Equip sleeping place in the kitchen (65+ practical photoidea): advice and recommendations to the designers

Kitchen combined with a dining room in eclectic style

Owners of premises that do not differ more footage, I know firsthand about the problem of shortage of free space. This is especially noticeable in large families. The optimal solution will be the arrangement of bed on-site kitchen. Wherefore let us consider how easy and comfortable to equip the kitchen a place to sleep.


  • Why you need a sleeping place in the kitchen?
  • Organization options
  • How to choose the right furniture for sleeping
  • Where to build?

Cozy sitting area in kitchen design

Why you need a sleeping place in the kitchen?

In some circumstances, the organization of space to sleep in the kitchen – an urgent need.

  • With a large number of people in the family. It is foolish to concentrate 6 people in two rooms, when at least one of them for the night you can send to the kitchen.14
  • In the case of a small living space. It is difficult to imagine people who want to organize a place to sleep in the kitchen, having a spacious mansion.
  • If you frequently entertain guests. If you often relatives or friends come, you can put them in the comfort of your kitchen. They will thank you for this unconventional bed.
  • If you wish to bring into the kitchen space something original. There are cases when people just love to create and surprise yourself and others.
  • Panoramic Windows in a modern interior

    Brickwork will help to emphasize the loft style

    This is not the whole list of cases where you may need additional sleeping space. Sometimes people behave like true perfectionists and always try to provide all the details, even having a large area.

    Embodiments of the bed in the kitchen
    Chair bed

    This option would be tremendously convenient not only for a good night’s sleep, but for a quality day of leisure. And laying it out on the night, you can get a good sleeping area. But for more comfort it’s worth to buy an orthopaedic mattress that will solve all the problems.

    Chair-bed c upholstery in marine style

    Folding chair – great for overnight guests

    Important! Locate kitchen sleeping place facing the opening window. It is necessary that on awakening you was admiring the scenery, not the sink or worse, a mountain of dirty dishes.

    Sofa bed

    To install this type of furniture you will need a lot of space. In addition, it is necessary to give tribute to the models that do not have extra pillows, because the kitchen is not always possible to find space to accommodate them. It is important that the design was compact and at the same time had a box for folding the bedding.

    Kitchen in white color looks very noble

    The natural wood in the interior style modernism


    This is the most beautiful and practical option, which can also act as a full bed in the kitchen. By using the kitchen area you will be able to achieve the transformation of space food and housing. If you put this furniture, it will occupy little space. With its simple design contemporary parts you will get the opportunity to assemble and disassemble them every day.


    Note! In addition, commonly used and other solutions for the bed. For example, you can use the special pillows or poufs, shelves and other elements.

    How to choose the right furniture for sleeping in the kitchen?

    Sofas, armchairs and corners today made a large number of manufacturers. Models vary in price, quality and appearance. To find a model that will delight you for many years, you must follow several rules.

    • The upholstery material. It needs to be resistant to wear and easy to care for. The most preferred options leatherette, genuine leather. It is important that the fabric was dense, it should not pucker and kamchatica.

    Interesting kitchen design style shabby chic

    Kitchen furniture should be durable

    • Dimensional and uniform criteria. It is important that the furniture is in harmony with the table and it was comfortable not only to sleep and eat. It is important and the lack of armrests.
    • The mechanism of functioning. Currently these products are mainly equipped with the ideal folding mechanism. This allows to optimize the process of unfolding.

    Kitchen area with a feature bed

    Where to arrange a sleeping place in the kitchen (photo options)

    Since we are likely talking about a small kitchen room, then for a berth suitable land is not enough. If we are talking about sofa, it is most often put at the window, and the kitchen can be conveniently placed in the corner of the kitchen, opposite from the working zone side. Of course, this entails some difficulties:

    • the sofa can block access to the window space;

    Modern kitchen in loft style

    Panoramic Windows will make your room much brighter

    • there is a possibility of narrowing of the passage to the window;
    • the workplace may significantly decrease.

    Important! It is worth remembering the importance of comfortable sleep, especially in a large family. Make sure that, for example, over head sleeping and then slammed the refrigerator door.


    Taking the decision to organize a sleeping place in the kitchen space, you need to understand that it is necessary to consider in detail the interior detail. Even at all desire of kitchen design on the coolest tech you can make mistakes, because in a small kitchen the likelihood of their assumptions maximum.

    Important! Moreover, it is not always possible to transpose such important kitchen attributes, like kitchen sink, stove, fridge.

    But, as you can see, even a miniature kitchen space allows you to enjoy a comfortable and a good arrangement of bed. If you want it to be fast, simple, and the result looked like a bed fit for sleeping, eating, and improve the appearance of the interior, it should appeal to designers, and furniture made to order. The only way you will be able to anticipate all your desires and take into account accepted norms.

    Black and white interior in modern style

    Perhaps good designers will offer you a different approach and will issue an additional jump seat working area to a headset or under the wall cabinets that will simplify the operation of the premises.

    Corner sofa in kitchen design

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