How to make vase with your own hands

Emerged in ancient times vessels were used previously for practical purposes. They kept all of the liquid products. Used household items gradually became part of the decor which decorates the interior of many rooms. In making vases the main thing – not painted and not the material from which they are created (also an important fact), and their unique, original form.

Vase used as a container for placing flowers, but for these purposes you can use any other vessel. Therefore, its purpose is related to the impression it makes on others, how it fits in with the style of the room or stands out, focusing on attention. In recent years, many people became interested in hand-made, this practice has enabled the development of the subjects, the emergence of a new, sleek form. We use non-standard materials.

The contents

  • The size, shape and properties of the vase
  • Vase of glass bottles and methods of decoration
  • Vases from plastic bottles
  • Create vases out of glass jars
  • Vases of cement
  • Vases of plaster
  • Vases of metal cans
  • Wicker vase of newspaper tubes
  • Vases made of papier-mache
  • Wood to create vases
  • From the wooden deck
  • Other interesting ideas for vases and their decoration
  • Conclusion

The size, shape and properties of the vase

The correct vessel is able to complement established flowers into it, or he can become a real decoration of the interior. It will create comfort and cosiness in the house, will delight the household, their guests. Not to be mistaken with a choice, it is necessary to consider certain characteristics related to size, design, features of the subject.

An important parameter is the size of the decorative elements. Its width is chosen individually, depending on the preferences and tastes of the owner, also takes into account the functional load. For example, if the bouquet is heavy and the vase is low, has a narrow throat, there is a high probability that it will turn over, or flowers will work closely, and they will wither. Height is selected depending on the type of product. For large outdoor structures its argument varies between 40 cm – 100 cm, while for set on the table, windowsill, Cabinet, enough 20 cm – 40 cm

The vase shape can be varied – oval, curved, cylindrical, elongated, flared up, round, conical, rectangular, spherical, asymmetric, flat. The particular bouquet of the selected desired appearance of the product. For flowers with long stems suitable high design with a rounded, cylindrical shape. Kit with short legs will look good in low products with a wide mouth.

Vase of glass bottles and methods of decoration

The product made with your own hands has several advantages over the purchase of ceramic analogs. First of all, it is unique, it has soul. Having made the decision to make the design, it is necessary to determine the material to work with. The most simple, plus a bargain basement raw material will become a glass container. Minimal manipulation will allow them to create an original vase, and the costs of time and resources would be negligible. It is enough to perform a decorating item that can be done in various ways:

  • Decoupage. Is to transfer the finished drawing and coating it with lacquer.
  • The painting on glass of various patterns.
  • Surface decoration using bonding solids (sand, grit, salt).
  • Wrap the item with ribbons, twine, thread.
  • Wrapping napkins with additional decorative elements.





For clarity, we consider a master-class example of staining of glass containers:

  • Prepare the bottle. Removed the label, washed, dried.
  • To work, you can use different paint cans, and in cans. Their colors are chosen at will. Better to use acrylic spray options, as after painting with a brush stains remain.
  • Apply the first layer, wait until it dries. Proceed to the second.
  • The piece looked solid, his coloring patterns. If you have no skills in drawing, you can use special stencils.
  • To make the surface Shine is applied on top of the paint a few layers of lacquer.
  • Painting it is better to exercise in the fresh air, the apartment can have a balcony in a private house – in the yard. Thus protecting yourself and loved ones from unpleasant odors, allergic reactions.

    If the vase is created not only for decoration, it is planned to practical use, in this case it is necessary to remove from the bottle neck. For this we use a simple safe way, which is as follows:

    • Note on Tara point, preferably in the area of narrowing to the neck. Holding on the circle line.
    • Take a ball of wool yarn, unrolling up to half a meter of yarn and soak it in solvent.
    • Fill a bucket or basin with cold water.
    • Wrapped the bottle on the label in three layers, set fire to the thread.
    • After complete burnout of the yarn, immediately drop the item in the container with the liquid. Because of the temperature difference the glass will snap along the line marking.
    • Sharp edges clean with the sandpaper.
    • The finished product remains only to decorate any of the above methods.

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    In every home there are plastic containers, remaining after drinking the beverage, milk, personal hygiene products. It is not necessary to throw away these items that overflow landfills and streets of cities and towns. It is a magnificent improvised material to create a variety of crafts. They can be reused for the storage of liquids, simply remove the top or bottom part and put inside a bouquet. But to this subject turned into a vase, can not do without decoration, which can be performed in different ways. Consider the step one, done in decoupage technique.





    Before starting work, prepare necessary tools and materials, namely, napkins for decoupage, glue, plastic containers, rope, satin ribbon. Start to work:

    • Cut off the top part of the bottle.
    • The rest of the containers were coated with glue, wrap the selected napkins with a pattern.
    • Cover the surface with varnish.
    • At the top, using a hole punch, make a hole.
    • Fasten the rope.
    • On the upper edge of the adhesive band which is not only beautify the product, but also will mask the holes and knots.

    Create vases out of glass jars

    To make the project simple. Nothing will be clipped, enough to put ornament, paint, wrap with twine. The material can be found in each house. Ordinary jars of different volumes through the inventiveness and artful decorations turn into a gorgeous item that will decorate the interior. Will make a vase with their hands out glass jars and twigs, this will require the following components:

    • liter container;
    • a piece of fabric to wrap;
    • string;
    • branches;
    • glue.

    The procedure is as follows:

  • The surface of a glass jar, wash it in warm soapy water, wait until it dries.
  • Prepare twigs. Cut them to become the same length, it is desirable that they were above used containers.
  • Take burlap or other rough cloth, wrap the surface of our Foundation, fix with glue.
  • Lay out twigs in a row and tied them together with twine from both sides, stepping back from each tip to a few centimeters.
  • The finished Mat is attached to the Bank by the same thread that the design was more sturdy, glue the branches to the fabric.
  • At the bottom of the finished product put a few small stones, this will ensure the sustainability of the crafts.
  • Vases of cement

    The material can be used not only for the construction of houses, finishing, and décor. Get stylish vases, flower vases. Larger products are installed on the street, and small will look great in the interior. They can be cast, sculpt using forms or without the use of plasticizer or not to use polymer additives. Consider a master-class on creating products for the home, for example, subject matter, cast in cardboard form:





  • Manufacturer start with the training patterns. You can use standard boxes for gifts, perfumes, small household items. Cut from construction paper and glue a custom form.
  • Having defined the look of future products, begin to create a stencil. For small items, you can print it on a standard sheet of A4 or A3.
  • Cut the workpiece, the bonding figure.
  • Prepare the concrete mixture. Stir the cement with sand at the rate of 1 to 2. To increase the strength and flow of mortar adding plasticizer and 0.05 % by weight of cement. Gradually into the mixture pour the water, bring her condition to the consistency of thick cream.
  • Pour the solution into the form, to obtain the empty cavity in the middle of the template, insert the candle, plastic tube, test tube, thin bottle.
  • Leave the concrete shape to dry for a few days. Then remove the cardboard. If there are any deficiencies or irregularities, correct them with sandpaper or a knife.
  • Crafts can be left in the same form as it is or decorate it, decorate with paint, ribbons, shells, stone chips, mosaic.
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    Along with cement, plaster, pliable material. It is possible to make any design. A plaster model will look original and stylish to decorate the interior, will be a great gift. There are different techniques for creating crafts. Let us examine the master class, using as a template two-liter plastic bottle:

  • Prepare the working place. Cover oilcloth table, floor, other surface.
  • Added to the gypsum water mixture, stir to desired consistency. Spread the solution on the table in the form of a circle, top center mounted plastic bottle. In the first stage, you can use the alabaster, however, due to the lack of impurities it is sticky, but its price is much lower.
  • On the surface of the pattern begin to apply a solution before narrowing towards the neck.
  • Take the bandage and wrapped plastered part of the bottle. Then wait for half an hour, until the mixture dries. Remove the plastic bottle.
  • Bred a new batch of plaster putty. Begin to form the base of the vase. Apply several layers of the solution, rewinding each gauze.
  • When the base is ready, go to the top. To do this, cut a 1.5-liter plastic bottle, or use a jar of appropriate size, their height should be a third, a maximum of half of the main template. Combine the workpiece with the lower part, we perform the same procedure for applying the solution. Butt good coat, make several layers.
  • When the product is acquired the characteristic shape, give him time to dry. To do this, send it to dry in a warm place for a day.
  • After full drying we clean the crafts with sandpaper.
  • Proceed to decor. Can be colored with acrylic paints to make art-painting, stick a photo, make 3D decoupage.
  • Design is not intended for liquids. Is used exclusively for decorative purposes, it is possible to put only dry flowers.

    Vases of metal cans

    Such worthless material, like tin cans, always goes in the trash. However, it is possible to find another use. They can be the basis for the original vase. Verify this on the example of a simple master-class:

  • Take a liter a tin can.
  • Paint the outer surface with acrylic paint in white color.
  • Prepare the decor (glass, plastic colored stones).
  • With a glue gun, fix the decoration in a chaotic manner.
  • The spaces painted in tone with decorative elements.





    Wicker vase of newspaper tubes

    Needlework weaving from Newspapers is very popular. This kind of work does not require serious costs, available to everyone. The result of the work will delight the eyes of family and guests. There are several ways to create a vase with your hands, it can be a conventional weave or a spiral method. The second variant is characterized by beautiful pattern, for example, consider the step by step instructions:

  • Prepare tubes from Newspapers. To do this, cut the newspaper into pieces, their width should be 7-10 cm in length and up to 40 cm and then mark up the workpiece on the needle diagonally, the edges of the glue. The main condition is that the material used must not be crumpled and youngish.
  • Start to work. To start, we need a template, you can use an ordinary plastic bottle. The process begins with the formation of the bottom. To do this, take three tubes and spread on the surface of the sprocket to the center of the divided each one in half.
  • In the center of the intersection set pattern, begin to braid. Take one end of the tube, wrap it imposed on the following. The second also wrap and cover her for the next two. Repeat these steps, increasing the process tube. When he reached the top, remove the plastic bottle.
  • Painted crafts spray paint, you can glue a satin ribbon to add an artificial flower, stick the pebbles.
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    Vases made of papier-mache

    This art allows you to do casts. Frame products made of glue-soaked paper, looks fragile, but it is possible to create a fairly functional crafts. If you do not remove the Foundation, for example, a glass bottle, then the bottle can be filled with water, set inside the bouquets. Consider the following technique of creating designs:

  • The surface of the selected form of enveloping a food film.
  • Bred in water PVA glue at the rate of 1 to 3.
  • Tear the newspaper into many small pieces and, separately, make long rectangular pieces.
  • Long pieces to dip into an adhesive solution formed by the first layer, give it a little dry and proceed to the second. The more layers the better, there should be more than eight. After completion of the work set crafts in a warm place, wait until it completely dries.
  • After drying, remove the template. Internal and external surfaces pasted over with white paper.
  • The resulting base covered with a layer of paint.
  • Proceed to decorating. For decoration you can use a knitted cover, the surface is a circle to wrap the threads, ribbons. Also will look great beads, stone chips, plastic foam, old coins, CDs, broken into small pieces. If desired, and the presence of skills of work with polymer clay, you can create a whole composition.





    Wood to create vases

    Craft from natural material will be an excellent decoration of every interior. As raw material you can use ordinary twigs, planks, logs. The ways of decoration are also many, for example, woodcarving, painting, adding wrought-iron elements. Let us examine two different master-class on creation of original wooden products.

    Rectangular vase from boards:

    Not everyone has lathe and special saw blades for wood to create intricate designs. Therefore, we consider a drawing that can be done to everyone.

  • Take a standard Board with minimum dimensions of width and thickness of 100 x 25 mm. Cut four equal length pieces. For the base needed is a square piece from the Board 150х40.
  • Boards fold into a rectangle, glue the joints with PVA, additionally fix the screws.
  • Likewise fastened to the base.
  • Seams treated with mastic, coloured product.
  • After drying, decorate crafts. For this we use beads, glass, ribbon, other decorations.
  • From the wooden deck

    For a simple DIY enough to make a cavity in the wood. More complex products will require the availability of additional equipment.

  • Take the prepared piece of wood. Cut it to match the height of the finished product.
  • Remove the crust.
  • Using the saw, driven by external parameters.
  • Do the characteristic recess. You can use the electric drill. The hole should not be through. The inner surface grind an emery paper.
  • The outer surface also needs to be processed.
  • The workpiece stained.
  • Decorate the finished object.





    Other interesting ideas for vases and their decoration

    To make an original vase from the most basic items. There are many interesting ideas and ways of decoration. Beautiful and practical accessory will turn out textiles. Can ordinary bottle wrap with bright strips of cloth, tie knitting or crochet multi-colored pocket, to use an old braided rug. Simple and interesting idea using the jute twine. Must be wound on a form, cover it with glue.

    You can decorate any of no value to the household object. Simple tin can will get the original, if you paste over it with colored pencils, decorate the clothespins.









    Made by hand, this vase will be a great decoration for any room. This is a great gift to the celebration. There are many models, materials and ways of decorating. Handwritten DIY will take a bit of time, and the result of the work will add to the comfort, will delight the household.

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