Furniture and harmony in the interior

Many natural phenomena are rhythmic: breathing, heartbeat, movement of waves, day and night. The rhythm we believe the standard of harmony, and when I want to create something solid, then simply take the elements — sound, speech, visual — and alternated them with some frequency.

And hence the poems, music, and ornaments… perfect interiors.

Once the rhythm has to subdue the interior, sometimes a rhythm you can give up. But it is important that the imaginary metronome tapping for the entire time you are setting up a harmonious interior. There is no rhythm, no harmony. Talk where does the rhythm in the interior.

Technique 1: Multiply by two

If the Cabinet (especially outdoor, bookcase) is one, it looks like a fragment of the interior and often needs to be something trimmed. The easiest way to correct the situation by using double: mortgage planning solution, two of the same bookcase and the space “sounds” very different.

Receiving, with a pair of objects do not only when it comes to bookcases. You have probably come across this technique in magazines: fine pair of floor lamps on each side of the sofa, same side tables, the Duo (or more) of pendant lamps over the kitchen island.

However, to get the same pieces of furniture — it’s not tricky, it is more important to follow the following rule.

Important: To bookcases looked bored, need to avoid dry symmetry within them. Your way — free improvisation: forget about grouping books by size and colour; dilute vertical rows of horizontal stacks; place among books, candles, plates, sculptures, photographs; put on a stack of books and a paperweight or some other interesting accessory.

If you use the rack as a showcase for his collection, connect, shape, size. Effectively close look of things, which are United by one characteristic and vary the other. So, white figurine netsuke of wood has the potential to live side by side with the white figure netsuke in ivory. Think about what you can play specifically in your case.

Technique 2: the Repetition of shapes and lines

If some form in the interior feels foreign, you need to try somehow to repeat it. Imagine that you are the owner of a lovely chandelier with a spherical ceiling, but its rounded shape with nothing in the room not overlap. The first thing that comes to mind is to buy a couple of lamps with a spherical base (which is typical).

Rate the room and its own financial resources: your task is to come up with a piece of furniture or accessory that you are willing to Supplement their own interior — to repeat in this alien form. In the end, there are things that are not redundant. Let the room will be a coffee table with rounded edges — and the balls-ceiling instantly will no longer seem random.

If the furniture to turn still nowhere to help out the suitable furniture. So, with the perfect combination of ball pen-knobby or semi-circular handles swing doors, which combine to form a circle.

Rhythm in interior design can be set, choosing “rhyme” — the paintings, posters, textile decor. In our example, will help out even a drop of water, shot using macro mode, though portrait of John Lennon in his round glasses unchanged. though still life with oranges. In the end, you can always change out the decorative pillows in a pillowcase with a suitable pattern.

Reception 3: Decorative pillows

Receiving, at a first glance, and primitive. But this is an absolute must do, if the furniture blends with the interior or, on the contrary, it looks separate from everything else. Make sure that the pillow belonged to the interior. To do this, their color must have at least three things that appear in the decorated space. Repeat that color just just not required and it can change the tone.

The pattern on the pillows is not required to duplicate colors or patterns which “supports”. But it needs to be shared with the interior logic. For example, the pillow is decorated with retro print on each or strips of different thicknesses. Mix and match pillows in pairs: for example, two pillows are plain and two striped.

Laying a cushion, improvise, like with the books, and don’t be afraid to “break up” similar or the same. Located in different corners of the room — the sofa, chair, storage boxes, puffs help to balance the interior, bring it to a common denominator.

Reception 4: Ornament

You have probably seen the interior, where the decorative pillows were sewn from the same fabric as the curtains. Or the curtains were sewn from fabric, which upholstered chairs. This technique really helps to unify the space. But alas! — betrays the poverty of imagination.

To get a bright, customized solution, dig deeper. Bought curtains in polka dot print? So, look for a rug that is decorated with huge circles.

Popular Wallpaper geometric elements can be effectively combined with padding to the outside of the chairs, on the inside leaving the fabric plain. The pattern on the upholstery fabric should not copy the picture Wallpaper — look similar, but do not focus on the same.

The upholstered chairs can also be decorated with cushions, which lie on the sofa, or with the vases that stand on the floor. However, the ornament is not necessary to repeat one to one, and it should always be “to kill” in the interior of solid objects or textiles.

Reception at 5: Prints and frames

Active Wallpaper make the room visually saturated, creating the effect of fragmentation. So diversity is not moved into the category of bad taste, it must be balance, and this will help the same type of paintings or prints.

The same type of means chosen strictly one to one, without any liberties. Selecting images into a single scheme and style, order frame the same size, and Passepartout — wide and combined with the basic colors of the room.


Place on the wall should be symmetrical, one above the other, two, three or more rows. Such a hard rhythm in the composition of the interior seems so boring, but works wonders.

If the wall is not colorful, simple rhythm, it is not needed. Here, on the contrary, it is important to the diversity attained by the easiest way, using one of the schemes, hanging different pictures.

The main rule: stay in time

Excessive symmetry are able to undo all the efforts. Rhythm in design is more interesting than the original. Even if the interior seems complete, there is always a place for creative experiments. And though “Spring Rhapsody” by frédéric Chopin flawless, still brewing the morning tea is a hundred times more comfortable under Just Friends Charlie Parker.

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