Heliopsis (60+ picture of flower): varieties with a description, step by step planting and care in the open ground, cultivation and propagation

“John Dory” will be a real decoration of any holiday

The heliopsis in Greek means “like the sun”, but the birthplace of this plant – Central and North America. Today it can be found in all parts of the world, the flower fell in love with people all over the world, giving it a beautiful nickname “the fish” and “Golden ball”, while the latter is its official name sounds extremely simple – yellow Daisy. In nature there are about ten species of annual and perennial varieties of heliopsis.


  • Varieties
  • How to grow?
  • Reproduction
  • Care
  • Diseases and pests
  • The heliopsis in the design

Varieties of gliosis

Bright handsome heliopsis

Varieties and description of heliopsis (photo color)

John Dory – quite a tall plant that reaches a height of about 150 cm, while the smallest of his kind are never shorter than 70 cm. the Flower has bright yellow petals with serrated edges, arranged alternately or opposite each other, depending on the variety.


The most popular varieties of heliopsis:

  • Podsolnechnoe – loved by gardeners for the dense blooms, each flower has a bright yellow, almost orange coloring and a major diameter of about 9 cm the Shape of petals can vary, and each variety is surprising in that in her own way: the petals can be plain, half Terry, or completely velvety “sun rays”.
  • Rough – the name speaks for itself: the leaves and stems are completely covered with villi.
  • Will be a bright accent in any interior


    Heliopsis: cultivation and maintenance in open ground

    Heliopsis is not capricious, despite its Sunny name, is not pampered and stoically endures both heat and cold. Equally heroically he will survive the drought, if for any reason you are not able to water the flower. About his personal tragedy, you will learn only at a later and smaller blooms, but it would be a tacit reproach, which can be noted only the strict master. Don’t say a word it if you get a “link” in the shadow of his shoots and flowers will become a little thinner and smaller.

    The heliopsis is a small sun in your garden

    Fact! The only thing that brings “the sun”, is limestone and loam. He is quite comfortable in ordinary garden soil. If the soil is prone to accumulation of excess water before planting is to arrange heliopsis drainage, and this flower will be eternally grateful.

    Reproduction flower heliopsis

    There are two methods of breeding and cultivating a mini-sunflower.

  • Seeds. Seeds sown in early spring and grow as normal seedlings in any indoors/greenhouse. Then prepare containers or cut a plastic container, fill out a standard mixture of peat and turf soil, lightly moisten with water and poured on top of the seeds. Deepen they don’t need, enough for easy pressing with your finger. Then the finished design cover with foil and place in a warm place.

    Tip! The tape must periodically be removed and to conduct airing to future seedlings do not rot. After the appearance of the first shoots of the containers no longer cover the growth of small Dory them neatly prepared for future transplanting in the open ground, harden, bringing on an hour or two on the street. Waiting for suitable climate conditions, when the air temperature is not falling below 10 °C, it is possible to move the sun “teenagers” in “community” and allow them to exist without care “parents.”

  • Division. In the spring dig plants roots and cut so that each piece contains a pair of kidneys. The dried parts are removed, put on a good new location, observing a distance of 40 cm.
  • 15

    Care for heliopsis

    In the first year of growth, the “solar sphere” is powered exclusively by water and sunlight, it does not require additional feed. Then once a month, he wouldn’t mind feeding him Breakfast, or organic green manure. The heliopsis is always on a strict diet, as it is contraindicated in excessive mulching. Otherwise, it will have increase of the green mass and minimum colors.

    Note! High individuals need support, you will have to build support. For the formation of beautiful “hair” of the Bush it is necessary to periodically pinch back the crown and to promptly remove faded blossoms.

    Sungrass in any weather will provide a good mood

    With the arrival of autumn Bush should “shave bald” – it takes a full crop at the root. In winter, the roots shelter of rotting leaves and coniferous paws.

    Note! Our solar friend is an unpretentious long – lived and can exist in one place for ten years, but sometimes it becomes overgrown, and in this case it needs to rejuvenate – trim, thin out and transplant.


    Diseases and pests of the flower

    A paradox, but it turned out that the heliopsis of no interest to pests. He also highly resistant to typical diseases that affect horticultural crops and flowers. Only occasionally on the bottom of them may receive a small plaque or red spots, but rust and powdery mildew is easily removed by using a special cheap drugs that are sold in any of the stores with goods for garden and kitchen garden.

    Heliopsis blends perfectly with different colors

    The heliopsis in landscape design (ideas and pictures)

    Landscape designers often refuse bombastic roses and other viholainen beauties in favor of a simple mini-sunflowers because of their long-lasting brightness. They bribe not only easy to care for and long flowering time, as it turned out, heliopsis fits many group combinations with other plants.

    Please note! Heliopsis is very juicy shines among the stunted pine needles and green bushes. Especially beautiful it looks next to the colors blue and purple shades, as well as herbs.


    In addition to the aesthetic pleasure of our Sunny friend can render practical service, acting as a spectacular hedge. Well-groomed and well-formed bushes perfectly zoned space suburban areas.

    Tip! Heliopsis will perfectly fit any idea in country style, Provence or rustic design, if skillfully combine it with grasses, decorative wicker baskets and small wooden carts, or just to plant along the fence.

    This humble child of the sun is striking in its simplicity and simultaneous ability in one second to lift the mood bright flashes of petals. Treat it with tenderness, him with a bright highlight area, rarely water, fertilize, put in order thick head of hair – and he consistently will give you hundreds of little suns, which delight the eye from early spring and especially warm the soul autumn gray weekdays!

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