcony.


For parents and eldest son to provide for separate rooms for the Junior joint. Necessarily isolated living room (originally the Builder was a living room combined with kitchen).


The living room moved to the former parents ‘bedroom, and the place of the former living room posted room for the eldest son and the parents’ bedroom . The Junior has allocated the biggest room, plus it is joined by a balcony on which is placed the workplace young schoolgirl. The loggia is insulated and attached to the total area of the apartment arranging a cozy place to stay. In the end I got three separate full rooms and the kitchen turns into a spacious hallway. Living room, bedroom and kitchen with a hallway designed in a contemporary classics in children’s Scandinavian style, and the room of a teenager with elements of the loft.

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