How to equip a Studio

For many people the problem of shortage of existing housing is urgent. Some save up money to buy a new home, others decide to expand the space through redevelopment, removal of partitions between rooms. At the stage of renovations, the question arises of how to arrange Studio apartment, to take into account all the needs of residents.

In turn, the developers, drawing attention to the relevance of this type of housing began to build new buildings with the budget apartments. The price is significantly lower than the standard options, but the client base is smaller, as to live here may not all categories of citizens, even in the largest luxury studios.

The contents

  • Pros and cons studios
  • Features of the arrangement according to the shape of the room
    • Rectangular
    • Square
    • Individual
  • Stylistic decisions
    • Hi-tech
    • Scandinavian
    • Provence
    • Classic
    • Minimalism
  • Ideas and ways of zoning
  • The lighting in the apartment
  • The arrangement and placement of furniture in the functional areas of the Studio
    • Kitchen
    • Living room
    • Bathroom
    • Sleeping area and workspace
    • Entrance hallway
  • The organization of storage locations
  • The design and layout of studios of different sizes
    • Studio from 14 to 25 sqm.
    • Studio of 25 to 30 sq. m.
    • Studio from 30 to 35 sq. m.
    • Studio from 35 to 42 sqm
  • Conclusion

Pros and cons studios

This form of shelter, arrangement of space choose men and women who are planning to live independently, young families without children or with a baby, a married couple of retirement age.

The popular plan linked to its advantages:

  • affordable cost;
  • a small quadrature, respectively, low cost of utilities;
  • savings on finishing materials during remedial activities;
  • due to the lack of bulkheads, the light is evenly distributed throughout the room, reduces the distance between the individual zones;
  • a single space can be arranged in any style;
  • visually, the place looks more spacious;
  • when receiving guests removed the question about their location;
  • have the ability to do zoning.

Studio will allow you to organize a great business. Her students are willing to rent for long term, different organizations for corporate parties.

Among the shortcomings of this property are the following:

  • accommodation on a permanent basis in this room three or more people uncomfortable;
  • there is no opportunity to provide an isolated area for privacy;
  • the lack of internal soundproofing;
  • cleaning of housing need carried out more frequently as the debris spreads evenly, is always on the mind;
  • to eliminate odors, spread during cooking, need to install good ventilation, powerful drawing.

In panel high-rise buildings, such redevelopment is prohibited, and to perform work in the brick buildings will require a permit from the state authorities.

Features of the arrangement according to the shape of the room

The name of the Studio has received due to her only traits that are expressed in the absence of interior walls, kitchen that open into a single space with a living room, doors and partitions separating the exclusively technical premises. These features predetermine the layout of housing. It is the General zoning of housing for individual places a particular purpose. Among the main functional areas can be identified:

  • dining area, as well as for cooking;
  • study;
  • hallway;
  • living room for leisure and meeting guests;
  • the place to stay.

For Studio use mostly the layout in separate sectors with strict geometric shapes (square, rectangle). The location of a particular area will depend on the form of the dwelling. Consider the basic ways of arrangement of the apartment, depending on its parameters.


One of the most common variants, characterized by an elongated shape. Yet such housing is called a pencil box or wagon. The space is quite narrow and long, the aspect ratio is 1:3. Therefore, the right plan depends on the comfort, ease of movement in cramped housing. Equip the room is recommended, subject to the following rules:

  • The main requirement – a direct, free passage through the entire area.
  • Bulky furniture should be installed along one long wall.
  • Depending on the location of plumbing communications define the place for the kitchen. Often supply system and sanitation combined with WC, enclosed by walls. The kitchen area must be placed along partitions bathrooms, single-row, angular, U-shaped way.
  • Front door in new buildings located in front of the window, so the bedroom is recommended to be placed at a maximum distance from the entrance, so it was not visible. Usually it is on one side with kitchen and bathroom, as far away from them.
  • The living room is better to take a Central place, placing it between the resting place and cooking area.
  • The Cabinet can be equipped on the balcony, if any.


This type of housing is less common. Square room is often obtained after the redevelopment of a standard apartment, and some developers are offering similar models. To equip a single room is easier, more options, space is not constrained bearing walls, in contrast to the previous species. When planning, the same recommendations as in the first case, with minor adjustments:

  • On one side of the entrance door normally located in the bathroom and on the other easy to install compact corner kitchen.
  • The space between the doorway and cooking area can be allocated for the living room.
  • Zone for rest and sleep should be possible to remove from the bathroom, placing it behind the screen in the opposite corner.
  • If space allows, the center of the room is appropriate to set the sofa.
  • In the remaining free corner, you can put computer Desk, turning this area in a workplace.

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In new buildings, you can often find apartments with custom layout. They may have more than four corners, Bay window, round, rectangular, polyhedral shape, and a mansard roof, the various curves from one or several sides. The arrangement of such a space depends on many factors:

  • the presence of one or more struts;
  • the placement of the bathroom;
  • the location of the Windows and entrance doors;
  • the shape of the room;
  • the presence of niches, closets.

Design custom studios is better to order the professionals who will know all the possible nuances of the plan will take into account the wishes and requirements of the owner, will make a good project.

Stylistic decisions

A special role in the design of the apartment plays the correct style, whether classic or loft. Largely depends on the beauty, warmth and harmony in the room. To design turned out to be solid and attractive, you should choose the most appropriate decision style that best suits the philosophy of the residents. Consider a few basic areas:


Relates to modern. It can be used to equip small and large studios. It implies the existence of right angles and sharp outlines. The emphasis is on the decoration, furniture, built-in, freestanding equipment.


The lightness and airiness is achieved through light shades. For arrangement use of natural materials. Windows hang sheer tulle. The emphasis is on the highest possible free space.


Used blankets, tablecloths, curtains, other textiles with patterns. Kitchen items, furniture, handles are complemented by wrought iron elements. For floor coverings use natural wood.


Perfect for high-end studios with big square. For the decoration used only natural materials: wood, stone, metal. The center includes a large chandelier, painted gold.


Requires the least combination of different tones, rejects multi-colored palette. In the house there should not be unnecessary details, fine finishes, piles. When choosing furniture, pay attention to the clear geometric forms.

Ideas and ways of zoning

Small Studio converted from a Studio apartment or a bigger space should look spacious and at the same time to be functional. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to divide the space into zones, select the proper furniture.

To perform the zoning in several ways:

1. A constructive division.

  • decorative and sliding partitions;
  • curtains of fabric screens, made of bamboo, plastic, metal and other materials;
  • equipment small niches in the attic, where you can arrange a place to sleep.

2. Visual division.

  • the use of different color, texture finishing for walls and flooring;
  • the installation of multilevel ceiling designs, podiums, stages;
  • placement of furniture, for example, a bar or sofa, turned the opposite side to the working area in the kitchen will provide a place for rest or meal;
  • the correct location of the mirrors.

With the constructive zoning experts recommended to establish a uniform covering of a floor or ceiling for the entire room.

The lighting in the apartment

There are two basic types of lighting: natural, artificial. The first type depends on the window size. Its location relative to the sun allows you to enjoy the light of the day only. The second option makes the evening and night leisure comfortable. All electrical appliances, allowing to organize local lighting, can be divided into three main categories:

  • Workers. These include ceiling chandeliers, wall sconces, floor lamps, table lamps.
  • Orienting. Lamps and night-lights that create minimal light level.
  • Decorative. Led strip, strip lights, spotlights, allowing you to emphasize a particular piece of furniture.

When planning the lighting, the preparation of the drawing, you must follow certain rules:

  • in the Studio should not be unlit corners.
  • in addition to the Central chandelier, each functional zone is necessary to provide a separate light source;
  • to illuminate the working area in the kitchen, poorly lit places you can use local lighting;
  • should provide the ability to control the brightness of the light, separate switches for each zone.

The arrangement and placement of furniture in the functional areas of the Studio

The owners of the new Studio, redesigned old Khrushchev, a very important task related to the improvement of a single room. Preparatory works, design of space, arrangement of furniture is different from how it happens in apartments with a standard layout. The sequence of actions consists of the following steps:

  • The choice of stylistic direction.
  • Planning – definition of the zone for the kitchen, bedroom, living room, office, hallway.
  • Selection of the method of zoning – visual or constructive.
  • Planning and installation of electrical wiring, air conditioning systems, heaters.
  • Finishing activities that are in the following sequence: screed floor, replacement Windows, lining the walls, preparing the ceiling, facing vertical walls, laying flooring, installation of plinths, ceiling designs.
  • The installation of the lighting system, furniture, built-in and freestanding home appliances.
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    Positioning the kitchen area should be in one of the vacant corners near plumbing communications. From the rest of the space can be separated with the bar, which also acts as the dining table. For kitchen allocate a minimum of space, so it is better to set basic set for the compact devices, e.g., two-burner electric stove, built-in oven, microwave, kettle, coffee maker, universal pressure cooker.

    Special attention should be given to ventilation system and powerful extract, it is impossible for them to save. It is necessary to abandon large pieces of furniture. Recessed dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, hood, better to hide under a facade of kitchen sets. For storage of Cutlery, other devices can use the space under the sink, hanging lockers, open shelves and niches. To place the sink, stove, and refrigerator necessary for the work triangle rule.

    Living room

    For living room play the main part of the total space, located in the center of a single room, preferably near the window. To place it just behind the dining table or Breakfast bar. Furniture should be functional and compact. You can arrange a sofa bed, armchairs, coffee table, chairs, table-transformer, to hang on the wall TV install the audio system.

    The transition between zones should be soft. Beautiful looks the same design with the kitchen and hallway. To allocate space to use lights in the form of a Central chandelier. You can also set partitions, mirrors, turn the sofa back side, to put a case. If the window is in the area of the hall, then it is better to hang roller blinds, blinds, light sheer curtains with stylish pattern.


    The bathroom is enclosed from the common room full walls. The only drawback of this room, excluding elite studios, is a small square. This will also require a fairly compact furniture. Considering all norms and standards at which major items should be left in front of them enough space for comfortable use. Therefore, it is best to install a shower, put a small toilet, hanging sink.

    To save space under the sink can be placed washing machine. If size allows, it is appropriate to place a full bath, under which it will be convenient to organize a niche for storage. To visually enlarge the space in mind, it is recommended to leave only the necessary items, arrange for proper lighting to set the mirror.

    Sleeping area and workspace

    The bedroom can cooperate with the living room, but better for her to have a separate place. It is recommended to place it at the maximum distance from the front door and bathroom. It can be separated using screens, textile blinds, sliding, fixed partitions. To save space there are options for retractable models, which are built into a niche. Interesting organization of space to sleep is creating two-tier structure, the upper niche where you can position the mattress and lower tier to use for storage.

    For many people the workplace is very important. It can be organized in the area where the master Suite. But this placement does not matter, for these purposes, perfect living room or kitchen. The best option would be a balcony or loggia, and the situation is simple enough to put on her Desk and chair, set the laptop and Desk lamp, to shut out with curtains. If desktop computer is not provided, the table can be made mobile, embed it in the closet, attach a separate surface to one of the walls.

    Entrance hallway

    Issue hallway need special attention. It should be allocated. This is done in different ways. To divorce the corridor with the help of finishing materials, lights, partitions, screens, flooring, install sliding doors, shelves filled with books, a hedge of flowers. In some cases it is required to protect a low wall to separate it from the rest of space, especially if right at the entrance is the bedroom.

    Of furniture you can place the compact attached to the wall or corner shelf for shoes, a closet, small Cabinet, wall-mounted rack with hooks, a shelf for keys, beautiful mirror. But do not overload this area a large number of objects as a small space will be very tight. Of lighting it is better to install a couple of sconces or spotlights.

    The organization of storage locations

    In a small Studio you need to place as many objects, as in standard two-bedroom, two-bedroom apartment. Therefore, the proper organization system of storage depends on the comfort, availability of free space, the appearance of the premises, which must be not only the cabinets. To all lay in their places, was hidden from view, was the opportunity to use all the necessary, you will need to observe the following simple rules:

  • Choose bed and a sofa with drawers.
  • Use the free space inside the chairs, and Ottomans.
  • Instead of partitions to install open shelving.
  • Fasten wall cabinets and shelves near the ceiling.
  • In the hallway above the door to organize the mezzanine.
  • In the kitchen install custom hanging cabinets up to the ceiling.
  • To make a built-in small closet.
  • Wardrobe to choose high, use the space under it.
  • If you have a curbstone under the TV, it is better to choose options with drawers.
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    The design and layout of studios of different sizes

    Many owners believe their house is very small, it is impossible to accommodate everything needed for a comfortable stay. However, with proper planning, reasonable choice of the appropriate furniture and décor, even a small Studio will easily be able to turn into a comfortable, cozy accommodation. Using design techniques can visually expand the space and performing the appropriate division is to increase the free area. These actions, some can perform with their hands, looking for example master-class, and the others have the opportunity to use the services of professionals. Consider a few design options of apartments in different sizes.

    Studio from 14 to 25 sqm.

    In small area rooms will have to combine several zones to one. For example, in the room 14 sq. m kitchen and hallway have to combine, with the one side, there will be a workspace for cooking and other niche for clothes and shoes. The main part of the room can be separated with the help of textile.

    The remaining 8 — 9 squares in one corner is a dining table and a couple of chairs that are used for eating and to be a work place. Above the Desk is a TV. To the side of it near the ceiling on the wall to hang cabinets and open shelves. In the remaining region is a folding sofa or bed. All subjects additionally used for storage.

    In a confined space it is better to use bright colors, on one of the partitions will look good mirror surface. In the center you can hang one large lamp to provide additional lighting for each zone. Furnish the bathroom is the only shower, toilet, washing machine, sink.

    Studio of 25 to 30 sq. m.

    In the studios planning to perform a lot easier. In the interior you can use different colors, from black and white to color. Choice of background depends on the number and location of Windows, the preferences of the owner, of artificial lighting. Consider the location of furniture, for example, rectangular room.

    Immediately after the entrance is a separate dressing room, hidden in an alcove with sliding partitions. On the opposite side of it is the bathroom door. The kitchen is adjacent to the wall of the bathroom, may have a U-shaped or angular shape.

    The bar serves as both a dining table and a fence that separate the living room, which is along the same wall is a comfortable sofa. The area is separated from the hall by a partition, an appropriate abutting to the bed. On the other side of the place to sleep with a corner computer Desk.

    Studio from 30 to 35 sq. m.

    The design can be maintained in a white color that allows the furniture and walls merge together to draw in the traditional style, where the beige-brown palette gives the interior comfort and coziness. In addition to the main chandelier, each zone is separately illuminated with floor lamps, hanging lamps.

    The main part of the room has a living room, which has white and brown sofa right next to one of the corners of the room. Along the same wall, but in another corner there is a bed separated from couch fabrics, and from the hallway a wardrobe for storing clothes.

    Kitchen is located along one parallel wall with the bathroom, adjacent to the window. The corridor, in addition to the main Cabinet that separates the bed from the other side has a shelf for shoes and mirror.

    Studio from 35 to 42 sqm

    The layout is made in a standard way. Here fit a broad zone, while there is enough free space. In addition to the neutral tones and mirrored surfaces, the room seems large enough.

    The kitchen and dining areas are on one side, partially separated from the hall and bedroom partition. Hob, sink, worktop along one wall. Opposite it is a full dining table or kitchen area.

    Sofa back side separates a place to sleep that is on the podium. Wall-mounted TV can be simultaneously viewed from the kitchen, couch, bed. Along the wall, located parallel to kitchen apron, perfectly fit journal and written tables.


    Studio apartment will be a great solution to increase your living space by removing the house a few partitions. The biggest drawback is the lack of personal space, which makes it uncomfortable to stay more than two people. The rest is a great choice for single men and women, pensioners, students, young family. Due to the low cost, such housing can be purchased for temporary accommodation. And sell it will be easy.

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