How to furnish a Studio apartment: interior design

Apartments in prefabricated houses and the typical “Khrushchev”, where there is only one room, lack of space is almost the norm, especially if the room is home to more than one person. Living area of “odnushki” is rarely more than from 14 to 18 sq. m. and a total of 35-50 meters. Before how to furnish a Studio apartment, should study in detail recommendations for its improvement, to make the interior maximally comfortable and cozy.

The contents

  • Features one-bedroom apartments
  • Basic principles of arrangement
  • Correct, thoughtful zoning
  • The stylistic decoration of the apartment
  • The choice of colors, materials and finishes
  • The rules, the secrets of lighting
  • The storage system
  • Functional furniture, the rules of its placement
    • Living room/dining room
    • Kitchen
    • Entrance hallway
    • Bathroom
  • Mistakes that should not be allowed in the interior of small apartments
  • Conclusion

Features one-bedroom apartments

The main feature of “odnushek” is that in a small area you want to place a bedroom, a living room, dining room, and sometimes even the nursery and the office. Space is required to visually expand the extent possible to arrange so that it was comfortable for each resident. Particularly difficult well to decorate an elongated shape – unlike a square, its shape will need to adjust a little.

If possible, is done remodeling the “Studio” is in a separate room with a door then it’s just a bathroom. If insulated balcony or loggia, they are also attached to the main room, pulled out only the glazed window or door unit can be completely dismantled part of the wall. It is important to use every inch, corner, niche.

When you plan to redevelopment, prior to it is recommended to create a project, showing all items, sizes.

Basic principles of arrangement

To make the apartment as comfortable as possible for life, you need to follow some recommendations:

  • to take into account the number of occupants, their age, gender. Room for one person will differ greatly from the apartment families with children;
  • redevelopment. Getting rid of internal walls or their transfer helps to optimize the space, depending on the desired result;
  • changing the direction of opening of doors, replacement of sliding or complete elimination;
  • the use of multifunctional furniture. This will be a sofa bed, Desk, wardrobe, folding chairs, mobile closet-rod, a two-tiered structure for one or two, where the bottom of settling workplace, from the top bedroom;
  • techniques of visual expansion. Using light colours, mirrors and lighting effects, the apartment seems a little bigger.

To place everything you need in a cramped apartment, its space will have to use a completely – from floor to ceiling.

Correct, thoughtful zoning

When zoning “odnushki” is required to separate the sleeping area from the hall – both will have to equip in the same room, furnish separately. In the case of apartment-Studio, furnished single room includes also a dining room with kitchen. When the layout of the home, which temporarily going to stay for two adults with two children or a parent with two or three children, provides a spacious kitchen, the nursery should be arranged in a room space and the bedroom the adults in the kitchen.

Zoning is carried out using elements such as:

  • the screen – they fence off a bed, wardrobe, mini-Cabinet. The main advantage of this element – mobility. Design folds easily-decomposed, not taking up much space in any form;
  • plasterboard partitions – it is easy, fast to remove, but installing such a wall is simple, cheap, as well as to provide necessary configuration (arched, rounded, angular, perforated);
  • curtains and curtains – the transparent element suitable for symbolic zoning more dense to create a dark, comfortable sleep of one of the family members when the other will do their business in the light;
  • the furniture is wardrobes with mirrored back wall-through racks that are placed at a right angle relative to the wall. Sometimes on the back of the locker contains a slate or narrow shelves;

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  • podiums – a convenient example of zoning. It features a compact bedroom or a mini-study, kitchen or dining room, and the drawers of the dais equip storage for various things. The greater the ceiling height, the higher it is allowed to make the podium;
  • sliding partitions or doors – minimum space perfectly separating part of the room. As the boom material used by the glass, or transparent plastic sheets, thin plywood, hardboard, depending on what the desired result.

Inexpensive and beautiful, you can arrange a one-room dwelling, even just getting rid of all the excess, making only cosmetic repairs.

The stylistic decoration of the apartment

Close to home is not suitable for all design styles. Luxurious options such as Baroque, Empire, art Deco unacceptable – they require large areas to accommodate heavy, quality furniture, in abundance decorated with textured carved decor. The loft is not advisable to use such interiors involve large open spaces, high ceilings, large amount of air. Scandinavian style is suitable, but to fully reveal him in a small apartment difficult.

The best options are:

  • the minimalist;
  • neoclassica;
  • environmental;
  • Japanese;
  • hi-tech;
  • functionalism;
  • Provence;
  • retro;
  • modern.

For the minimalist use of translucent sliding partitions, Japanese style folding screens. In the high-tech is the expansion of space is achieved due to the large mirrors, and the environmental shall be in natural tones, summer is almost merging with the background. But most of the apartments are rarely executed purely in one style: the modern and the interior is placed a light group dinner in the retro style, Neoclassicism diluted Chinese characters on the wall, and Provence, decorated with soft tones to complement the neon lights in the style of futurism.

The choice of colors, materials and finishes

For any small rooms are preferable to the pale, pastel colors. Contrasts should not be much – just a few small items of decor that is not too clutter the interior. To make the entire room one color (white, gray, pink, beige, etc.) is not recommended – it’s boring and not too nice.

A small apartment is better to decorate using two or three colors, in accordance with the rules of “Golden section”: the underlying tone here is 60-65% of the space, secondary – up to 30-35%, another (if any) – no more than 5-10%. Gender is always being darker than the ceiling and walls, except where the ceilings are very high – then allowed to issue their dark color.

The most suitable two-tone combinations:

  • agate grey pear;
  • vanilla with pale olive;
  • tracked from melon;
  • pale yellow with Apple-green;
  • steel with coral;
  • amaranth pink with beige;
  • pale blue with mustard;

  • herbal with violet;
  • cornflower blue with white;
  • beaver with a purple-pinkish;
  • pistachio with hacks;
  • greaterly peach-orange;
  • pearl tea and green;
  • Canary cream;
  • lavender with honey;
  • mint and ozhidaemym;
  • Golden with a light blue.

When making a flat color, it is important to consider where out her window – if the North and the West, the only uses warm, bright colors, when the direction of the southern, Eastern, allowed more cold, saturated colors.

The rules, the secrets of lighting

With the help of well-placed light sources, even the tiny apartment you can make visually more spacious.

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The basic rules are as follows:

  • the use of multiple light sources – ceiling chandelier lamp on the walls, mood lighting;
  • each location – your light. Separately illuminate the working area in the kitchen, the place where they take food, a table for working at the computer, sleeping place, especially if you plan to read in bed, dressing area. The bathroom has a light fixture mounted above each plumbing fixture;
  • the color and intensity of light for different places different where you plan to read, write, cook, preferable white, day, bright. In the place meant for sleeping, watching TV, relaxing, eating, mounted less bright, warm lamps;
  • form of lighting, ceiling lamps, selects the right one for a specific interior style. For the classics, suitable fixtures, stylized torches, chandeliers, minimalism – spherical or cubic, modern style can be decorated with chandeliers and sconces of the most intricate configurations.

Using light easy to adjust the form of the extended space: if to highlight its long walls, and short shading, the room will gain a view closer to the square. When the ceiling is low, light the top and bottom of the room, when it is excessively high, from ceiling fixtures refuse in favor of wall sconces.

The storage system

The smaller the size of the apartment, the more questions, where and how to put all the things. This is especially true if the family has children. Many older homes have a pantry or a closet, an area four meters square, combine that with a room difficult or impossible.

This place is usually arranged dressing – mounted rod with hangers, pantographs, shelves, place boxes, cartons.

Convenient storage drawers are built into the sofa, podium, placed in the corner cupboard of the hallway. In the presence of the loggia, there to store almost everything – clothes, shoes, vacuum cleaner, skiing, carpentry tools, table-book, winter blankets in the summer etc. In any niche you can also organize the storage system.

Convenient location for all sorts of things arranged under a window sill, on a compact corner shelves and above the doors.

Functional furniture, the rules of its placement

Furnished home close is the most universal, but not excessive, unnecessary details only clutter up a small space, preventing free movement. In search of a radical new solution for a Studio space out of it, it is desirable to move all the furniture or not to buy a new one before making a clear decision on the reorganization of the room. If furniture items need a lot, put them next to each other.

Before buying furniture, it is desirable to make measurements of the room – furniture should fit in the available space so that the movement on it was not problematic. In the presence of the child is the most bright, warm place, devoid of drafts, which is distinguished by color – brighter, more “fun”. When more than one child, they acquire a two-bed room or be on the podium.


The choice of a particular furniture need to be coordinated across all members of the family.

Living room/dining room

In the room “odnushke” you want to place and room, and bedroom. The furniture put here:

  • wardrobe or bookcase – roomy and high, often used as shirousagi element;
  • bedside tables, chests of drawers, selected a narrow, compact, TV stand is executed in the form of a narrow console;
  • the bed is a full double in a cramped room not fit, because it replaced the Cabinet-bed, a loft bed, if the height of the ceiling. If you want to organize a few places to sleep, one of them moves out of the podium, the second is placed on top of the platform;
  • sofa – it can how to sleep when unfolded and to receive guests, watch TV, design when folded;
  • table – computer Desk and can be one and the same subject. The role of dining in the “Studio” plays a bar. Folding shelves often also serve as a table, like an extended window sill;
  • chairs from them is desirable to give, in addition to options of sofa beds. Have to sit on folding chairs and Ottoman.

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The kitchen in the Studio apartment often separate Cabinet, turned towards her rear wall, stationary, hinged or folding bar, which also serves as part of the dining area. Headsets for tight kitchens made to order, slightly narrower than standard. Stove, refrigerator, washing machine also need the most compact. The sink is often placed above the washing machine, the microwave, on the shelf, the window sill being used as an extra cutting surface. In the corners of the organize pull-out section-carousel for storing dishes and table linens.

Entrance hallway

An essential attribute of the front – mirror. It can be relatively small, allowing only to apply makeup or occupying a large part of the wall. The hallway is often coupled with the room, separating only by the wardrobe, where I store almost all my clothes. Shelf for small things is replaced by a narrow console that put poof.


Bathroom in a Studio apartment is usually also very close. Separate sometimes combine – this adds space several tens of centimeters, allowing you to put the washing machine or the tiny dressing table. In a joint bathroom “Khrushchev” bath are always very small, because many replace it with a shower cabin, toilet and sink do the suspension, as compact as possible. Lockers for storage of detergents, bathing facilities have a high ceiling, choosing the corner of the structure. Under the bath is also something can be folded.

Mistakes that should not be allowed in the interior of small apartments

In a small apartment it is recommended that all the existing methods of expanding space. To the only the room did not seem overly tight, arrange furniture need not along the walls, as was the fashion thirty years ago, and stepping back from them 15-30 see This option simplifies cleaning, visually making the room more spacious.

To housing was not only comfortable, but also look stylish, it eliminates the old cumbersome, but low capacity of furniture – a giant “wall”, incomprehensible tables, stands under the tube TV that it is a pity to throw out, although they are not used anymore. All this is replaced with a modular, transformable structures.

It is important not to overload your home with unnecessary decor, voluminous draperies on all surfaces, excessive zonirovat room.





The beautiful decoration of Studio apartment is easy to produce with their hands or with invited designers. Lots of interesting design ideas appear daily in popular glossy magazines that direction, as well as on the web pages. The arrangement of “odnushki”, for the most part, less expensive than a similar repair of a spacious home, the time spent here also a bit.

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