How to build a shed with your own hands

The many outbuildings on the site provides easy storage of firewood, vegetable garden and garden tools, miscellaneous tools. Also they will be suitable for livestock, keeping of poultry. To build a quality, and reliable shed with your own hands is quite possible, if gradually decide what materials will be built amenities building, what requirements it must meet. Using detailed descriptions of different types of raw materials, their features and benefits, you can easily determine the optimum materials for the job. Also, you will be useful and step by step instructions telling how to build a shed from wood, foam or metal. Special attention is recommended to be given to the interior and to build the economic block according to his purpose.

The contents

  • For and against the barn
  • The choice of location for the construction of
  • The choice of materials for construction
  • Building a shed with a frame of wood with their hands
    • The necessary materials and tools
    • The basis of the shed — do I need a Foundation
    • Stack the logs and install the floor boards
    • Frame Assembly
    • Laying the rafters for the roof
    • Roof – choice of materials
    • The covering structure
  • The capital structure of the foam blocks
    • Select the type of Foundation and fill
    • Laying concrete blocks — erected walls
    • Roof mounting
    • Insulation and decoration of buildings
  • Features built shed made of profiled sheet
  • Ready-made sheds-barns to give
  • What to consider while building sheds for birds and animals
  • Conclusion

For and against the barn

Spacious barn on the land provides the right conditions storage equipment, excluding the occurrence of corrosion on the tools. It also gives the possibility of organizing a vegetable pit (in the basement outbuildings) for simplicity of the food supply until spring. Even the barn can be used for the accommodation of livestock or birds, be a great workshop. Therefore, the need of construction of the object depends on the needs of owners of villas or houses. But the presence of a barn can also reduce the useful area of the plot: a garden, garden or yard. In addition, even the small amenities building should conform to accepted construction standards. During its erection should be aware of the special organization of the floor in the building for cattle and abide by the rules of the organization of water drainage from the roof.

The choice of location for the construction of

The definition of the location of the utility unit should take account of the sanitary and building codes. Therefore, excluding plot plan and drawing accurate drawing is simply not enough. Before the construction of the shed should consider the following requirements:

  • Distance from houses to house or object for cattle must be more than 12 m. But in this case, if households. the building is adjacent (attached) to the house wall, the distance between their entrance doors shall be not less than 7 m.
  • The distance from the fence to the barn with the inventory must be more than 1 m from the fence to the chicken coop, the pigsty — not less than 4 feet.
  • Water runoff from the roof should be carried out on land of the owner, and not on the neighbor’s property or into the passage (walkway) between the adjacent sections.
  • Necessarily from the house to the barn need to make a track that will provide ease of movement. It is useful and good lighting of the barn, regardless of the characteristics of its operation.

    The choice of materials for construction

    Selection of materials for the construction of the shed should be based on their practicality, durability, conductivity and cost. The most popular solutions are:

    • brick and cinder block;

    Ensure the reliability and durability of construction, but require a large expenditure of money, the construction of a solid Foundation.

    • tree;

    Wooden frames are simple in the construction, with proper treatment can last for many years. In this sheathe the wooden frame not only wood but also metal.

    • the foam block;

    Unlike bricks easy to transport and use (which reduces costs). Allows you to build a warm outbuilding, but needs proper protection from moisture.

    • metal.

    Guarantee quick Assembly shed, easy care, durable. However, need for additional insulation.

    Building a shed with a frame of wood with their hands

    Since the most common sheds are structures with a wooden frame, it can be considered one of the best. The accessibility of the material makes it easy with their hands to build a reliable structure. In addition, under a wooden shed (even with a metal shell) does not need to pour a solid Foundation. This feature allows you to save both time and money for the construction of the object. To guarantee long service life of the structure, it is necessary initially to train the tree: to treat it with antiseptic. Additionally, it is recommended to perform the processing of fire-prevention impregnation. Such compositions will eliminate the risk of combustion of the wooden frame in a force majeure situation. Also should take care of proper ventilation. This will ensure the good preservation of the wood. Below we will look at all stages of the construction of a shed for storing tools and garden equipment.

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    The necessary materials and tools

    Mandatory materials to create a solid Foundation under any building are gravel, sand and cement. Additionally, the Foundation uses asbestos pipes and fittings or bricks. For construction of curbs and the construction of the frame will need a timber with a diameter of at least 10×10 cm (solid construction, it is recommended to select a timber with a cross section of 15×15 or 20×20 cm). As a floor covering suitable flooring or decking of a thickness of about 2-3 cm Casing frame can be profiled sheet or wood products: boards, slabs. Also plating can be performed lining. It will take a chainsaw or circular saw (for trimming material), screwdriver and screws for wood. For wood processing the necessary antiseptic and fire impregnation.

    The basis of the shed — do I need a Foundation

    A small frame shed type of wood is lightweight, so it is actually possible to build without a solid Foundation. But the distance from the ground to the object should be about 20-40 cm, This requirement is based on the need to prevent the contact of wood with ground and increase the period of preservation of the wood. The most suitable type of Foundation for timber frame barn will be columnar. Its elements should be placed under each corner of the building. Supporting pillars placed at a distance of 0.5 m from each other under the future walls of the building. To build a pier Foundation can be one of the following technologies:

    • Of brick.

    Dig pits to a depth of about 90 cm. the bottom is a bed of gravel and sand. On top of the bricks with the use of concrete and mortar, construction of columns. If the Central part of the pillars remains hollow (with special masonry bricks), then it is poured with concrete.

    • From asbestos pipes.

    Under each pipe excavated pit 1 m deep. Lays a pillow from rubble and sand. Inside pipes, reinforcement is placed, concrete is poured a solution. The outer part of the pipe rising above the ground, is covered with cement or bitumen.

    Stack the logs and install the floor boards

    The construction of reliable and durable hardwood frame begins with the impregnation of all wood materials with antiseptic and fire impregnation. Then you can proceed to the immediate installation of a wooden floor:

    • The pillars of the Foundation are hiding a roofing material. Laid timber on the perimeter of the future shed. In the corners of the elements can be connected by staples, screws, into the groove (additionally fixed with nails).
    • Inside bottom trim set lags — cross boards have up edge. To harness they are attached with brackets and additionally fixed with nails. The step between the joists will be 20-30 see
    • On top of the lag Board nailed OSB or plywood (for the woodshed, this step can be skipped). The task of auxiliary materials to achieve maximum reliability floor.
    • On top rough sex nailed floor Board thickness about 2 cm

    Frame Assembly

    The manufacture of the frame for each wall is carried out separately, taking into account the location of Windows and doors. Vertical supports at a distance of 60 cm perpendicularly nailed to a single Board (bottom banner). At the top of the vertical support cut down at an angle for mounting the upper trim under the shed roof. For the device Windows between adjacent vertical supports nailed a pair of horizontal boards. Between them to the window frame. After Assembly of each wall of the workpiece are exposed strictly on the edge of the previously assembled floor and nailed him with nails. Additionally the bond adjacent walls with staples. For the vertical supports and the “constraints” window, you can use a Board with dimensions of 10 × 5 cm But for the arrangement of the door opening, the harness is better to use the Board 15h5 see

    Laying the rafters for the roof

    By training the upper trim in the Assembly process of wall mounting of shed roof is simple and quick. Prepared materials need to be treated with antiseptic before use. The installation of the truss system for shed roof according to the following scheme:

  • Strapping across the top edge up is the installation — kontrobreshetki. They can be fixed in different ways: beat a couple of nails or safely secured using special brackets.
  • Mounted crate of similar boards, but they will not be the end, and the sidewall up. The step between elements of the sheathing can be from 30 to 40 cm depending on the type of roofing materials. Fixed to the sheathing with nails or screws on wood.
  • Necessary installation of steam and water proofing.
  • Roof – choice of materials

    For a pent roof shed would not require a lot of material. That’s why the owners can not be restricted to only low roof. To suitable roof finish amenities include:

    • slate;

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    Will allow you to quickly and easily carry out roofing work is one of the most cheap roofing materials. However, it is short-lived and, in addition, will not be able to complement the beautiful exterior of the building.

    • metal;

    Good and pretty cheap option, allowing you to obtain beautiful and practical structure. Long lifespan is one of the main advantages of this material.

    • shingles.

    Expensive material, with eye-catching design, perfect for the roof of the shed. It will not only help to protect it from rain for many years, but will eliminate excessive noise during rain (very important for poultry and pigs). However, under the shingles will require installation of plywood or OSB boards.

    The covering structure

    Initially you need to determine the conditions under which will be operated by the barn. In regions with high humidity, harsh winters should be covering business units wear-resistant metal siding or paneling, slabs. In warm regions to provide rural design (which will continue many years later), will approach slab (sides from logs) or old wooden sleepers. Cheap and practical to sheathe the shed and the usual boards which in the future the owners will be able to paint to your liking. Also a normal Board, you can simply cover the stain and varnish. In any case, the top of the frame you first need to fill the plywood or OSB.

    Before you trim the shed with wood materials, they should be treated with antiseptic. Re-processing must be carried out after 2-5 years.

    The capital structure of the foam blocks

    Work with the construction of the shed from the foam block does not require special skills from the executor, so this object will be able to build every owner. The advantage of a ready water supply without be quite low thermal conductivity: it won’t be much to freeze due to the special structure of the foam block. The presence of zavozdushivanie inside of this building material ensures maintaining high temperatures inside the building. Barns of foam blocks are ideal for poultry and small livestock. But to ensure the safety of buildings, should be required to take care of the reliable protection of wood from moisture. Direct contact with rain water and snow will lead to very rapid destruction of the material. Also, the owners should be well thought drain. Having a mini shed around the walls, and the withdrawal of water for 0.5 or more meters of construction guarantee a long service life.

    Select the type of Foundation and fill

    Despite the relative ease of foam blocks under the structure of this building material must be dependable basis. The best option would be strip Foundation. Right to build it will help our step by step instructions:

  • The markup of the site (location, structures), preparation of trenches to a depth of 50 to 100 cm (preferably about 70).
  • The filling on the bottom of the trench layer of sand, gravel and crushed stone. The total thickness of the pillow should be about 15 cm.
  • Installation of wooden formwork to the inside of the trench.
  • Tying rebar and setting it inside the casing. The distance from the pad and from the formwork to the rebar should be at least one, see
  • The pouring of concrete solution. Periodic pouring of the poured concrete (1-2 times a day) small amount of water to prevent it from drying out and cracking.
  • Laying concrete blocks — erected walls

    Made between the Foundation and the walls of the structure necessary to pave the waterproofing. The perfect solution is a roll of roofing material in 2 layers. You can then proceed to direct the construction of the walls. Walls of the foam block is carried out similarly to conventional masonry brick. But to create the most reliable construction is recommended to use special cement-sand mortar (ratio of cement to sand is 1 to 4). As additives are added hydrated lime, plasticizing additive (additives should not exceed 5% of the volume of cement). For dilution of the mixture will also need water. In the process of distillation of the walls need to be concerned about the availability of window and door openings.

    Roof mounting

    After the construction of walls and solidification of the solution can proceed to the construction of the roof. On top of the walls to create a competent waterproofing is laid a layer of roofing material. Next is the display of mauerlat – beam that formed the basis for the future of the roof. For mauerlat commonly used timber with a cross section of 15×15 cm distance between adjacent elements is about 30 cm Fixation mauerlat can be performed using the bolts. The next is to build the rafters. Each pair of rafters is the angle, each harvested area is fixed on the transverse plate. The spacing of rafters shall be 30 cm Ready design installs on mauerlat. In the upper part to rafter additionally attached ridge Board, to create a durable and reliable construction. Then the purlins rafters and installation of plywood (as a leveling base under the roof) or the selected roofing material.

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    Insulation and decoration of buildings

    Insulation of buildings from foam blocks is carried out for additional protection of the structure from the cold. Prolonged exposure to low temperatures may lead to fracture of the material. To make high-quality insulation of the shed of the foam blocks, you should consider the following requirements:

  • The insulation must be inside and outside (preferably near the ceiling).
  • The insulation has to be protected from moisture.
  • A heater must be safe and reliable, ensure the normal air exchange and to be permeable.
  • The best option is foam or Styrofoam that can easily be attached to the foam block. Also suitable for work and the heat insulation material is laid (foil foamed polystyrene) or mineral wool. The latter, however, is better to use for the exterior. The finish inside can be carried out in different materials: wood slabs, panels, boards. The exterior is best done with the use of lining or siding.

    Features built shed made of profiled sheet

    The construction of a shed made of profiled sheet is pretty fast and allows to obtain reliable outbuilding. The construction is as follows:

  • To determine the optimal size of the barn, preparation of the land for him. The digging of the pit at 5 cm larger on each side than the size of a barn.
  • Digging in the corners of the pit of pits with depth of 70 cm. Filling sand, crushed stone, installation of metal bars or square pipes.
  • Fill the corner parts of the concrete (ratio of sand and cement 3 to 1).
  • Pouring the Foundation (the remaining flooded area, which would be both Foundation and floor).
  • The mounting frame under a shed roof: proper pruning at an angle a pair of racks, welding them with supporting profiles.
  • Fastening corrugated sheets to the frame as the walls and ceiling + separate production of walls with a doorway and installation of gates of the trapezoidal sheet and the profile frame.
  • Ready-made sheds-barns to give

    In addition to being built sheds, there are mobile model, made from metal and plastic cabins. Their advantage is that you can use immediately after installation. But, they are suitable exclusively for the organization of storage for firewood, storage of stock and tools. Each of these object types has its own characteristics:

    • The metal cabins.

    Include a frame made of steel channel and cladding of corrugated Board. In addition, you can insulate with foam. The advantage of such sheds is reliability and durability. At the request of such objects it is possible to build a two-story amenities building. The disadvantages of such barns is the high cost, complexity of transportation.

    • Plastic sheds.

    Imagine a team structure, reminiscent of plastic houses for children’s playgrounds. They have the average price, but at the same time are light weight, eliminating the need for manufacturing of foundations under them. However, such models cannot be called environmentally friendly. In addition, in the harsh regions (cold winters or very hot summers) plastic sheds will not long last.

    What to consider while building sheds for birds and animals

    The main requirement for the construction of a shed for cattle is the right organization competent ventilation (if necessary and heating), compliance with the dimensional requirements of the structure. For example, one chicken is considered normal size of a chicken coop in 1 square meter, for ducks and geese — 2 sq m per bird. In addition to such a shed you can attach the cage. In the shed that will contain cows, pigs, goats or horses, are subject to different regulations. One cow must stand out in the paddock with the size of 6 sq m per pig — 5 sq. m. is used For the construction of the tree, as the animals will chew on the rails of the pens. A prerequisite is the presence of Windows that provide sufficient natural lighting and ventilation of the room. The unit floor is made of concrete and boards with special gutters. With their help, will be cleaning individual pens.


    To build modern sheds in his summer cottage not far from the apartment or cottage can be made of different materials. Will fit wood, brick, metal, concrete blocks. Depending on the type of construction materials is determined by optimum type of Foundation. It will ensure reliability of construction and will eliminate problems with the freezing of the floor or its gradual destruction due to contact with the ground. The special arrangement of the internal space you can create the right conditions for keeping of poultry and livestock. Before proceeding directly to the construction of the facility, it is recommended to draft a plot, select optimal location for the utility unit. Careful preparation and selection of materials guarantee the reliability and durability of the finished shed.

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