Elegant stool for your home lubimcev

As in the interior, every detail is important, you should not overlook even the little things.It is not surprising that such an expert in working with wood, as a factory Riva 1920, is a model designed not only for people but for our smaller brothers.

For example, a collection of stools “Geppo”, designed by Marco Baxadonne in which the functionality combined with elegance. And the main role is played by material – perfectly finished natural wood.

Part of the stools is a seat, and extended shelf for books and magazines: a kind magazine rack is cut directly inside the case.

In addition, the collection includes special chairs with couch for Pets. In size they are suitable for cats or small dogs.

According to the designer, in a wooden workpiece is cut through a large through hole, the lower part of which is carpeted with a soft Mat.

The animal has a legitimate place at the same time a piece of furniture that demonstrates all the charm of a wood texture, it looks subtle and refined.

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