Light curtains in the interior: stylistic versatility window outfits in calm colors

Drape the Windows are not only able to decorate any room, but also to simulate space. Light curtains in the interior visually enlarge the size of the window opening, do not prevent the penetration of sunlight, in excellent agreement with different design concepts.

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  • How to use light curtains in the interior

  • Light curtains in classic interior

  • Light curtains in the style of Baroque and Rococo

  • Light curtains with aesthetics country

  • Light curtains in the genre of modernist and minimalist

  • Light curtains in the manner of the modern masterpieces of interior fashion

  • The role of light curtains in the interior of different rooms

  • Photo gallery – light curtains in the interior

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The window outfits of white, blue, yellow and other light fabrics symbolize peace, purity and harmony. Window decor draperies delicate neutral tones fully compensates for the lack of light in the dark room and dispels the overly bright lighting on the South side. Light curtains in the interior give the space composition a festive look. Room for any purpose, transformed beyond recognition with the appearance of a lush heavy curtains with pelmets or concise straightforward curtains with the bright color.

How to use light curtains in the interior

The decoration of the Windows is able to radically modify the appearance of the residential and public premises. Presentable and unobtrusive look of draperies that are created from fabrics of pastel colors, when you make a completely different purpose:

  • In offices, schools, children’s rooms, where next to the window, organized place for learning, a reasonable way to use curtains of light in the interior. They don’t occlude a Desk and do not distract attention from the objects of study.
  • In home interiors, overflowing with abundance of bright furnishings, wood look ornate and complex patterns on the Wallpaper, textile equipment important to hang curtains and light shades. They will help to balance and neutralize the effect of excessive coarseness.

Light curtains will balance the bright interior

  • In restaurant Banquet rooms, interiors dining light curtains caught, gracefully framing the window openings, creates a calm aura for maximum relaxation and comfort of tourists observing the life of the metropolis.
  • Hotel apartments topical application of light draperies to equip Windows. They do not interfere with full natural light, great support, the atmosphere relaxing and mental relaxation. In small spaces optimally to create a complete interior composition of a solid or a semi-tone different from each other as curtains, carpets, blankets or decorative pillows.

Light curtains in the interior do not hinder the natural light

  • In rooms with skylights rationally to hang peach, blue or grey curtains in a bright room. They tone down the excessive brightness of sun and glow of moonlight, illuminate the room with light sky-blue or beige glow.

Calm tone of light curtains appeals to many areas of interior design: Provence, shabby chic, loft, minimalism, Rustico, Scandinavian and many other styles. Draping the Windows differ only in manner of execution – style décor, the fabric control system.

Light curtains in classic interior

Ever-actual classics tend to the restrained decoration of the Windows because of the artsy environment, composed of three-dimensional wooden and leather furniture, flooring of parquet or marble, stone portals with a dark finish. The decoration of the Windows with a whitish glow amid the monumental environment with an abundance of darkening elements are perceived as the first rays of sun illuminating the night sky.

Light curtains in the living room, dining room or another representative area to symbolize aristocratic environment. For this role ideal curtains with simple rectilinear outlines, but is made of luxury fabrics:

  • Atlas;
  • jacquard;
  • velvet;
  • velour;
  • silk;
  • taffeta.

Light curtains in the interior living room in classical style

Excessive asceticism is alien to the elegant manners of the classical style. Allowed to use light curtains with a delicate drape:

  • Austrian curtains are capable of straight perfectly flat canvases to turn into a magnificent decoration similar to the outfits ladies at the Vienna ball. By equipping the edges of the invisible cords in the raised position formed numerous undulating folds. Due to the particular sewing Austrian blinds modestly looking bright drapery can emphasise the opposite and coming in and being so pompous interior with a classic basis depending on the mood of others, the desired entourage.

Austrian curtains

  • Long draperies of heavy light fabrics to embellish the actual dark eyelets, imitating precious metal alloys: gold, silver or platinum. It is acceptable to play on the contrast: to compose the white or dairy dark curtains with cornice, decorated with ball-shaped or pre-shaped tips.

Long draperies of heavy light fabric

Elite look of the draperies, executed in the manner of the classics, will give a lush brush-holders. Their color can be a few shades darker than the window outfit or to emphasize the contrasting colour of the decorative elements.

Light curtains in the style of Baroque and Rococo

Pompous luxury and aesthetic landmark of the interior, dominated by the aesthetics of these historic designs. The window drapery should underscore the Bohemian spirit of the interior typical of the Baroque and Rococo. These requirements flawlessly matches the tapestry, brocade and velvet, grogram acting as the foundations of curtains, upholstery and other textile attributes.

The lightness emanating from elegant curtains, dilutes the visual pressure everywhere the glittering of gilding, mirror, moldings with intricate outlines. Choose curtains in bright room decorated according to the type of Palace apartments, it is advisable with intricate decorative design:

  • Kokila is part of the pelmet, visually reminiscent of the angled composition with the framing of numerous folds. Their number depends on the length of the cornice.

The number of kokila depends on the length of the cornice

  • Semicircular Smad, similar to the tiered lessirovka, give a pompous look of window decoration. They are located around the perimeter of the eaves. Their color can be combined with the tone of the curtains or to focus attention on the expressive contrast of dark wave elements.

Smad attach window decoration elegant look

  • Fishnet bandeau surprised by the complexity of the ornate decor, personifying fancy floral motifs. Exquisite decoration light curtain is an exclusive alternative to the trivial valances.

Refined bandeau for decoration curtains

Easily recognizable by the decoration of the Windows of the Palace in these stylistic genres will be elegant decorated with light curtains in the interior. Photos of Drapes and curtains with embroidered monograms Golden threads of lurex, layered ruffles, scallops, Flemish pleats, cords of silk and wool yarns will allow you to pick a decent outfit for the Windows corresponding to the flamboyant atmosphere.

Light curtains with aesthetics country

Denying the decorative delights of the country tends to simplicity, natural harmony and tranquility. Pale yellow, light pink, cream color – range of tones, beyond which it is not necessary to go when choosing curtains. Nothing should prevent the maximum natural light. Therefore, when choosing a need to focus not only on the color of the fabric, but also on its structure. The cloth should be sewn from light fabrics with natural color, good transmission of the solar rays: calico, linen, muslin or cotton.

I asked the question “what are the blinds in a bright room most suitable in style”, it is reasonable to rely on its purpose:

  • For the kitchen the ideal solution would be short curtains, hanging loose and reaching to the window sill. Neutral base subtly dilute discreet patterns that mimic vines, wildflowers, fruit, berries, ethnic motifs, checkered colors. Bright curtains in the kitchen hang appropriate to the type of manners clearance cafeterias, stylized rural flavor. Fasten them to a wooden rod instead of an ordinary cornice.

Short curtains will perfectly fit into the interior in country style

  • For the living room is perfect nothing unadorned piece of fabric with pea or striped patterns. Allowed the use of one typical pattern exhibited in the drape and the textile design of the room. If you plan on combining them with lightweight curtains made of organza or veil, actual gently in the middle to encircle them with thin bands of bright colors.

Light curtains in the interior in country style

  • Curtains for bedrooms it is advisable to place not only on the perimeter of the window, but above the doorway. In the old days a great luxury was considered the installation of doors. Therefore, in village huts often isolated space of adjacent rooms through the curtains to the floor. To finish them, it is reasonable to use a braid or frill exotic bright colors. Relevant prints of butterflies, birds, floral motifs.

Curtains with floral motifs complement the interior

If you focus on the rural surroundings in the interior, it is optimal for sewing to use burlap. For decorating non-trivial framework of curtains you can sew ruffles from lightweight fabrics or associate of jute yarn ruffles, bows. Natural material for sewing window decoration is extremely important for the aesthetics of the country.

Light curtains in the genre of modernist and minimalist

Concision, compactness, restraint in the interior with features of modernism and minimalism is apparent in every element of the situation, including and window drapery. Favor the use of subtle light curtains Roman or roller type. Nothing should distract attention from an attention to detail and functional interior. Therefore, minimalist decor promotes a complete taboo on the use of sewing accessories to give the aesthetic appearance of the curtains. The main bet is placed on the ease of opening and closing paintings. Important to choose modification of the Rome sample with a set of remote control that makes it easy to change their position.

Concise light curtains in the interior

If minimalism denies the decoration of the Windows of the dresses with prints, patterns and ornaments, modernism encourages the implementation of the extraordinary décor:

  • with photo printing in 3D depicting all kinds of abstraction, the futurist image;
  • printed embroideries, patches, appliqués with characters recognizable in the lighting design, Wallpaper or other parts of your child’s room;
  • metallic coating illuminates the brilliance of the surrounding space during the interaction with led lights or multi-level lighting system;
  • luminous in the dark coating caused by handling of fluorescent powder.

Extraordinary decor curtains in modern style

The background is bright and expressive seen all sorts of decorative elements: designs, patterns, lace trim, tassels, woven cords, eyelets and other garment accessories, giving the product a unique look. This is another obvious advantage of curtains from fabrics and bright palette.

Light curtains in the manner of the modern masterpieces of interior fashion

Interior designers seek to impress the discerning inhabitants negritoski colors of window decorations, and their informal view:

  • tailoring asymmetric shape to match the rounded or stepped feature window opening panoramic type;
  • picturesque scenes, filigree transferred from the canvas of the painting avant-garde artist for light cloth;
  • edges in a zigzag shape;
  • a sharp gradient of colors from light to dark according to the type of smell;
  • layered draperies of the Windows with the use of 2-3 like-color pastel fabric.

Light curtains in a modern interior

Light curtains are different ways to beat in modern interiors: to make the design of the window by the center for spatial composition or inconspicuous high-tech part of the project design. In the first case, it is advisable near the glazed opening to organize a private or a representative area. As the window decoration to use light curtains with the image of urban panoramas, surprising others realistic scene composition. To light a room with dark curtains did not seem depressingly bleak, hopeless optimally combine the curtains with the transparent curtain.

Automatic blinds for high-tech interior

High-tech interior with a minimum of decoration in the interior is to pick up the automatic blinds for bedrooms. Pictures of different modifications with electrochromism show the simple design and ease of operation with the remote control device or settings of the system “smart house”. Electrocars built-in controller enables you to control the raising and lowering of the curtains, to prevent excessive heating of the room temperature at noon. Sensors temperature and light signal controller that responds instantly to the task of isolating the building from sunlight.

The role of light curtains in the interior of different rooms

If the room requires impressive-looking draperies of the Windows, the bedroom needs to be cozy to sleep in the twilight. Light curtains are able to fully cater to the various design tasks:

  • The interior of the nursery will fully complement the curtains a creamy or milky color. This room involves filling the details of the situation with variegated colors, multi-prints are everywhere: on the Wallpaper, stretch ceilings, textiles. To compensate for the tiring effect of the bright colors of the surrounding furnishings reasonably light hang thick curtains in the bedroom. Photo unusual ways to create decorations for your Windows will complement the cheerful atmosphere in the bedroom for the children: combine the white Drapes with pink or blue curtains with overlapping each other fixed to the ledge and picked up the brush along both sides of the window.

Light curtains negate the bright interior

  • For the living room window you need to choose attire regardless of his role in the painting of the interior. If the room is overloaded with furniture, the center of the spatial composition is a multi-tiered chandelier or a fireplace area, then the best solution would be a striking drape with white curtains, yarn, gracefully flowing along the walls. If the interior of the hall is in need of expressive allocation window, it is important to look to the French Marquis tiered scallops and cascading lifting systems controls. The special charm of the light curtains of similar style will give a satin or satin fabric with a shiny light reflections.

The French curtains will make your window decorations expressive

  • In order to increase the height of the walls or to expand the boundaries of close spaces, it is best to hang the curtains light in the kitchen. Photos of diverse designs, decorations curtains with soft pastel or neutral white color will help to optimize any kitchen space. It is worth considering the need for frequent washing of products from fabrics, absorbing the surrounding smells of food. The basis of the window decoration should be excellent practicality and formulaically with multiple washings. For convenience, frequent hanging curtains optimally equip their large size eyelets, allowing for a few minutes to thread the fabric onto the ledge.

Light curtains can visually enlarge your kitchen space

Light curtains in the interior bring a note of freshness frosty morning and summer coolness. Elegant white draping the Windows create a feeling of order in the house.

Curtains in calm colors multiply the natural light, emphasize a non-trivial constructive lines of the window opening: multicomponent Bay window or arched outlines. Their role is invaluable in the interior design, symbolizing the solemn unobtrusive elegance of scenery and a harmonious idyll.

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