Laminate flooring in the kitchen: myths and life hacks

Laminate widely used in the decoration of the kitchen, and it’s easy to explain. From an aesthetic point of view, laminate flooring in the kitchen is great: texture and colour scheme correspond to the dominant trends in the design world.

The contents

  • Color harmony in the kitchen

  • A sense of purity

  • About the durability

  • High-quality and inexpensive imitation

  • How to use laminate in the kitchen

  • Laminate floors: when aesthetics is the most important

  • Why on the kitchen wall of a laminate?

  • Backsplash laminate – if you really want, you can

  • The joy experiment

  • Photo gallery – laminate flooring in the kitchen interior

  • Video

Color harmony in the kitchen

Laminate designers love. It provides a wide range of shades, allowing you to create interior designs of kitchen in the perfect color palette. Its color is not limited to the stunning variations of grey, brown and black. Manufacturers are offering fancy imitation wood with the shades of green, Indigo, Marsala or terracotta. All that becomes relevant in the color of the interior, immediately embodied in the new collections of laminate.

Laminate flooring provides a wide range of shades

A sense of purity

The surface of the floor sparkly clean. It is so important for cooking! Any dirt effortlessly erases with a damp cloth. However, the joints… However, they can try to protect with wax or sealant. There are also models with a chamfer, reinforced melamine coating, joints are underlined, but they look neat: dirt is easily removed.

About the durability

The practicality of laminate controversial in the long term, mainly due to insufficient water resistance. This is not so important, if you plan to finish the laminate walls in the kitchen – the water gets on them infrequently, in the form of steam or spray (if it’s about kitchen backsplash laminate). Another thing is the flooring, but here the consumer is looking for a balance between durability, reparability, price and aesthetics.

Wall decoration kitchen laminate

High-quality and inexpensive imitation

The most topical areas of design involve the use of natural wood and stone, but it is expensive. Laminate flooring allows you to bring the interior design of the kitchen to reality. In fact, this is basically what makes it all the more popular. This is the trend: the mass consumer prefers not to invest in luxury real estate, choosing a budget or rental housing plus a professional interior design for relatively little money.

Laminate flooring simulates any type of wood

Laminate flooring simulates any wood species, from affordable pine to exotic African oak and cork, and ceramics. Manufacture technology allows photographic transfer color and texture of the original material. To apply such a reliable figure on other surfaces is not yet possible.

How to use laminate in the kitchen
1. Flooring.

Often make laminate floors – so clean, beautiful, and if you choose commercial grade 32 or above, sufficient moisture-proof coating. As an example, we give the flooring an elegant cuisine (photo) of a laminate, which copies the texture of the old boards, but cheaper and easier care than natural material.

Flooring elegant kitchen

2. The panel on the wall.

The most trendy life hack – laminate on the kitchen wall (photo): as an active visual element, it is used locally. For example, in the photo decorated with a warm wood laminate in the kitchen on the wall dilutes the Scandinavian black and white palette helps to highlight the cozy dining area.

Laminate flooring helps to highlight the cosy dining area

It is possible to further develop the theme of environmental island, placing on the panel a green plant, or Vice versa, to play on the contrast of nature and technology by typing in “wooden” interior vintage lamps in the loft.

3. The cozy apron.

No one would argue that laminate is the most practical protection walls in the cooking area. But on the other hand, kitchen backsplash laminate much easier to keep clean than the wooden panels, so for kitchens Japanese-style or country the best material to choose.

Backsplash laminate – practical protection of the wall

The competition it can be laminated chipboard panels, but on a broad palette of colors he has no equal, and therefore designers again and again will use the laminate for the back splash in the kitchen.

4. Everything is permitted that is not prohibited.

Sometimes the decorate laminate kitchen cabinets countertop, doors, shelves. Adhesive, sealants and wax is made to give maximum moisture protection. In each case, the designer solves a very specific problem, using the ability to choose the right color and pattern.

How it is practical? durable? It depends on the elaborateness and accuracy of the hosts.

Laminate floors: when aesthetics is the most important

Use of the laminate for kitchen floor – the subject of continuous debate. The amazing thing is that the material obviously losing in terms of water resistance of linoleum and ceramic tile, it was viewed as an alternative to ceramics and linoleum. How did he do it?

The secret lies in the aesthetics, the special tactile properties, ease of installation, care and price. It replaces natural floor coverings, copies of their external features, and introduces new and useful properties of ease of Assembly and disassembly, durability, extremely easy to maintain clean.

Laminate flooring is easy installation and durability

In the design of modern apartments, especially Studio plan, there is a tendency to use for all rooms, including kitchen, one floor, avoiding “patches” from other materials. The only exception is for the bathroom. And here the question arises: how to cover the whole room– linoleum, wood, ceramic or laminate? Choice hard to do, but for the totality of the properties of universality, often wins the laminate.

Its lack of water resistance necessary to compensate for accuracy. In the case of force majeure – flooding – to be replaced the laminate flooring in one day and it will cost to repair cheap, considering the standard size of the kitchen.

Tough laminate is intermediate between granite and linoleum. It’s not sagging marks from the chairs on the linoleum, and at the same time, it is far from a stone – if you accidentally drop a plate, it will not break. The laminate solid surface and the shock-absorbing substrate, walk on it a pleasure.

Thanks to the shock-absorbing substrate to walk on the laminate nice

There is such a thing as a warm floor. We are talking not about systems, but about the tactile sensation. Stone flooring (ceramic tiles), despite the exceptional durability and hygiene, does not take root as kitchen flooring in Northern latitudes. It’s too hard, cool, uncomfortable.

Wood, especially parquet floor is not only insufficient water-resistant, but expensive and capricious in operation. The linoleum another shortcoming is that it does not meet modern aesthetics of the home. Leader compromise sinoveda for the kitchen (photos) laminate flooring, spectacular and easy to care for.

Laminate flooring is spectacular and easy care

Laminate is much cheaper than wood, aesthetically perfect (manufacturers follow the trends in design and quickly update the product line), the best examples of quite water-resistant. It is inferior to natural coatings in durability, but it is chosen by those for whom price is more important, aesthetics and comfort.

Why on the kitchen wall of a laminate?

Just say – sheathing laminate all kitchen wall is a bad idea, it is used to create accents.

Creative wall decoration kitchen laminate flooring amazing ability to distort space. This happens, for example, in smooth transition the flooring to the wall. Because the boundary between the flooring and the wall is blurred, or the room seem more spacious or more intimate, depending on the shade and pattern of the panel.

Decoration kitchen wall laminate

In the case where the laminated plate flows from the wall to the ceiling, created a kind of tent, closing the dining area. Underneath hiding the wiring going to the lamps.

The decorative panel can be easily mounted shelves for tea sets and all kinds of accessories. How effectively are revealed at the background of live green plants!

The photo shows how the wall space with laminate flooring in the kitchen sets off the bright dining group.

Laminate flooring sets off the dining group

Behind the couch in the dining area, this coating performs at least two roles, decorative and applied: protects the space behind the back bench from abrasion and from permanent contamination.

Interesting look panel, laid on the diagonal or parquet floors.

If the dining room has a technical niche is about luck. In her place a cascade of open shelves or leave free clean surface, covered with laminate.

Japanese-style kitchen with laminate on the wall in the dark color of wenge seems to be spotlessly clean and concise – this effect was achieved by the designer.

Provence for manufacturers offer white, like faded pictures of wood. Local kitchen decoration with laminate wall (photo) or a small plot gives the room a nice rustic ease.

Decoration kitchen wall laminate

A special role is played finish laminate kitchen walls on the loft. For selected drawing style barn boards or complex texture, simulating a longitudinal cut of an old mighty tree. Objective: to join industrial metal and rough concrete with an equally brutal wood to achieve pictorial contrast.

The scenic contrast of textures of wood and brick

Backsplash laminate – if you really want, you can

If we start from purely practical considerations, kitchen backsplash laminate – not the best way to protect the walls from corrosive effects of water, temperature and fat. But in some cases it is so successfully supports the design that it is impossible to abandon the idea.

In fact, this finish has its advantages:

  • Easy to assemble, including on the walls of complex configuration, with niches and ledges.
  • Masks surface irregularities.
  • Due to a wide range of patterns and shades, allows us to complement the interior finely calibrated accent.
  • Is cheap, and therefore the apron can without regret replace.

The apron of the laminate complement the interior of a finely adjusted focus

Disadvantages of laminate as the apron is obvious, but their voice for the sake of completeness we have to, at least in order to debunk the myths:

  • The joints over time will become clogged with fat. This can be combated: wipe clean with a panel immediately after contamination, but in practice, after cooking.
  • It is believed that the laminate will swell from moisture. No, if you wipe it immediately after washing.
  • Over the stove, the laminate will warp from the heat. Well this is how it should fry up the hot coals? The material withstands even momentary contact with the hot pan, and from the conventional heated air will not harm.

Laminate masking uneven walls

The laminate on the kitchen apron – finish on the fan. Lover of originality, perfect color combinations and change.

The joy experiment

Laminate firmly taken its place – he became budget and quality substitute for natural coatings. It simulates any type of wood, from affordable pine to exotic African oak.

New collections are released immediately after the annual exhibitions of the interior salons. A relatively inexpensive material reflects the latest trends in the design world!

Experiments with non-traditional finishes kitchen laminate flooring have become a kind of fashion, a life hack. Try it and you!

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