How to make a swing for the garden with their hands

Facilities for fun and entertainment not only allow comfort and pleasure to spend time in the fresh air, they are also part of landscape design. Together with gazebos and benches adorn the country, adjoining land. Made with their own hands swing allow owners of private country houses, cottages to relax, to calm down, to dream, sitting on the swinging bench, besides, homemade design are the pride of their owner object, which you can boast in front of friends and acquaintances.

There are many types of products used by both children and adults. Made their own model can have a simple mechanism in the form of a seat which is suspended on the crossbar to vary the complex structure, for example, variants of the collective type. In the process, you can use any available materials remaining after construction and repair activities. Set this furniture under the roof, in the shade of the trees on the lawn, specially prepared ground.

The contents

  • Features a homemade swing
  • What are the swings?
  • The material for the manufacture of
    • Hanging swing with their hands
    • Swing from tires
    • Swing boards
    • Swing from the Hoop or hula-Hoop
    • Swing from tarpaulin
  • Wooden swing on the supporting pillars
    • Determined by the size and proportions
    • Location and mounting racks to the ground
    • Ways of fastening of cross bar
    • The design of the seat
    • Select the mount seat to the bar: rope or chain
  • Metal swing on the supporting pillars
  • Conclusion

Features a homemade swing

Territory arrangement, proper selection and appropriate design of places – one of the important tasks facing the owner of the adjoining plot. Decorating their possessions-beds, pavilions, artificial ponds, do not neglect the subject of swing. This is one of the few options for the situation with which you can add to the landscape, to enjoy a comfortable and cozy stay in the fresh air.

Choosing a ready purchase of design, it is not always possible to find and choose a model that meets all the needs of your style to the specific situation. In this case, the best option would be the production of their own hands, as makeshift swings have the following features:

  • Cost. Made sourece instances will cost much cheaper than purchased counterparts, but to work, you can use any improvised material.
  • Originality. This furniture, made in-house, will be exclusive, to stand out, will become a matter of pride.
  • Quality. Each decides how the product will be good.
  • The choice of the model. In the design phase you can determine the type of swing, for whom they are intended, will be using them only children or all family members. Design will be a hanging seat or a sofa set under a canopy with an adjustable backrest.
  • The choice of material. To make the swing from different types of wood, metal, rubber, plastic, to combine raw materials to give a second life to old things.
  • Experience. In the construction of structures person gains experience, which can then be used for the construction of other buildings.

What are the swings?

Before you start building, it is necessary to evaluate where the product is installed, to ponder its purpose, to determine the seasonality of use. It is also important to choose a design that does not spoil the overall look of the site, decorate a landscape.

To classify a swing can be based on different parameters:

  • According to the method of installation they can be stationary and portable.
  • Wobble vertical or horizontal way. In the first case, it swings the rocker, in the form of a crossbar mounted on a support, which is in the middle. The second is the suspended options.
  • By age category all products are divided into children and adults.
  • Number of beds – single, double, multi-bed.
  • By type of construction – frame, frameless construction. In the first embodiment, the role of backbone can play the trees. The second has a more complex device, where the crossbar is laid on a solid base, and the seat rests on metal bars or chains.
  • The canopy open and closed options.
  • On the form there are no restrictions. As the frame and seat have the various views, can include forged items, to have original, unique design. Represent the hammocks, sofas, armchairs, sun beds, have a view of boats, missiles, to imitate animals and birds.

The material for the manufacture of

Standard constructions are made of wood or metal, or a combination of these materials. Seat also use plastic. However, at home, at independent building products, restrictions in the choice of raw materials there is little, whatever you can find on your site, whether it is metal pipes, old sofas, tires or car wheels. Let us dwell on the main components used in the process:

  • Rope. Allows you to build a rope option, in the form of “bungee”. The most basic way to create a handicraft game design for rocking, enough to tie to a tree branch or the crossbar of a long rope, and below it to attach the wooden seat or a log, for which you can take hold of.
  • Tree. The classic building material. It can be used to perform any form and complexity of design. This wood is easy to work with, allowing even the most inexperienced novice to create beautiful swing that will fit into any garden.
  • Metal. To work with this material will require the skills of welding. The resulting designs are characterized by strength, durability. From raw materials can be manufactured as conventional welded and elegant wrought iron structures for outside. The only drawback profirov is their susceptibility to oxidation, so the metal surface must be treated with special coatings.
  • Plastic. The material is used primarily for sensors that can withstand a small child’s weight. To build a simple design is enough in a plastic seat to make the hole and attach it to hanging on a branch or the crossbar rope. You can match with other materials.

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For all its strength, wood is not resistant to atmospheric precipitation, temperature changes, therefore, to prolong the life of the product, you must treat the wood with special impregnations, varnishes, paints.

Hanging swing with their hands

Such models are well set in the gazebo or under the covered patio or on the terrace, under the canopy of trees or in an open area. To manufacture the design can be of different materials, for convenience, the seat also features a back and armrests. This furniture is attached to the bar, branch, overlapping structures by means of metal rods or chains, long ropes or ropes. For clarity, we consider a few examples of how you can build a swing.

Swing from tires

The elastic sheath mounted on the rim of the disk is used as a material for many craft and structures constructed on the adjoining plot. This is a great component from which it is possible to build such a fascinating attraction as swing. This can be done in several ways:

  • Vertical position. Solid tire, it is sufficient to tie the rope and hang on the bar or branch.
  • Horizontal. For this it is necessary to lay the tire flat on the lateral surface to drill 3-4 symmetrical relative to the center of the hole. Skip through the ropes, in the case of 4 holes – in one of them to start, bring a rope fasteners, if 3 – fix the ends of the rope inside the rubber shell with a durable nodes. You can also use metal chain with hooks that attach to the lid using washers and nuts.
  • From cut tires. The shell is cut in a specific pattern. Mostly the inner side of the protective part is the seat. It is possible to manufacture a variety of options, it all depends on the chosen scheme.
  • Swing boards

    The classic model is hanging on a branch or bar Board with four holes along the edges through which are threaded the rope or the rope. Instead the Board can give new life to old chairs, wooden lattices, round logs.

    Interesting options are obtained from wooden pallets, which often remain after construction works. Make them original swing is not difficult for any person. It is sufficient to treat the surface with sandpaper to remove splinters, to make it smooth. Then the pallet is covered with impregnations and varnish, painted. After drying under the top layer of the structure from both sides pass through the two long ropes, loose ends are bound in a common Assembly. You just have to hang the product on the rail attached to the ceiling. For comfort, you can add the back, install upholstered seat.

    To work, you can use the old skate, snowboard. These boards are durable, can serve as a great seat. While they do not need to strip or handle is enough to make the edges 4 holes and fix them on the support. In the same way you can use the sticks that you will need to link in a single plane.

    Swing from the Hoop or hula-Hoop

    From the old metal or aluminium Hoop you can build a great design intended for a comfortable stay. This can be done in several ways:

    Consider a simple master-class example of how to do the unusual hammock from the hula-Hoop.

  • Hula Hoop laid on a piece of fabric, cut out two solid circle, whose diameter is 30 cm longer than the used rim. For work use only thick cloth, it is better to use denim, quilted fabric, burlap.
  • In one of the cut out circle pieces of fabric to sew the zipper to do this, you need the canvas to be cut in the middle, not reaching the edges. The length of the incision, like lightning, do is equal to the diameter of the Hoop with a margin of 1 cm.
  • Next, using a sewing machine sew the two resulting cut them add up to each other face.
  • Removing the cover on the front side, it done 4 holes.
  • You also need to drill holes in the hula-Hoop.
  • To make the construction of facilities rim sheathed with polyester wadding placed inside the case.
  • For hanging items you will need 4 cut the rope of different lengths, one pair should be longer than the other at 50-60 cm
  • Threading the rope in the holes, tighten them in the wrap, each pair of great length should be from different parties.
  • It remains only to attach the design to a branch or ceiling.
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    Attraction “web” of wrap, step by step:

  • Strengthen place spikes Hoop with metal plates or wire.
  • Divide the circle into 8 equal parts, make a marker mark. For better fixation of the rope must be drilled in the cavity 8 symmetrical holes.
  • Cut 8 pieces of rope the length of which is equal to two diameters of a circle with a small margin, it is necessary to use a strong cord with thickness of 4-5 mm.
  • Fold the rope in half, start with the two sides in the holes, pulled, draw nodes, or if there are holes on one side make a loop, and on the other site. Slack rope can reach 5 cm.
  • Next, perpendicular to the taut rope fastened another rope, twisting in the middle with the first crosswise.
  • In the same way set up and fix the remaining six segments.
  • In the absence of holes, using needle and thread sheathed all the attachment and also the middle.
  • Fix to the Hoop 4 of the rifle, placing them symmetrically relative to the center, fixing ropes.
  • Sheathed Hoop the batting and make a blanket, the contour of the tissue.
  • Proceed to the most long occupation – weaving. Begin working from the center, making the distance between the rings of 4-5 cm, twisting each rope with each other, hemming the connection point of the thread.
  • After the design is ready, it remains only to choose the place for it.
  • Swing from tarpaulin

    To make the construction of such material, will need a chain, two metal triangle, a piece of thick canvas. For the beginning of heavy canvas cut out the required forms page. Both ends of the cloth set up in a metal triangles and bend them down, connecting with the main part of the fabric. Next, using rivets, connect each edge with the plane of the fabric. Instead of rivets you can use regular bolts with nuts. Also from this material it is possible to build more complex designs in hammocks and cover them with metal frames, to use as a canopy.

    Due to the fact that the canvas is impregnated refractory, waterproofing and impregnation from rotting, raw is perfect as a base or additional component of street construction.

    Wooden swing on the supporting pillars

    The best material for making a solid swing is a wooden beam. Square lumber provides easy Assembly design, easy adjustment of parts, the connection angles. A favorite element of landscape garden designers happily use the kids and adults. Such swings can be done independently of any size and shape.

    Determined by the size and proportions

    The construction of the wooden swing should start with drafting, drawing. It is important to consider their purpose, the number of family members. They may have a different design type. Popular are the following homemade options:

    • Family. Have large capacity, can fit 4-5 people. Bench wide from long boards. To complement the design can canopy;
    • Baby. A simple swing can have a different modification. They are primarily comprised of support, seat and fasteners. Special attention should be paid to the safety to make a comfortable backrest, the lateral septum, to provide straps for a secure fit of the child;
    • Portable. Light swing small size harvested under a special scheme. Folding elements are quickly disassembled, moved, transported in any place.

    Location and mounting racks to the ground

    Stationary design must be securely fixed in the ground, so they are not turned over during the movement of the chains or metal rods. In the selected area marks the spot for the stands, dug recesses. The bottom of each pit is covered with sand to protect the structure from failures and subsidence. The layer should be at least 10 cm.

    Before you put the supports in the recesses, the lower part should be treated with bitumen mastic or wrapped with roofing material. In the pit they should be in a horizontal position. Fill them with cement mortar. Until the mixture is dry, position the racks can be adjusted. Further work can be carried out at least 10 days.

    Ways of fastening of cross bar

    Wooden crossbar, to which cling a bench or seat, can be fixed in several ways. If the swing is located in a prominent place in the yard, it is better to use variations with the condition of aesthetics. They are difficult to implement, but will give street construction special presentable. Securely fasten the crossmember as follows:

  • To overhead beams, are fastened below the intersection of the two supports;
  • Lay carrying timber between the crossover side uprights;
  • Mount “in a half-tree”. There are special cuts in the joints.
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    The design of the seat

    The wooden seat of the swing should also be made of wood. This is one of the most simple, comfortable materials. It is simple to handle, offers plenty of scope for imagination. It is possible to create a real carved piece of art.

    Make a simple design can be of two frames – one part for sitting, another for the back. They do ribs and connected by means of corners, screws. According to the instructions and screw the special bolts into the front beam of the seat and the upper back. This seat can be used for street construction or in the apartment.

    Select the mount seat to the bar: rope or chain

    To make a choice between synthetic, natural rope and metal, it is necessary to determine the seasonality of the usage of the subject, its reliability. Metal structures significantly differ in their strength, besides they are durable, well insulated against the cold. For bulky structures, which can simultaneously accommodate several people, it is better to use a metal chain, the swing slowly stop.

    Rope is much cheaper metal, it is pleasant to the touch, but can peretiraetsya, and therefore requires a periodic audit of visual inspection. In addition, this material is less durable swing. This is a great option for hanging a simple single products, hammocks.

    Metal swing on the supporting pillars

    Before you begin, you must determine the type of product, be it portable or stationary, equipped with a canopy made of polycarbonate, and the stretched awning, designed for a child or an adult. For clarity, we consider a master-class on the construction of stationary design:

  • Take profile 40×40 mm or 50×50 mm using the grinder cut 4 identical segment length of 2.5 m, and 2 1 M. For rungs you will need a round pipe with a diameter of 30 mm, length 2 m
  • On the one hand, on all 4 long profiles used as side posts, cut the edges at an angle of 30°, and then weld the tubes in pairs in areas of cut, the result is two isosceles triangle.
  • To strengthen the construction, at about 2 m from the vertex, apply short cuts, define what angle you need to cut both edges of each tube to fit tightly to the design, was it a single plane. Cutting edges, weld-in horizontal jumpers.
  • To the tops of the pillars, resembling the letter A, welded round bar.
  • Moulded seat frame. To do this, from a round tube with a diameter of 20 mm cut 5 lengths of 1.5 m, and 6 to 0.5 M. Weld into one piece seat for this lay out three long tubes, so that the distance between the two was 0.5 m, on top of them put three cut smaller, two corners, one in the middle. In the same way form the back, with the only difference that one long crossbar with one of the parties. Connect the two pieces together at the desired angle. With each side welded at two special ring nuts that can be used for fastening metal chain.
  • Cover frame with wooden slats 30h30, 20h40, 30×60 mm length 1,5 m, connecting the bars with the metal using bolts and nuts.
  • Stepping back from each edge of 25 cm, in the bar of the drill holes, which will be placed eyebolts.
  • With carbines hung from the seat on a metal chain.
  • Then install the swing. To do this in a place where it will be installed design, dig 4 holes with a depth of 40 cm, on the bottom of the pit filled up the bed of sand up to 10 cm
  • Knead the concrete.
  • Swing set risers in the pit, each iron pipe reinforcing in the hole with rocks, pour concrete.
  • After the solution has dried, the product can be used.
  • Conclusion

    Made with their own hands swing will be a great addition to any surrounding area. They will help to make the outdoors comfortable and cozy will delight both kids and adults will enjoy the flight, will raise the mood. A self-made design will be the pride of its owner, to testify to his good taste, will decorate the area.

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