Make sofa with your hands (100 ideas): a stylish and comfortable interior without any extra costs

Set with padded seats and backs for patio in Mediterranean style

From the aesthetics of the furniture in the home depends on the impression about the whole room, so it is very important to maintain it in good condition. The sofa refers to the functional part, which is very often in use. In this regard, it quickly wears out and loses not only its appeal, but worse performs the assigned function. However, in the conditions of financial instability, which from time to time facing each of us, to carry out its replacement is not so easy.

But there is a way! If you know how to work with certain tools, you can produce anything independently. This will not only save money, but will give you a truly unique and inimitable interior design!


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  • Tools and materials
  • The non-extendable version
  • Owner
  • Eurobook
  • Ways of dressing
  • Ideas improvised

Compact and comfortable sofa with leather upholstery, hand-made

Alternative Assembly of the handmade sofa with integrated table


Create a sofa by yourself quite easily. But first and foremost is to determine its appearance and functionality. Depending on the selected design. They are divided into transformers and unspreadable, and options distinguish between these mechanisms:

  • book;
  • accordion;
  • the eurobook;
  • roll-out;
  • and others.


We offer you diagram the most common and popular. Also determine the availability of places for storage. Depending on how to unpack your building, it is necessary to acquire special mechanisms.

Tools and materials

To manufacture the sofa manually you will need certain tools. For work it is best to use the devices that you face is not the first time, or exercise. Before you begin creating furniture, make sure that you had these tools:

  • the jigsaw;
  • a hacksaw or an angle grinder with a disk of wood;
  • drill;


  • screwdriver;
  • the stapler;
  • and others.

It is not necessary to pay for a new couch half the salary, if it can be relatively easy to do yourself

Model with a table in an eclectic interior

The materials that you will need for making such an important and large object depend on its type and functionality. But in any case you need to purchase:

  • beam;
  • rifled Board;
  • plywood of different thickness.
  • DSP;
  • upholstery fabric;
  • foam;

High the foam will help to create a lush pillow on the seat and the back of the headset

  • PVA glue;
  • screws;
  • drill three stage;
  • staples for stapler;
  • and more.


The parameters and the number depend on a produced model. It is important that they are of good quality and environmentally friendly. When working with wood, pay attention to the quality of grinding. It is best to do it yourself. When choosing a glue and varnish, do not buy materials containing toxic substances.


Classic canapés is a beautiful, upholstered furniture which does not transformered. Its design is easy, you’ll think of yourself. The drawing and the Assembly diagram of the model can be viewed below. They consist of:

  • legs;
  • seat:
  • soft backrest;
  • armrests.


The legs are made from timber or purchased in the store ready – made of plastic, iron or other material. Need to bring down the rectangle with lid made of boards or chipboard, and then tie the legs as shown in diagram. Back to attach the timber or Board, covered fiberboard, or sheet of chipboard.

Legs for sofas wood: a) side view; b) view in perspective of the connector

Order the product came out soft, fasten the foam with white glue. Next, wrap all the upholstery fabric, which is fixed by staples on the reverse side of the structure.

For byltsa better suited to a DSP. In this case, simply cut a piece the right size, which will be located on the short sides. It is glued with foam. It is important that the top byltsa overlaps the bending of the sheet. The next layer is upholstery fabric. It is secured at the junction of byltsa.

The manufacturer of the sofa with their hands — a very time consuming process

Upholstered furniture upholstered in leather looks very impressive

If you want to make a more functional model, it is necessary to apply a different schema. Made of boards or chipboard is going to a U-shaped piece. Inside are attached the halves of the moving mechanisms, parts of which are attached to assembled a separate box, which allows him to easily and to function properly. The seat is installed on top of the basics. It also fastens the rear part of the structure. Fit an all that foam and fabric as in the first case, or place a mattress and pillows to create a soft parts.


To strengthen whether the armrest, you decide for yourself. However, it should be noted that its presence can add functionality, if it is rectangular in shape with a wide top and opposed side and end parties will not be covered with upholstery. In this case, the armrest can serve as a small coffee table, which is conveniently placed book or Cup of tea.

Contrast a summer recreation area by the pool

Model can be straight or angled. Might be a place for linen storage – it could be the box or just the box. May differ form components. Aesthetic and functional features depend on your preferences and skills.


This sofa has become a classic for apartments, and today it has not lost its popularity. This sofa consists of the following parts:

  • Department for storage;
  • the seat and backrest;
  • legs;
  • armrests.


The scheme of its fabrication simple. You should start with division for storage. Its default value is 1 900 x 50 cm it is best to take well polished edged Board, and for the bottom sheet of fiberboard. If necessary, can be inserted inside the partition. On the reverse side of the bottom screwed slats as ribs.

To backrest frame and seat made of lattice and timber battens. From the bottom you can secure the hardboard sheet that will protect the foam from contamination. Both elements are joined and mechanically fastened to the substrate. For a lattice stacked sheets of foam and upholstered in fabric.

The armrests are made of chipboard or timber lined fiberboard and upholstered upholstery material, and then attached to the whole structure.


This mechanism is very common and convenient option today. Start creating it, as in the previous case, with box for linen. Back and seat made of timber slats and assembled in a grid with the attached sheet of fiberboard, but upholstered these items separately.

To the bottom of seat front side over the entire length is secured by a special Board, which when open plays the role of the legs. Seat and box are held together by special movable mechanism. The backrest is mounted on non-collapsible awnings. In more detail the Assembly of parts shown in the video below.

The unfolding algorithm is that the seat is pushed forward; the top of the sunshade flips and falls on the box. Depending on the size it can be suitable for your living room, bedroom or child’s room.

Ways of dressing

It is important that the furniture was not only functional, but also have an attractive appearance. The main role in the decoration is the choice of upholstery fabric. Today, the market represented a great variety of products, among which the most common are:

  • barakan;
  • velour;
  • leather and its synthetic analogues;
  • and others.

The Chesterfield sofa made by their own hands

If you want to give upholstered furniture a larger volume, you can do this by applying a thicker layer of foam.

To created you the thing looked original, manufacture items of unusual shape. This is especially true for a child’s room. You can also experiment with the padding. It is possible to stitch, making embroidered designs. You can also perform tightening at the back using buttons or studs.

Impressive look rounded model. To create them, used a jigsaw with which of the chipboard is cut the desired shape. This is the basis of design. She sheathed the small slats. Further, all performed as in the previous embodiments.

Have hand-picked products are always more pronounced and colorful appearance

Rounded shapes of the sofa are purchased at the time of creation of the frame

Hand-made wooden frame and decorative pillows

It’s not the whole list of decoration. It all depends on your preference and imagination. The important role played by placement and color. For a child’s room, you can use brighter shades. Balsam can be given a special form.

Ideas improvised

A more economical version of the above might be creating things from already served everyday items. The most common option is to use pallets. They are fastened together, forming the backrest and seat. To soften the seat, usually used by mattress and pillows.

The idea of the sofa from scrap materials

If you want to diversify design in the country, creating a model that can be placed in the courtyard or in the gazebo, use the old tub. One of its long sides is cut with a grinder using a disc metal. The remainder form the back and byltsa. The sections necessarily need to be sanded down to avoid injury. From the top you can place a mattress.

It is also possible to simultaneously acquire a new thing and solve the problem with long decaying garbage. Take a plastic bottle and cut her neck. Connect two elements by inserting them into each other’s bottom out. Tape seal parts formed in a rectangular block of the desired size. For the manufacture of bottom to best design three or more layers of such blocks.

For backrest and armrests is enough two. Joining all the elements with tape or glue for plastic. If you want you can place on top of mattress or cover with foam and fabric. In the second case to secure the upholstery adhesive is used.

Weaving rattan furniture — a great alternative to pallets, however, is less budget

The original solution of improvised wicker furniture for porch

If in the economy there is the old padding, has not yet lost the look, it can be useful for the manufacture of wooden sofa. It has small size and is well suited for decorating a small room or balcony.

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