Extraordinary bedroom 7×8

The story of Svetlana from Minsk:

— The history of our bedroom started a couple of years ago. Did the house repairs. The bedroom took the room 7×8 meters. We absolutely never imagined this room to do. Well, absolutely nothing came to mind. In the end, appealed to the designer. And here’s what happened…

In the room there was a partition.

Firstly, it serves as a decoration, and secondly, zoned space, third, hides the three doors that are present in the room. The first door — entrance, the second leads to the closet, and the third in the bathroom.

Wardrobe in the room is missing, as there is a separate dressing room.

Carpets either, don’t like them and consider dust collectors.

In the zone with doors — a very interesting ceiling. Above him, the builders had to work hard.

All furniture is made in minimalist style and is made of Belarusian masters of our designs. Don’t like thingies, flowers and other mi-mi-lichnosti in the decor. Like black, gray and white colors as the main, clear straight lines.

Berth — 2×2 meters (dreamed about this my whole life).

There is a separate area with a vanity. Mainly as decor.

A special place was given to a large floor mirror. It’s my pride. Thank you to the artists who agreed to make it.

In the room there are several groups turning on the light. To describe all makes no sense. Talk about the most useful. Maybe someone the idea will come in handy. A number of led bulbs installed just above the skirting Board is a godsend! And comfortable this is the fact that if someone night need to go, say, to the bathroom and not to disturb the spouse (-GI), can not get up out of bed turn on the background light.

Prices are hard to recall, since the repair was done simultaneously in several rooms. That’s what I remember: three doors — $ 200 each, furniture — 2 thousand dollars, mattress — $ 300 electrician — $ 400.

Commented the marketing Department and design company Black Red White:

— We have before us a perfect pattern of the interior in the style of European minimalism.

Svetlana, our heroine, has designed the bedroom according to all the rules and canons: functional and practical furniture that does not overload the interior and does not clutter the space, the floor is of dark shade, white and gray walls, suspended ceiling and minimal decor. This creates a harmonious and modern interior of the bedroom.

A great solution is the appearance of the walls in the room. And though minimalism does not involve space zoning, in this case, the partition helped to separate Seating area to make it cozy and comfortable. Here it was just necessary!

All the furniture are correctly and according to the style and color scheme. We are particularly impressed by the large floor mirror — pride of our heroine. It fits perfectly into the interior, and, no doubt, is a functional piece of furniture. Also appreciated the size of the bed — a comfortable stay is above all!

Perfect we thought and the color combination of floor, furniture, walls, textiles. However the wall, near which is a dressing table, would recommend to write in bright colours and not to use Wallpaper. The ceiling above the doors creates a special atmosphere, attracts attention and reinforces the concept.

Perhaps some feel that the bedroom looks cold and not very cozy. Someone wants to add a family photo or chairs, and floor mats, but our heroes feel great in a discreet and stylish interior. Isn’t that the main thing is to feel comfortable in their own home?

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