Installation of cornices for curtains with their hands

The window opening is an important part of the interior. For its design using different design techniques. However, the most common type of window decor textiles and remains of the structures used for mounting canvases. Selection and installation of cornices for curtains, many of the inhabitants difficult. Before buying a suitable device should solve a number of tasks, for example, consider the consistent appearance of the product style of the room, the capacity of the walls, of materials, of the subject to withstand certain loads.

The contents

  • How to choose curtain rod
  • The types of cornices
  • Features and rules of installation of eaves
  • Methods and choice of mounting
  • The installation of ceiling cornices
    • Materials and tools
    • Installation procedure
  • The installation of wall-mounted rods
    • Baguette
    • String
    • Rod
    • Profile
  • How to hang curtain rods on ceiling
  • Features mounts on drywall
  • Installation of curtain rail for Bay window
  • What cornices fashionable in 2019
  • Conclusion

How to choose curtain rod

From a functional point of view, the cornice is designed exclusively for mounting the curtains. Aesthetic is an important element that can enhance the style of the room, to focus on the window opening. The subject has a simple design that consists of the following parts: a base that supports the curtain (pipe, string, bus); brackets, holders for fixing the base; fasteners for textile fabrics; side stubs.

The choice of products should be approached very responsibly. By purchasing a design, you must consider the following points:

  • The size of the window. The length of the eaves must not exceed the width of the window opening at 40 cm.
  • Load-bearing capacity. The subject must be strong enough to withstand the load exerted by the curtains.
  • The location of the radiators, pipes, protruding part of the sill. These elements should not interfere with the free overhang and movement of the canvas.
  • Colors. The shade selected in accordance with the existing design.
  • The size and space. If the round models are suitable for framing Windows in the room of any size, the string will be more impressive to look only in small rooms and heavy wooden it is recommended to install in large living rooms.
  • The number of rows. Depending on the purpose, you can choose a one-, two-, three-row design. The latest models will allow you to decorate the room sophisticated textile compositions.
  • Material. In the manufacture of products using metal, wood, plastic. Selecting the most appropriate option depends on style, price, personal preferences of the buyer.
  • The types of cornices

    Manufacturers produce a huge range of curtain rods used for fixing curtains. The models differ in color, decor, material, design features, method of installation, appearance. To understand the existing types of products, look at them in brief classification:

  • According to the materials used:
    • Plastic. Characterized by low cost, variety of models. Can simulate wood.
    • Metal. Metal structures are very attractive. For corrosion protection the surface is processed by special trains. The most durable are aluminum, and the most spectacular and costly – forged specimens.
    • Tree. It is an environmentally friendly raw material which does not lose its relevance. Wood products are the most popular, they are suitable for almost all styles in the interior.

  • Configuration:
    • Round (rod). As the Central element is a round pipe or rod.
    • Baguette. The basis on which the curtain is attached, is enclosed with a decorative strap.
    • String. Represents a string stretched between the two brackets. Design can only hang light curtains.
    • Profile (bus, rail). Made of plastic or aluminum, are characterized by low weight. They can be given any shape.

  • By way of attaching:
    • Wall.
    • Ceiling.
  • Number of guides:
    • Row. Designed to hold a single textile fabric.
    • Double row. Allow to knead the curtains and tulle.
    • Three-row. Allow you to create complex compositions to use valances.

  • Type of control:
    • Manual. The opening and closing of curtains made with your own hands.
    • Electric. Managing curtains is carried out using the remote control, their movement provides the drive.

    For fixed blade use the following fasteners: clamps, ties, loops, eyelets, drawstring, rings, magnets.

    Features and rules of installation of eaves

    Assembly and installation of any model from an experienced master will not take much time. The Amateur who wants to perform work with their hands need the help. Initially it is necessary to make measurements of the window opening, on the basis of which are calculations. Next, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and peculiarities of the installation process:

  • Regardless of the method of mounting (ceiling, wall), the length of the Assembly must be at least 30 cm greater than the width of the window, except for the variant when the product is along the wall.
  • Distance from wall to rod is selected in the range of 10-15 cm is enough that the cloth is moved freely without hitting the protruding part of the sill, radiator.
  • The space between the cornice and ceiling is determined individually, but the professionals recommend to strengthen the structure at a distance of 5-10 cm from the ceiling surface.
  • Special attention should be paid to the height at which it will be attached to the device above the upper boundary of the window frame. This parameter should not exceed 5-7 cm, otherwise the curtains will not interfere with the opening of the window.
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    Methods and choice of mounting

    According to the method of installation distinguish between ceiling and wall cornices. In the first case, some models can be mounted directly to the ceiling or with brackets. In the second variant of the product can be mounted only on the reference cantilever design. As used dowel fasteners-nails, screws, liquid nails, dowels for plasterboard, anchor bolts.

    The choice of mountings depends on different factors. First and foremost take into account the material of the walls and the ceiling. For example, fragile walls, lined with foam concrete, using special push-in anchor bolts. For brick walls, or built of solid concrete, you can use any types of fasteners. In red brick, which has a tendency to crumble, often used wooden plugs.

    You should pay attention to the material from which made the ledge, its weight, its load on the walls. In some cases you will have to use additional fasteners or opt out of solid wood or metal products in favor of more lightweight plastic or aluminum.

    Securely fix the bracket on a wooden or concrete base. When you install the design for a suspended ceiling or drywall it is necessary to foresee the presence of eavesdropping.

    The installation of ceiling cornices

    Ceiling models are very popular. They can hang in almost any place, even located in the recesses. These products give preference in the following cases:

    • if you need to hang long curtains from the ceiling;
    • if it is impossible to securely lock the brackets to the wall;
    • to close the panoramic Windows;
    • to hide minor defects in the finish;
    • the distance between the top of the window opening and the ceiling so low that there is no possibility of wall mounting options.

    Carry out the installation even a beginner in the construction business. The main thing to adhere to all rules and recommendations to follow. Acquired with this experience will help in the future to properly connect all the elements without a problem to establish a similar design.

    Materials and tools

    Prior to working activities should prepare everything necessary. This will enable you not to be distracted from work to find the missing parts or consumables. For installation you will need:

    • the blind support base, brackets, plugs, or decorative tips;
    • curtain rings or hooks;
    • fasteners;
    • measuring instruments, level, pencil;
    • ladder;
    • a drill or perforator;
    • screwdriver, screwdriver;
    • hammer;
    • hacksaw;
    • drill.

    Installation procedure

    The procedure, as their appearance depends on the type of the selected ledge. Fixing of frames can be done directly to the ceiling using brackets. Consider fastening a plastic bus boxes to the concrete slab:

  • Performed measurements of the window opening.
  • Observing all the rules, do the layout on the ceiling.
  • If the product is longer made measurements and cut it with a hacksaw on metal.
  • In a plastic box drilled mounting holes should be placed in between tracks. For this you will need two drill bits of different diameters. The first hole doing in the middle, the rest at the same distance from him. Their number directly depends on the anticipated load.
  • Drill which diameter is greater than the cap screw, make a hole on the front of the box.
  • The second drill which diameter corresponds to the stem of the fastener, drill a hole in the back wall.
  • Apply the box to the ceiling starting from the center, put a label on the rear dowels in the drilled concrete holes.
  • Hammering the dowels.
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    The installation of wall-mounted rods

    Model mounted on the wall, have a wider application. They are compatible with the design of the interior made in any style. Unlike ceiling options, these designs are much easier to install yourself. To illustrate the installation methods of the main types, which include:

    • round;
    • string;
    • profile;
    • baguette.

    Each variety has its own peculiarities of installation. However, the attachment of all these types is done using brackets. The main stages of the work are almost identical, as can be seen from the example given instructions.


    The main difference between the framing of the eaves – the presence of a decorative strip that hides all elements of the design. In view of the used grounds for fixing of curtains isolated rod, string and rail models. The order of work on the installation of baguette with a plastic tyre:

  • Performed markings on the wall on the level.
  • Hammer drill holes, insert the dowels.
  • Install brackets to securely fix them by screws.
  • The existing scheme of collecting harvesting, combine the bus with a decorative strap.
  • Fasten the resulting billet brackets.
  • When the installation is complete the finished product you can hang curtains, tulle.
  • String

    The main feature of string models is their particular device. They consist of steel strands, brackets, hooks. The length of string should not exceed five meters, it can be hung in several rows. However, it is worth considering that on a thin thread to hang only lightweight textiles. The weight of heavy curtains design will not stand. Installation of the eaves, should not cause difficulties even for inexperienced person, the process is as follows:

  • Determine the mounting location, the level performed by the markup.
  • Attaching the fixture, make a mark under the dowel.
  • Drill holes, install fasteners.
  • Through hole available in the prescribed mount, set up steel string in the first bracket.
  • Distributed by yarn hooks or rings.
  • Skip the string through the second string bracket, the necessary tension is adjustable with a special bolt.
  • Surplus steel cut thread, also you can collapse it, it will continue to extend the product.
  • Rod

    Round rods, whose main element is a rod, are the classic models. The edges of the product are attached to special plugs or decorative finials. They serve as decoration, not allow the rings to come off the pipe. In the selection of these options should pay attention to their settings. Short design can be mounted on two brackets, if their length exceeds 1.5 m, it is necessary to provide additional fasteners, which are set in the middle. Installation work is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • Measure the width of the window.
  • Level do the layout.
  • Unscrew holder heel, putting her back to the wall, mark with a pencil space for the dowels.
  • With the installation of long products do extra mark in the middle of the window opening.
  • The drill the drill holes in the intended place, they hammered the dowels.
  • With the help of screws fasten the heel to the wall.
  • On the heels of wrapping the base of the holder.
  • Collect the design, put the required amount of rings on the sides of the installed plugs.
  • When installing, first fix the Central bracket, then the side fasteners.
  • At the final stage, hang the curtains.
  • Profile

    The profile of the model look appropriate in any interior. Their production is used for plastic or aluminium. The maximum length does not exceed 6 meters, but if necessary this setting can be increased by using the connective parts. Some products is able to bend in two planes at any angle, allowing you to use them for decoration of window openings of any bizarre. To illustrate step-by-step installation instructions construction:

  • The designated place of installation.
  • Throughout the length of the pencil do the layout.
  • If this is the long version, should include more than two brackets, especially in the crease.
  • Often the profile rods are sold without mounts, so they have to be purchased separately.
  • Drill holes, install mounting brackets.
  • Fix profile fasteners.
  • How to hang curtain rods on ceiling

    If the room has ceilings, you should give preference to wall-mounted models. However, it is not always possible to hang the appliance on the wall. In this case, before the master there is a more difficult task. It can be solved with the help of special mortgages, which are mounted in advance, before stretching the fabric. There are two basic ways of fixing the cornice:

  • Visible or open. The most common method. Before stretch ceiling installation determine the location where you will be assigned to the product. Further basic ceiling make the layout, which with dowels fixed mortgage with a wooden beam. The wood is pre-treated with special antiseptic and hydrophobic compounds. Then we stretch the canvas on top of it installed a profile cornice, pre-drilled holes in it. Fasten the product to the tree using screws, which are screwed through the film.
  • Hidden in the alcove. This method is fundamentally different from the previous one. It is more difficult to implement, but the resulting effect, which is created by cascading from the ceiling, the curtains, is worth the effort. In this case, the ledge is installed in a recess, the cloth is attached not to the wall, and the fixings bar. First, on the ceiling, do the layout, according to previously described technologies installed cornice. Departing from the design of a few millimeters, mounted a wooden block, it will screw fixing profiles to attach the fabric.
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    Features mounts on drywall

    Set the cornice on almost any basis, drywall is no exception. To perform work by analogy with suspended ceilings using the Foundation beams, or using special anchors “butterfly” or “drive”. But if in the first case, it is possible to adopt a more bulky design, the second is to give preference to easy items, the weight of which is able to withstand a fragile material. Look at the second method in more detail:

  • Before starting work collect cornice.
  • Design applied to the wall, leveled using a level, make pencil marks.
  • Carefully drill holes.
  • Take the dowel butterfly, compressible tabs until it stops winding up in the hole, urging a hammer.
  • Then with the help of screws fasten the heel brackets.
  • Fix product to the wall.
  • Installation of curtain rail for Bay window

    Bay Windows are characterized by different shapes. They repeat the projecting shaped part of the building, which may be round, oval, trapezoidal, many-sided. For rooms with non-standard geometry use a special bow design that is virtually identical to the standard version, can be flexible and rigid. In the first case, the connection elements are used a Bay adapter and the second stick to the profile itself, after which it will be placed in the space. Consider installation method of flexible rods:

  • Depending on the selected locations for installation on the wall, ceiling do the layout.
  • Every 30-40 cm of the drill holes for the brackets.
  • Installed mounts.
  • Fit the cornice, cut off the excess.
  • Fix the design to the fastening.
  • Hang hooks.
  • What cornices fashionable in 2019

    Beautiful cornices will give any room a finished appearance. Along with a properly chosen Drapes that accentuate the design of the room. In 2019 in the trend remains Scandinavian and minimalist style. Therefore, when choosing the most appropriate products is better to give preference to more functional models without unnecessary decoration. The most appropriate will look metal rods, painted in black or white color, natural wood pattern.

    To strengthen its position and art Deco. For this direction it is possible to use gold-plated products that would look perfect with a suspension system Armstrong. Actual and classic style, characterized by strict symmetry, abundance of decor, using natural materials. In the interior it is worth thinking about the hidden in the niche of suspended ceiling cornice, leaving visible only the flowing curtains.


    Among a wide variety of products that are presented on the construction market, everyone will find the most appropriate model. Understand the subject, even a beginner will be able to perform the installation of cornices for curtains. The main thing – desire. However, when working with bulky designs will require the assistance of a partner.

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