Interior doors with glass: photos, types, design and drawings, colors, shapes, inserts

Interior doors with glass, interior can be the final touch that allows you to create a balance in the room to visually change its geometry and to play with space.

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  • Varieties of glass doors
  • What materials are used for doors in the apartment?
  • Types of glass for doors
  • The shape of the glass inserts
  • Design and drawings of doors with glass inserts
  • Color of door with glazing in the interior
  • What style is better to design the interior?
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    Varieties of glass doors

    There are several basic types.

    Doors (sliding)

    This clever design takes a minimum of useful area, thereby especially suited for small spaces.


    Are the classic and most popular option, ideal for any interior solutions. Wing models can have both one and two leaf, different straight or arched form.

    In the photo the balcony with interior hinged doors, decorated glass.


    Represent paintings are rolled back in opposite from each other sides. This design fits perfectly in any size room, however, requires extra space on the wall around the door.

    Photo interior sliding doors with white frosted glass in the living room.

    Double (double)

    Unlike the previous products, clamshell is a much bigger area, so are the most relevant in spacious rooms.

    Folding door

    Has a very stylish and original look and a fairly high price category.


    Due to the special mechanism, the pendulum of interior design opens freely in either direction. In addition, such products do not require the presence of the door frame are extremely simple installation.

    The door-case

    Sliding interior model-container represent the ideal option, which allows you to save space and has a really aesthetic look, blends with any style and architectural design.

    What materials are used for doors in the apartment?

    For production used the following materials have their advantages and disadvantages:

    • Tree. Doors of solid oak, pine or mahogany are not only the most beautiful, but also very reliable and durable structures, characterized by relatively high price.
    • Metal. The combination of a thin metal frame with tempered glass gives the door leaf visual lightness and style.
    • Plastic (PVC). Aesthetic, original and affordable interior models of plastic with a glossy or matte finish, have a special lightness and can have a variety of colors.
    • All-glass. Undoubtedly will decorate and accent any design and bring to room additional light, air and will expand the visual spatial boundaries.

    In the photo the interior of a small entrance hall with interior doors with glass, made of wood.

    Types of glass for doors

    Glass elements, depending on performance techniques, divided into several varieties.

    Frosted glass

    Looks very simple and elegant, creates a private atmosphere, but at the same time perfectly diffuses the light. Matte elements is especially advantageous to take a look at targowych glazing doors.

    In the photo room with a connecting door cargobay dark shade, decorated with frosted glass.

    Black glass

    Black opaque glass has a rather unusual and surprising view, which allows you to shade and to accentuate the overall design of the room.

    With clear glass

    The interior of the product with transparent glass and give the atmosphere a unique style and gloss, visually enlarge the space and natural light.


    Distinctive pattern and a unique, easily recognizable appearance. Thanks to the fluted texture of the glass, it turns out to add a spaciousness, openness, and however, privacy and comfort.


    The facet grinding it gives a glass insert for a dramatic cut, giving it some volume. The facet may be straight, curved or have an unusual and intricate shapes.


    Through such an expensive and prestigious interior element, you can specify design a special image.


    Despite its simplicity, white insert, harmoniously with interior fabrics all colors, giving them a brightness and saturation and can easily change the style and colour fill the room.

    Photo modern bathroom with interior canvas, framed with glass in white.


    Gives the atmosphere of warmth and hints of mystery. Bronze glass will certainly add door designs, and spatial maximum of the nobility.

    The shape of the glass inserts

    Popular varieties of forms.


    Allow visually enlarge a narrow doorway in width and to make the room more spacious.


    Harmoniously fit into any interior style and create a pleasant space accent. In addition, insertion of a horizontal shape, elongate interior doors in height.

    Oval and round

    Graceful curved elements can form romantic and dreamy atmosphere to give the atmosphere of lightness and to create a cozy and very elegant design.

    On the photo of interior wooden door with small glass round shape in the interior of a bathroom.

    Rectangular and square

    Due to the rigor and correctness of the lines, proportionality and the traditional location, square or rectangular panels present a classic and rather conservative design solutions.


    Provide the ability to turn the door leaf in a unique and innovative interior design element that will dominate the entire room.

    Design and drawings of doors with glass inserts

    With various designs and drawings on glass, you can turn your door into a real art object.


    With their own unique aesthetics and provide the basis for formation of unique, designer interior.

    On the photo of interior light products with a patterned frosted glass in the hallway.

    Stained glass

    Picturesque interior paintings and art glass are very bright decorative element, which allows to significantly refresh and enrich a relaxed and understated atmosphere.

    In the photo hall and interior sliding doors with stained glass, executed in the technique of fusing.


    Has a perfect geometric shapes, soft smooth lines and elegant look, which is impossible to harmonize the surrounding space.

    With PhotoPrint on the surface

    With such a modern decor, as photo printing, it is possible to radically change their familiar environment and to give door designs, uniqueness, brightness and interesting.

    With decorative stickers

    Thanks to decorative the labels, it turns out it easy to refresh and stylish to decorate the glass surface, without being deprived of its lightness, transparency and weightlessness.


    The transom is an additional flap over the door design, decorated with inserted glass, which in turn can be opaque, transparent, stained or decorated beveled, painting, mosaic, or engraving.

    Color of door with glazing in the interior

    There are a wide variety, both dark and light coloring of the solution, the following are the most popular ones.


    Visually expands the space, perfectly complements the overall design and mutes the too bright color accents, making the environment more peaceful and harmonious.


    Is the real black gold, allowing to create exclusive interior and emphasize the refined taste and status of the room.


    It is considered very thin design course, which is a sample of good taste. Elegant black color will give the room a rigor and solemnity.


    This a solid and respectable shade, due to its beauty and natural coziness can become a worthy decoration for any interior space.

    In the photo brown interior glass doors in kitchen design.


    As simple and pure grey color, sets the atmosphere of versatility and elegance.

    What style is better to design the interior?

    Design options in a variety of styles and directions:

    • Classic. Interior doors with rasstanovka, in the form of a simulated window frame white, canvas beige, white, light maricevich colors, decorated with symmetrical bevelled glass panels with the correct lines and simple forms is a visual compositional center of the interior.
    • Provence. For Provencal style perfect interior products in a clean and muted colours of frosted or clear glass, decorated with sandblasted floral patterns, flowing lines and understated ornamentation. Also frequently found here door model with the French bars, made from natural wood, MDF, veneer or ecoveneer
    • Hi-tech. Modern plastic and metal construction with horizontal, vertical, patterned or frosted glass strips combined with chromed fittings will not be beaten out from the General design of advanced technologies.
    • Minimalism. The room is in a minimalist style involves more brightness and light, so here are particularly relevant interior door with clear glass without the drawings having a regular geometric shape.
    • Modern. Fully glazed transparent sliding model designs, such as a book or a harmonica, two tone jewelry with plexiglass with the use of tinting or color film, will join perfectly in a modern setting.
    • English. Most often in the English style used natural overall models in dark colors, decorated with capitals or wide frames. Using glass inserts can be a little easier for the data massive canvases and give them grace.

    Photo bedroom in classic style interior single door with patterned glass.

    Interior products with opaque, transparent, granular corrugated panels or canvas and glazed in the middle, are quite remarkable detail of the interior, so they must properly fit into the overall style without causing disharmony.

    Photo gallery

    Interior doors with glass, represent, not just a part of the interior, and its main element, which depends on the formation of style in General.


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