Lighting kitchen

Lighting a kitchen is an important element of kitchen design. Lighting is not only an ornament, but is of great practical importance. From my own experience I can say that it performs two main functions – it lights the working area of the kitchen cabinets and kitchen lighting, when you don’t need bright light.



The lighting of the kitchen cabinets

Lighting kitchen units and work areas can be organized in different ways. Often do not do additional design elements of the kitchen furniture and organized a lighting on the ceiling. To do this, the perimeter of the kitchen, the ceiling mounted box made of plasterboard, which are embedded spotlights.



This approach is good and versatile, but it is possible only at the stage of repair. And what to do in the case when the repair has been made, and highlighting dishes not provided? There are two ways to do the highlight with the visor either install lighting directly above the table top.



Backlit countertops is a good way of highlighting a kitchen. It can be done in various ways. Earlier for these purposes used fluorescent lamps. Now with the advent of led strip and special boxes this task much easier. In addition, the low energy consumption LEDs, this kind of lighting is even and economical.



Led tape can be glued directly on the kitchen furniture and in special boxes. Boxes come in various configurations, including triangular. Triangular boxes can serve both as an area covering the seam between cabinets on the top row, and apron, and at the same time perform the function of diffusing light. The only problem is the organization of lighting a kitchen of this type is the low prevalence of such structures in the construction market and significant cost.



Lighting, mounted in the visor of kitchen units


Lighting kitchen


To implement this method, you’ll need chipboard plate that must be installed on top of upper cabinets and recessed lights in there. There are several versions of the backlight according to the method, in this article I want to share my experience.

Structurally, the lighting of the kitchen consists of several plates of chipboard and lamps. The laminated plate can be made to order or purchased ready-made and to finalize the place. Depending on the configuration of the kitchen, the visor may consist of one or several parts.



An important feature is the width of the visor. Given that the depth of cabinets is 30 cm, the width of the canopy is 50cm. It turns out that the canopy will be approximately 20 cm, which is sufficient for the Assembly of furniture fixtures.

The visor looks good when it looks like one slab of chipboard. If it consists of several parts, then of course there are joints you can see it spoils the appearance of the visor. You can clearly see the junction when the plate chipboard glued edging tape. If to join two plates that have no edges, then the joint turns out almost invisible. It should be noted that the raw chipboard end plates are not damaged over time, as it is missing moisture.



The second stage of the organization of lighting is the installation of furniture fixtures. To do this, with a step of 60 cm drilled holes in the visor. Drilling conveniently with the help of special crowns the tree.

Then pre-purchased furniture fixtures installed in drilled holes. Furniture recessed downlights can be purchased in almost any specialized store. When buying fixtures updated to store the required number of transformers in case the bulb on 12 volts.

Thus, it is possible to highlight kitchen. As a complement, and that would not hide the processed end face of the chipboard, I added a thick padded edge.


Printed edge


In my opinion, turned out pretty good.


Installed printed edge



Lamps for illumination



Compare galaganova and led bulb


Comparison of led and halogen lamps

In conclusion, I want to share one interesting point related to lighting kitchen. We will focus on electricity savings. I have a light cuisine involved 6 lamps 20 watts. This gives a total of 120 watts. Given that the kitchen lighting in practice proved to be a favorite kitchen lighting and day and night, it burns a lot and often. Accordingly, the electricity consumption it has turned out significant.

A little reflection, decided to install LEDs of 3 watts that actually shown in the photo. They look so.


LEDs to illuminate the kitchen.


Acquired specifically with yellow light. That’s what happened in the end. Looks like that day.


Lighting kitchen led lights.


And it looks like night.


The lighting at night


The last photo shows a comparison of the illumination of the led light bulb 3W (left) and halogen light bulbs 20 watts (right). The LEDs less bright, but good enough to illuminate the kitchen countertop. In addition, they are not heated and have directional illumination, i.e. doesn’t show up via holes in the lamps.

Why a halogen lamp? The fact is that thanks to its low energy consumption all six led bulbs can’t run the transformer at 60 watts. So I had to leave one halogen. The moral, for connecting the led bulbs you need to buy special low-power transformer.

In conclusion, some ideas for the organization of lighting of the kitchen cabinets.



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