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From the Soviet past we got a beautiful Central water heating system. If not for her, we would have fought the cold with electric and gas systems, as is done in many countries. With winter comfort in Central and Northern Russia would be very expensive.

Central heating network (DSP) supplies coolant to the apartment, and the radiators transfer heat into the room.

The quality of the heating of the apartment with this method depends on several factors: integrity heat and power company that provides you with warmth, good insulation of the entire system and the efficiency of the radiators in the rooms.

Important: If the first two factors you can influence only indirectly, the selection of suitable and high-quality radiators should be placed in their hands.

Features Central heating, affect the performance of the radiators

Central heating system with all its convenience to the consumer is quite merciless to the radiators. There are two main reasons the release of batteries fail prematurely.

The quality of the coolant. The fluid, before reaching our apartment, goes a long way through pipes, mixing on the way with a lot of chemicals and changing your composition. When the water reaches the device, the pH can be 6-7, (acidic environment) and 7-8 (alkaline environment). Some of the materials of which produce radiators, can enter into a chemical reaction with such coolant, which very quickly leads to a breakdown (breakthrough).

To increase the service devices in the apartment, it is important to choose the right radiators: cast iron, steel or bimetal.

The second major problem, is characteristic of the Central heating, the sudden water hammer.

Water hammer is a sharp pressure change of coolant. Such pressure fluctuations in the heating network can occur when someone overrides the water or a failure at the pumping station. Overload radiators test and during the test the heating system before the winter season. This is done to check all pipes and joints for strength, to reduce the likelihood of accidents in the cold season.

Not all types of radiators with dignity withstand such tests. That’s why autumn is so often necessary to repair or urgent to change the battery for a new one.

Important: Not all radiators are suitable for installation in Central heating systems in apartment buildings. Therefore, when choosing a battery you need to know the working system pressure, compression pressure and fluctuations in the PH of the coolant in your heating system. If to understand with these settings is difficult, it is possible to choose a universal model suitable for most heating systems.

What radiators are more suitable for apartments

One of the major differences between models radiators — materials. Material and specifies the basic specifications of the design. On the Russian market the most common aluminum, cast iron, steel and bimetal radiators. All models have important characteristics that must be specified in the technical data sheet: heat transfer, operating pressure, compression pressure, the acidity of the coolant, the warranty period and the weight of the section.

Comparing the most popular types of radiators:

  • cast iron (heat 1 of section 80 — 150 Watts; working pressure up to 16 Bar; compression pressure up to 30 Bar; the acidity of the medium is 6.5 — 9 pH; warranty period 15 — 20 years);
  • aluminum (heat 1 of section 170 — 200 Watt; working pressure up to 20 Bar; compression pressure up to 30 Bar; the acidity of the carrier 7 and 8.5 pH; warranty period of operation till 15 years);
  • steel (heat 1 of section 130 — 180 Watt; working pressure 6 — 12 Bar; compression pressure of 9 — 18 Bar; the acidity of the medium is 6.5 — 9 pH; warranty period 4 — 10 years);
  • bimetal (heat 1 of section 160 — 220 Watts; working pressure 30 to 50 Bar; compression pressure up to 200 Bar; the acidity of the medium is 6.5 — 9 pH; warranty period up to 25 years).

Obviously, if you do not violate the technical conditions of the use of radiators, then any model will last for so little. But during the operation is stable conditions do not exist. Therefore, it is better to take model of the heatsink taking into account fluctuations in acidity, pressure and temperature of the media. The most suitable for such conditions specialists think of bimetal thermal radiators. Besides, they have a very high heat transfer coefficient and a good margin of safety.

Bimetal radiators is a modern multipurpose solution for most heating systems. They can be safe to use in residential homes and offices. Also, they are ideal for Autonomous heating systems of private houses, dachas, cottages.

The peculiarity of bimetallic radiators is their structure: aluminum made external part of the structure to provide effective thermal feedback. To the aluminium is not in contact with the coolant, the internal channels (the collector) made of stainless steel. Steel resistant to the corrosive effects of the liquid. Also steel core is not destroyed under the influence of reagents, which are used by services to remove scales from pipes, to waterhammer and can tolerate high load (working pressure can reach 30-50 bar). Thus, effective use and long life is caused by the peculiarities of the structure and design of bimetallic radiators.

Also, the advantages include light weight, modern look, large selection of quality parts and the combination and not very modern heating systems in apartment buildings. From minuses it is necessary to note the high cost that is associated with the peculiarities of production of complex structures. But it pays for itself durability and reliability.

Important: most models of radiators have a narrow range of use. This is due to the materials of manufacture. Bimetal radiators combine the properties of several materials and are suitable for almost all water heating systems.

Modern trends force manufacturers not only to take into account the technical characteristics of structures, and creative approach to the appearance of radiators. It’s no longer that boring cast iron the harmonica, which was saved from the cold every apartment in the Soviet Union. Remember how often the paint on it bubbled, usacialis and climbed?

To date, some radiators can be a separate decoration.

They no longer want to hide under the windowsill behind the curtain. Modern radiators feature beautiful shapes, diverse colors and even quite unexpected, but effective design solutions. For example, the collection of the Italian-Russian production company Royal Thermo:

• Pianoforte — appearance of this model resembles frozen in the movement of piano keys. Such construction not only effectively looks, but also improves the efficiency of heat transfer.

• Pianoforte Tower — the vertical construction of the sections is well suited for areas where the walls are occupied by furniture or large Windows to the floor. Looks great in areas such as “loft”.

• Biliner — modern streamlined shape contributes to efficient convection and allows you to quickly warm the room.

• Revolution Bimetall — due to the unique patented technology POWERSHIFT has a greater heat transfer compared to conventional radiators.

• Vittoria — thanks to the features this model offers high efficiency convection and is suitable for use in heating systems with low temperatures.

The Italian model is available in three basic colors: white (Bianco Traffico), black (Sable Noir) and silver (Silver Satin). In addition to the unique appearance it combines amazing efficiency of heat transfer and reliability (warranty period up to 25 years).

In addition, when choosing the radiator need to remember that the efficiency of heat transfer, reliability and durability in operation depends not only on material and design, properly selected components, how to incorporate the radiator into the system and correct calculation of the number of sections the area of the room.

Warm winter for you!

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