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Eight years ago, we made the overhaul of an apartment in a brick Stalin-era building. Of course, after I independently built a country house two years ago, repairs in the apartment looks like child’s play — it’s so easy and simple. But at that time I did not have knowledge and experience in the field of repair and construction.


Now I find myself with a smile looking at these reports first and foremost, pay attention to the fact that all the work was done quite technical. Now I alone made the repair for 3 months. Repair all is fine, it’s 8 years of operation, even there is a possibility that in 2018 we finally changed the heating pipes and water supply (during the renovation we specially they are not altered, so as not to do double work).

But at the time we ignored the balcony, and this spring finally got around to do it. I ordered a “cold” glazing my friends who once made a plastic window for a summer kitchen in the suburban area.

Glazing has been ordered together with installation and all other works on improvement I have made on their own, spending a week of slow work. The total budget of upgrading the balcony with an area of 2.25 m2 and a height of 3 meters was slightly more than 50 thousand rubles.

So, let’s start!

2. Lately I’m too lazy to do the photographic images of work that I do with my hands, so photos of the process will not be enough, but the details will show the result. So, Dan brick house built in 1958. The apartment was carefully restored with its original separate Windows. To change their not plastic do not offer, we are fully satisfied, even though they have nearly 60 years. The balconies in a Stalin-era buildings are large and high. Length of parapet of 3 meters, width 0,77 m, height more than 3 meters. In the lower part closed by a fence made of fiberglass, whose age is about 50 years.

On the balconies is strictly forbidden to install the so-called “warm” glazing consisting of a plastic multi-profile and single-chamber double-glazed Windows. This glass is allowed only on the balcony, plate which is designed for high loads on the parapet. Therefore on the balcony can only be done “cold” glazing of aluminium profiles and single glass.

One of the goals of the balcony glazing is to make it clean. Outdoor balcony has an incredible amount of street dust and dirt, despite the fact that the house we have is located in a green and quiet yard.

Glazing with installation cost less than 45 thousand rubles, although it was possible to save on the installation is still 12-13 thousand rubles, if you put yourself. But without an assistant I would not have done, and experience in this business I didn’t have (which is harder than window glass). The installers worked a solid four and could find fault only to the negligent attitude to the installed profiles and the helical screws, which remain in a conspicuous place “by eye” and not with a fixed distance.

3. Excessive insulation of the balcony with a cold glass is meaningless, but to the level of the parapet, it is recommended to insulate the fence. For these purposes, I bought some cheap sheets of foam insulation at home depot. The level of the floor of the balcony was required to raise to the level of the floor (in the apartment on the floor of the asphalt, which is in construction debris thickness of about 15 cm). For this purpose I decided to use a lightweight expanded clay, over which put welded mesh and poured a cement screed from peskobetona a thickness of about 5 centimeters.

4. After this, the screed laid porcelain tiles and all the walls are sheathed with OSB Board with thickness of 9 mm, which are sawed under my size in Ob.

5. From the street the balcony looks like. Here you can see one of the cameras, supply grille breather were tion and even an electric lift for the products.

6. Side view. Here you can see the grill from the second breather were (about him and a new gadget Magic Air will tell in the near future) that did not make it to the first frame and one of the sensors of Wireless Tags used for remote monitoring of temperature and humidity via a cloud service (hanging under the tide of the parapet). More probably noticed that the color of the bricks in this part of the house red, while the entire house when building was lined with light beige brick. The thing is that in the early 90-ies our house is slightly bent and facing walls collapsed. A hand with the maintenance crews involved in the restoration, there was only the red brick.

7. General view of the landscaped balcony. In fact, this is the place where you can SIP a Cup of tea and some fresh air. No blinds in the area of glazing not intended as and warehousing of old things.

8. But in the far corner of the balcony was made of 3 shelves for a variety of small things. At the very bottom on the floor for 8 years housed the remains of tiles from repairs, to restore the finishes in the bath and the toilet after replacement of water standpipes (although, maybe this time it will be easier to put all of the tiles). On the top shelf clearly shows that the original geometry of the balcony is far from a rectangle with straight corners, but I decided not to bother breeding angles.

9. The balcony also was electricity. Wiring in open cable ducts, but since the new clutch of red brick was incredibly curve had a little work to route of passage of the cable channels with sealant (otherwise visible gap between the cable channel and the wall more than 5 mm). This photo is not even visible. But the curvature of the wall is well-read on the thickness of the white silicone sealant between the glazing and a brick wall. Lift products electric hoists with load capacity of 50 kg were outweighed by the wall of the house (previously it was located on a turning console). Here is the rosette for its food. The side Windows were made operable sash only for lift, but it would be possible to save on glazing a few thousand rubles.

10. Electricity to the balcony were conducted from the nearest outlet in the kitchen (near the fridge), for this I bought the drill a length of 1 meter (the thickness of the walls of the building – 67 cm). For lighting I decided to use the led tape 3 meters long, pasted on the perimeter of the outer fence at a height of 30 inches from the floor. In the gray box is a power supply of 12 volts with a capacity of 25 watts. The decision with lighting below the level of the parapet was very correct, because it makes no sense to hang from the ceiling and illuminate the street.

11. Brick walls and the OSB boards was then painted with acrylic waterborne paint which was tinted in a color close to original color of bricks at home. The thermometer shows the temperature outside of the balcony and on the balcony. It is important to understand that in the cold season, balcony can be heated only with heat from the kitchen. Set on the balcony a warm floor, or any other heat source stupid — you’re just going to heat the street. Right restored 8 years ago, wooden window frames. Then we soaked the stain and covered with a yacht varnish. At the moment there is a need to refresh the lacquer on the tides because he burned in the sun.

12. At IKEA I bought two folding chairs 1,000 rubles each.

13. And in Leroy — furniture shelf width 25 cm with rounded edges. Which turned out folding table.

14. In Moscow quickly found a suitable folding mechanisms, so ordered them on Aliexpress (never thought I’d be such products to buy in China). Two folding mounts delivery cost 1200 rubles. Due to the presence of the springs are formed by pressing in the top corners.

15. It turned out to be the perfect place for tea parties, it is a pity that we only live on the 2nd floor with Windows to the courtyard and look for the window simply.

16. Outside balcony looks like. I think I forgot to mention that I independently made the side wall with the neighboring balcony. Perhaps, about it should write. Place an order for the production of aluminum profiles, it was assumed that the side wall already exists and it is possible to fix the frame. In fact the side wall of the aluminum bar I made, but when you order a glass it was necessary to point that necessary carrying the vertical profile (the same as used on corner of glass). This would allow me easier and faster to assemble the side wall, providing the required rigidity of the whole structure.

And again you set on the balconies “warm” glazing is prohibited. This can be done only on the balcony!

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