How to make dressing with your hands

Many homeowners are still in the design phase provide a dressing room. In a small room for year-round things you can store a variety of clothing, shoes, accessories ready for fitting and the selection of harmonious combinations. Multifunctional furniture is placed according to the principles of ergonomics that allows the dressing to fit even in the smallest apartment. For its arrangement it is sufficient 2M2.

The contents

  • The advantages walk-in closet
  • Accommodation
    • In the bedroom
    • From the pantry
    • In the hallway
    • From the niche
    • In the attic
    • Under the stairs
  • The materials and the filling of the dressing room
  • Projects closets
  • Stylistic and color scheme
  • The stages of self-organization dressing
    • Planning
    • Lighting
    • Ventilation
    • Doors to dressing room – think over entrance
    • Installation of storage systems
    • Additional equipment for dressing
  • Conclusion

The advantages walk-in closet

In a small room successfully placed any garments that were previously stored in cabinets and drawers. Thanks to the compact layout, the convenient shelves along the walls and hangers you can immediately find matching items. If space allows, then set the Ironing Board, dressing screen, mirror, table for details. Such organization of storage of household items has a lot of advantages:

  • Simplified sorting and storing clothes;
  • Thanks to the open shelving you can see all the elements simultaneously;
  • A quick search of the desired object;
  • The ability to change clothes without leaving the dressing room;
  • Mobility shelves and drawers, you can move them depending on the season.
  • The ability to use as a pantry, to store the vacuum cleaner, suitcases;
  • Space saving bedroom, hallway, living room;
  • Saving time and money. To build your hands on the dressing room project is much cheaper than to buy a couple of drawers and sliding cabinets.


Everyone has enough things to organize the only place to store them. This can be a budget rectangular room or a spacious and a designer room. There are many convenient accommodation options.

To choose the right place, you should first determine the number of things. Consider the area – will there be stored the clothes of all family members, linens, bath accessories. You should also consider the type of construction, electricity, ventilation, the need for doors.

In the bedroom

Walk-in closets in the bedroom may exist in several versions. Often mounted in the wall large wardrobes, which are fenced off by partitions. In small rooms the place storage just separated by a sliding constructions made of plasterboard, plywood.

Closet will perfectly fit into the overall design of the bedroom, if he choose the right place. You first need to plan the placement of large furniture, beds, cabinets, table. Align space the narrow elongated rooms by zoning and otgorazhivatsya a place to sleep. In this case, the area for storage is located on the main site. In square rooms, you can build a wardrobe next to the bed on the adjacent wall without a window.

Design wardrobe space in the bedroom should be light and aesthetic. The gravity of large structures and massive beams can be smoothed decorative elements. Beautiful and practical are glass, mirrored doors. Great for bedrooms – open-plan dressing room. Things are always on view, allowing you to quickly plan a way. If you want to hide, use the mobile partition.

From the pantry

Wanting to optimize space, the owners of standard apartments often remake the pantry into a dressing room. In this case, the design and location of storage for items depends on the initial plans. The process of conversion includes the removal of old shelves and install the new one. A small closet can easily turn into a functional, comfortable room, placing it is a few shelves and hangers. There will be a place not only for clothes but for household items that create visual clutter in the interior.

For the arrangement of the pantry, you can use any available material. Before starting work it is necessary to assess the overall condition of the room, to strengthen the walls, elevate ceiling, updated flooring. New shelves and racks it is better to do drywall, previously thought-out design scheme. As decoration you can use paint materials, adhesive tape, light veneer.

If the old storage room located at the end of the corridor, you just remove the door, leaving three walls. In a niche appropriate to place the Cabinet with shallow shelves and some rails for hangers on the sides. The pantry at the front door, near the kitchen must be covered with door or curtain to prevent the entry of odors and excess views.

In the hallway

The closet in the hallway is unlikely to make a big, so you need to consider its functionality and capacity. Necessarily the presence of a compartment, drawer, open and closed shelves. Be aware that to be stored in this wardrobe there are things of permanent use and seasonal. Casual dress is better to place them on shelves, in plastic containers. For rarely used items should be provided near the ceiling.

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On the choice of a suitable space for a big wardrobe impact the layout of the apartment, a feature of the finish corridor. The appearance and type of construction to fit these parameters. The owners of apartments in their hallways would prefer to collect designs of the following type:

  • With open shelves. This option expands the space visually;
  • With closed cabinets and drawers. Eliminates dust things, there is no need in packing of clothing and shoes;
  • With swinging doors. Well suited to classic interiors. Not suitable for narrow corridors.
  • With the door coupe. A great way to save space. Attach doors to a furniture box or ceiling.

For easy storage of shoes and accessories can complement hardwood, plywood construction cabinets. Narrow and tall piece of furniture will not occupy much space in the hallway, well fit into the interior of the room. The outer surface can be decorated with mirror, hooks.

From the niche

Even in the smallest apartment you can make a dressing room. A great option is to equip a convenient and stylish storage for clothing in the alcove. A simple design you can do yourself, solid wood, drywall, plastic panels. Any such materials shall withstand the anticipated load, highly resistant to mechanical damage.

Closet out of a niche can be open and closed. Sliding doors decorate mirrors, any reflective elements. Due to this small room seems more spacious. Door swing models are better equipped with heavier accessories on the inside. Outdoor wardrobe, you can hang designer curtains.

In the attic

Heavy, massive wardrobes can hardly be considered a worthy decoration of the interior. To replace them come the simple, lightweight design. The original dressing can be placed in the most unusual place, for example, on the attic floor. A bold decision requires the investment of considerable resources. Technically sophisticated dressing room has both advantages and disadvantages. The positive aspects include the following:

  • The ability to put a large dressing room system;
  • Huge scope to implement the most unusual projects;
  • The room is located away from the bedrooms and living room that give it its special individuality;
  • You can create an interesting area, adding to the room’s original decor;
  • Excellent illumination due to the advantageous location, good electricity saving.

The shortcomings of such ideas, unfortunately, are many. Is the difficulty of warming, the high cost of laying pipes. In an unheated room uncomfortable to make the fitting of clothes, temperature changes, high humidity will adversely affect their quality. It is necessary to constantly monitor the integrity of the roof coating, otherwise a sudden leak will ruin your entire wardrobe. The main disadvantage of attic – a significant distance from the entrance. Frequently used clothing, shoes to provide a better place closer to the entrance.

Under the stairs

This arrangement of dressing practical and convenient. Option is suitable for private houses several stories high. Through a variety of modular systems, you can achieve amazing results and to build the original store for all kinds of textiles, accessories, household appliances. For the convenience of the clothes you can use in the closet under the stairs one of the following systems:

  • Cabinet. Wood panels and shelves are collected in a single structure. Outdoor, indoor Cabinet will look good in a classical setting;
  • Net. Easy to install honeycomb create a feeling of lightness and mobility. The cells usually remain open, which expands the space;
  • Frame. Hangers and shelves are attached to the beams, and special profiles. Installation reliability and ease of installation;
  • Panel. Creates a parallel between the panels attached to the wall. There are no restrictions between the shelves and any partitions. This Cabinet will look good in a minimalist style.
  • Many private homes above one floor includes a storage room under the stairs. That little room can be easily converted into useful storage of clothing. During the work should comply with the conditions in General style and wishes of neutrality.

    The materials and the filling of the dressing room

    Simple dressing complex can be assembled from a variety of materials. Often use wood sheets, plastic, metal. The finishing material is selected based on the location, General interior. To decorate a room for storing clothes can be fiberglass, paneling, ceramic tile, decorative stone and other things. The shelves and racks in advance to make brackets and side holes for mounting of lighting fixtures.

    For easy operation of wardrobes filled with all sorts of devices for storing clothes and other necessary items. Thanks to the simple devices is simplified, the frequency and the process of cleaning the room, you can always quickly find the necessary thing. Excellent content will allow you to keep dresses and costumes ready for fitting. Most functional models contain the following content:

    • Open wall shelves;
    • Drawers;
    • Standard, high rod;
    • Boxes and baskets;
    • Modules for shoes, Shoe cabinets;
    • Hangers for ties, belts;
    • Mirror, lighting, table, chair.

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    Every filling system has its pros and cons, so maximum comfort is possible only by keeping the principles of ergonomics.

    Projects closets

    Location of locker complex in the area must be accurately calculated, because the design, the purpose of which is to save space, should not take a single extra inch. Careful zoning can accommodate all summer apparel, shoes, bulky jackets and coats. For each type and size of closet is suitable different method of differentiation of space. In order to successfully create your area a comfortable for storing things, you should be familiar with the standard projects of wardrobes:

    • Angular layout. You can organize in any room of the house. The main advantage of this model is the ability to place a large number of items without loss of space, the occlusion of useless corners. The cabinets can be embedded or placed as stand-alone pieces of furniture. Models filled the shelves, hangers to the ceiling;
    • Parallel. Different functionality and ease of implementation of the project. To assemble the model with a wireframe Cabinet and partition. Ideal for long, wide corridor and other rooms of a similar type;
    • Linear. Looks like a normal closet. To place it along either wall. Due to the elongated structure has limitations in the arrangement of additional items (Ironing Board, table). You can only move through the narrow passage;
    • U-shaped. A spacious room created by the surplus area. Fill it with racks of different sizes, hangers, bulk baskets and boxes. Separate this closet traditional room divider, a connecting door.

    Stylistic and color scheme

    Rooms, cupboards for storing clothes differ not only in size, design, but stylistically, the color scheme. You can immediately buy the appropriate materials for trim and decorative elements or to create an original dressing on a special project.

    Impressive and aristocratic looks wardrobe in the style of the old classics. Noble coating is created with a special dyeing techniques, wood. Will suit traditional brown, natural beige hue. Furniture Provence abounds with simplicity, playfulness, floral ornaments. The right hues of yellow, green, pink. The modern wardrobe will perfectly fit any modern design and neo-classical will blend in with all the classic interiors.

    Facilities for storing clothes in the Oriental style decorated with textiles and natural wood. You can only use natural muted shades. Cabinets in the style of boiserie emphasize its simplicity and practicality. Color designs to match the walls will help to hide any fault surface.

    The stages of self-organization dressing

    Before starting work, be sure to draw up a detailed scheme designs and to anticipate potential problems during installation. The finished project should contain detailed information with features of the room, material used, accurate calculations. Also, you need to prepare in advance fasteners, tools, decorative, supplies. Ready to frame walk-in closet is not functional without additional devices and finishing. All the stages of self-organization should be clearly assigned.


    Having decided to create a cozy, comfortable dressing room, it is first necessary to assess the importance of the new design and carefully plan their actions. The main criterion when choosing the size and location – number of people that she will enjoy. You should also consider the necessity of placing in the Cabinet appliances, seasonal items.

    In the next stage of planning, it is necessary to estimate the amount of already sorted things to define for each group a place. This will help to provide the required number of hangers, rods, drawers, baskets. You should consider the length of the longest garment that is to be stored in the extended condition. Equipment for filling need to be planned with some margin.

    The final stage – the creation of the drawing. You need to reflect all these moments. For greater clarity, you can create the layout of the wardrobe in a special computer program or simply glue together from cardboard. This will create additional opportunities for maneuver, will allow you to change the items in places.


    Spacious wardrobe for storing clothes and shoes in need of quality lighting more than other areas because most of such projects has no Windows. In the bright dressing room is easier to navigate, look for the right things, color bright t-shirts, pants and dresses is not distorted, so you’re free to create ideal images without leaving the room.

    Lighting local, General purpose mounted on the stage of Assembly of the frame. If space allows, according to the center, you can arrange beautiful chandelier, it will cover the graceful light the entire space. To simulate sunlight use light white.

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    In addition to General lighting, you should select light and main zones. Separately mounted devices section of the upper garment. They should have a height of not less than 150 cm Rod with t-shirts and shirts will illuminate the lamp from a height of 50 cm For the bottom of the wardrobe, Shoe zone, use special lighting that is attached to the plinth. A separate swivel floor lamp should be placed in the dressing area.


    Enclosed part of the dwelling allotted to the dressing room, will not be sufficient without installing a ventilation. This measure will help to preserve things, will not allow them to dry, will prevent the appearance of fungus and mold. The types and method of installation will depend on the location of the pantry. There are the following options:

    • Room with a window. The best of the options. The conditions are almost ready. If the frame is made of wood, air will flow through the natural cracks, and to remove it is mounted a special grille, located on the parallel wall. Plastic frame the situation is different. The window will have to keep open, or set design with the regime of micro-ventilation, window valve, fan.
    • A room without Windows, one wall of which is also external. In this case, to the air inflow through the gap will not work. To perform work with their hands will be a bit more complicated than in the previous case. The problem can be solved as follows: to drill in the outer wall hole, install the valve; or to arrange a range hood, installing in the hole a special fan that might be the case if there is a flow of air from adjacent premises.

    • A dedicated space in which not only no window, but around the other rooms. This is the most difficult option, but solvable. To perform work in several ways. You can make a hole in the wall that borders the room with a window that will allow you to organize the flow of air, the outflow through the overflow grate. If it is near the kitchen or bathroom with an extractor fan, also drilled the hole, only to remove air. The best way is to arrange the duct, disguising it under the suspended ceiling.

    Doors to dressing room – think over entrance

    The main purpose of the doors in the dressing room – prevent rapid contamination, creating a bright decorative element. When selecting a fabric of the offer, you must consider its size, opening method, material, weight, design. There are several options of doors for a stylish wardrobe:

    • Door-coupe. One or two paintings move on the guide rail;
    • Foldable. Consist of several panels that are joined at the closing;
    • Mirror. Conventional door coupe decorated with sandblasted pattern, a reflective surface;
    • Sliding. Equipped with one upper rail;
    • Sliding. A kind of sliding canvases cassette;
    • Ventilated. Presented in the form of parallel jumpers louver type. May be mobile, stationary;
    • Hidden. Any design is absolutely invisible on the background wall;
    • Blinds, curtains. Perfect for niches, small cabinets.

    Installation of storage systems

    Self-installation saves money. The features and complexity of installation depend on the type of structure, its size and weight. Typically, Assembly begins with securing the support beams, the main of which is mounted horizontally. They will serve as the basis for other elements. Work should prepare a pencil, screws, a drill.

    The suspension rail is hung shelves, rods, a lattice taking into account space for clothes. For Assembly of the racks require rails of varying size, the legs or wheels. Build mesh module provides for phased installation. The height of the cells can be adjusted to the size of the boxes, baskets.

    Additional equipment for dressing

    An ideal room for storage can only be individual, closed. Drawers and shelves should occupy all the walls. In this case, the free space in the center filled with useful furniture and fittings. It can be a table and two chairs, Ironing Board, comfortable Ottomans, a variety of mirrors.

    If space allows, a dressing room, in the center of the room can accommodate a bench. It is a lightweight, transportable design that’s crafted for coziness and comfort. It also can be used as the bandwagon to reach the top shelves. For convenient use in closets are equipped with full-length mirrors, stands for shoes, the pantographs.


    Construction stylish dressing will help ease the space of all the rooms of bulky wardrobes, under-utilized things. Design of plasterboard you can do with your hands in the minimum time. Hand work will make it possible to choose the appropriate style, size. The wardrobe can be decorated in any way or make it completely invisible.

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