Furniture and poetry

The line between functional object and work of art are quite slim. This statement came to confirm Caterina Moretti Studio Peca, who designed a series of objects United by the theme of poetry.

The first of these was a Cabinet of “Rima” (“rhyme”) is an oval, decorated on the perimeter of the rounded wooden slats. Flowing lines and smooth, carefully crafted wood designed to create an atmosphere of harmony and balance.

The second table “Verso” (“poem”). Curves, weave, and at the same time, a pronounced geometric symbolize, according to the designer, the graceful rhythm and the intricacy of the rhymes in poetry.

The last element is a heavy bar “Pausa” (pause), which can be used as a paperweight or bookmark. One side of the bar turned at a right angle, the other side is semi-circular, so it fits comfortably between the pages. Material for a “pause” became wood, bronze, or onyx.

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