How to choose Wallpaper for narrow room or a long corridor?

The narrow room is considered by designers as a challenge. Bedroom, kitchen, hallway, trying to visually expand or resort to the crushing space by the method of zoning. Sometimes, on the contrary, increase the prospect – to beat the length of the room and find in unusual proportions special charm.

The contents

  • The volume and proportion in the power of color and graphics

  • The color is “pushing” the wall

  • Zoning with Wallpaper

  • Panels: divide the wall into three parts

  • The illusion of the lack of walls

  • What Wallpaper to choose for a small bedroom?

  • The transformation of the narrow kitchen

  • Is it possible to fix a narrow hallway?

  • The charm of a long corridor

  • Wallpaper as a tool of transformation narrow room

  • Photo gallery – Wallpapers in narrow room

  • Video

Select the Wallpaper for narrow room – a pleasure, as they often become the main instrument of adjustment proportions.

The volume and proportion in the power of color and graphics

How can we affect the perception of the interior with the help of special techniques of decoration of walls, and some Wallpaper for narrow room of interest?

Harmonize space and make the interior memorable the following ways to decorating walls:

  • Sticker white frieze on the ceiling.
  • White ceiling, light floor and bright Wallpaper on the long wall. For your walls, choose Wallpaper in a dark or bright paint.
  • Lining the long walls panels with vertical or square panels.
  • Divide the room into zones and pasting them in different Wallpapers from the same collection.
  • Accent panels full height long wall.

Accent wall in a narrow living room

  • Game graphic – stripes, diagonals, diamonds, lattices, dark or contrasting ornaments.
  • The Wallpaper in the narrow room – photo examples of taping for short and long walls.

Bright Wallpaper in the narrow room visually expand the space

The color is “pushing” the wall

The white color makes the room more spacious, and it can and should be used. But to design long and narrow kitchen or hallway, one white only is not enough. Looking for additional means of expression in the design of the walls.

White walls are cool colors seem distant, and dark or bright – like close. Therefore, the long walls Wallpaper in narrow room pick up is very bright and cool – perfect are considered to be gray-blue. Clean grey color in great fashion, he looks fresh, impressive, but to choose such Wallpaper should be careful: you need to look very, very bright.

Grey looks fresh and impressive

White Wallpaper with rarely scattered subtle graphic motifs – perhaps not the best option for the walls, which decided to “push back.”

Short walls are made on the contrast: they need a juicy, dark or bright color, which is “closer” a wall. Yes, it visually reduces the volume, but makes the room more compact and harmonious.

Contrast trim short wall

Zoning with Wallpaper

In order to create a room closer to the square, not only to try to “expand” the room, but to shorten a too long wall.

Living room often combines several zones, for example, a place of rest and study, or dining area, and a “sofa”. Zoning has been successful in maintaining a carpet on the floor, the carpet, the podium. If so, why the long narrow living room not to delimit the area the color of the walls?

Accidental contrasts are unacceptable, but if you look to the collections of Wallpapers, you can find great decorative pattern, perfectly combined with each other.

Zoning in the narrow room Wallpaper

Asymmetrical taping is rarely successful – here is a very useful professional advice. For inspiration study wonderful designs: Wallpaper for narrow room in the photo so contribute to creating the right atmosphere in a working and guest area that no questions about the feasibility of such color zoning does not occur.

Symmetric zoning Wallpaper

Symmetric zoning of collection Wallpaper in a narrow room in the photo. To maintain symmetry, the center and the edges of the long walls use the same pattern/color, and between them – other. As a result, two areas brightly marked and each can boast of nice proportions.

Panels: divide the wall into three parts

You can see that it is not necessary to paste over the longest wall with one type of Wallpaper. Let us give another interesting example.

If the sofa set in the living room along the long wall, then right above it “asks” accent murals from floor to ceiling or slightly smaller. The boundaries can be emphasized by molding. In order for the panels drew attention, it requires a special decorative effect. Again come to the aid of manufacturers of collections in their catalog you can pick up both basic and accent Wallpaper in a narrow room (photo below).

Contrast Wallpaper divide a wall into 3 parts

The illusion of the lack of walls

Landscape mural in a narrow room can make a real splash if they viewed the prospect. The edges can be lost in a haze or be out of focus, it will strengthen the presence effect. The wall is not just a retreat – it is lost in this haze. Anyway, look into it certainly not rests, he slides further into an indefinite distance.

Interestingly, the photo of the short wall is also useful for long narrow spaces, but their selection and the method of gluing is dictated by other considerations.

  • The overall tone should be darker than the main wall color, or more bright.
  • Welcome macro. Enlarged image effectively draws the eye, but the secret lies in the other large objects “closer” to the viewer that is required in this case.
  • With Wallpaper glued all the space “wall to wall”.
  • Strong reception when desktop capture 30-70 centimeters adjacent wall. Reception works well when the paintings depict some romantic urban landscape with strong perspective.

Wallpapers create prospect in the room

An even stronger effect, up to the curvature of the walls, create a mural with geometric motifs that cause visual illusions. Ready to strong feelings? Then try to repeat these projects.

Spectacular Wallpaper with geometric motifs

What Wallpaper to choose for a small bedroom?

To begin with we recall that a more bright and spacious and will make the bedroom chilly blue, grey, silver shades in Alliance with white. Also need to closely look at the turquoise, minty tones. Yellow and gold vysvetlit Northern room, but to use them better on the narrow side. Actually, for short walls will fit all warm colors and dark versions cool and catchy designs and intricate plots.

If the bedroom is dark, it will highlight the Wallpaper with a pearly shimmer. If, on the contrary, too Sunny, pay attention to velour matte texture.

Bed back facing the narrow wall? Consider gluing the whole surface at the back of the maximum decorative luxury Wallpapers. It’s not expensive, for one simple reason: on a narrow wall, one roll of premium. And the effect is absolutely stunning. And Yes, competition, dark, velour Wallpaper for narrow bedroom (as pictured) with beautiful lush figure or ornament.

Lining the wall above the headboard decorative Wallpaper

Wallpaper in stripes in a narrow bedroom represent elegance, in addition, they are able to model space. Wide white border under the ceiling not just gives completeness to the interior design, but extends the ceiling, and therefore the entire bedroom.

The interiors in the spirit of the Empire style, vintage and shabby chic makes sense to use a Wallpaper patterned and plain, pasting them in the form of panels, with moldings and without.

The alternation of Wallpaper in the narrow room

A narrow wardrobe in the bedroom desirable to put the short wall. It makes more sense to replace it with a deep built-in wardrobe – the bedroom is naturally shortened. The mirrored door will create an unnecessary term, they don’t belong here. If door coupe Wallpaper, repeating pattern accent panels behind the bed, the result will be impressive. The question price – one more roll of designer Wallpaper in a narrow bedroom.

The transformation of the narrow kitchen

The kitchen is 2 metres wide or less – a real disaster: no matter where you turn, glance against a wall or kitchen furniture. Because of the specificity of space – saturation equipment – to solve the problem it is necessary complexly.

Positive role played by the rejection of the wall cabinets in favor of open shelves. Useful a significant part of the wall not to take any hinged construction – for the benefit of, the length of the kitchen usually allows you to accommodate all the necessary.

Choosing Wallpaper for narrow kitchen, please note the following points:

  • Consider moisture-resistant coating.
  • Shades – a light.
  • Small dispersed pattern encouraged.
  • In many design projects you have already used and well proven bright geometric motifs of the type “snake” and “Nordic grid”.
  • If you use a bright Wallpaper to the narrow edges of the walls, and in the center to hang a darker or patterned, it will reduce the length and create a good future. By the way, the inverse of the ratio dark/light is also applicable.

A bright accent wall can create a good perspective

  • Glue the wall above the apron the same light Wallpaper and you will see how much more comfortable feel. Assuming that discard blind facades of the cabinets, at least on the center of the wall.

For finishing narrow kitchen choose a light color

See how transform the interior and model space light and dark Wallpaper for narrow kitchen photos of completed projects.

Is it possible to fix a narrow hallway?

Really improve the aspect ratio by using design techniques do not succeed, but to do a close hallway, stylish and comfortable – quite feasible task. In the Wallpaper for a narrow hallway is not enough to use the play of light and dark shades of color. We need to find drawings with optical illusions, and successful versions of the Wallpaper.

The best prospect for creating a black and white photo with a predominance of light background. If you pick up the Wallpaper in the hallway is long and narrow, it makes sense to give preference to large “canvases”: the landscapes or something more avant-garde – for example, the height of the city’s rooftops.

The best prospect creates a contrasting wall color

The wide vertical stripes on the walls can be present in at least two variants – a very noble smoky tones, with the contrast in the midtones, and bright aggressive colors, but there will have to rely on the taste and perhaps neon colors, on the principle that you cannot change, you have to decorate.

Best Wallpapers for dark, narrow hallway – with inclusions of light-reflecting particles. Zoned artificial lighting this wall seems to have lost its solidity, becoming lighter, that in a tight space is a big plus. Shimmering highlights texture especially desirable for the Wallpaper in the hallway is narrow and short.

Example of a bright finish narrow hallway Wallpaper

The charm of a long corridor

Long narrow corridor and very few people seem gift, but it so opens interesting possibilities for design that if you implement ideas, you can turn it into a highlight, honestly. What, for example, can make a Wallpaper for a narrow hallway?

Wallpaper in a long and narrow corridor can be pasted so that they will create a Suite – repeating, stretching into the distance motives. To do this, use two types of drawings, light and dark (preferably at least one monochrome). Pasting produced, simulating framed panels. It is desirable to synchronize the rhythm with the doors facing the corridor. If the boundary stress plinth, cornice, molding, the effect will be maximum.

The Wallpaper in the narrow corridor

White color is extremely necessary if you want to choose the Wallpaper in the corridor is narrow and dark (photo). Fine and rare motifs on a white field to expand the space more noticeable than pure white.

Wallpapers for a narrow cor

The Wallpaper in the narrow corridor create volume

and is a special topic. Live and long, resting against a dead end wall, you can even enhance the perspective to look away to infinity. View: the Wallpaper in the narrow corridor on the photo pasted on the end of the pier and highlighted it with a ceiling lamp. Bold and romantic!

It is possible to shorten the length, if the Wallpaper in the corridor is narrow and long sticked on the short wall and use a very large pattern on a dark background. Macro photography has the ability to visually closer to the viewer.

Wallpaper as a tool of transformation narrow room

So, the proportion of premises it is possible to adjust and with the help of Wallpapers. Combine light and dark, with velour texture and with reflective inclusions – and get a little more broad-bedroom, less than a long corridor.

Not necessarily dwell on the idea of improvement of proportions, you can just buy decorative Wallpaper, bright and pleasant, and to make the kitchen or living room visually more comfortable.

The combination of light and dark Wallpaper will transform a narrow room

The most interesting effects are possible when the Wallpaper distort the narrow space of the room – this should be either a good photographic images or paintings with geometric illusions. Such experiments prove that a narrow room is not a flaw, but a feature that prompts the designer to creative flight.

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