Modern three with wow-effect

This project — a white crow among others. Or a black crow among white baby? In General, it’s definitely not for everyone — not everyone will like such a dark interior design. In a modern style, often used bright colors, so we were surprised when customers — a married couple with a teenage son stayed here on a graphite scheme. Additionally announced the following wishes: modern style must border on minimalism, making global alterations provided a bedroom for elderly parents who sometimes come to stay. Well, see for yourself what happened!

During the work customers have to focus on exposure style, combining beauty and practicality. We wanted to mix dark shades and gently expand the space contrasting with light walls. Without white colored living room would be too dark. And in General, to work with these people was very easy — a great client with a great sense of taste and no fear of experimentation. All the designers.

Remodelling of the apartment extreme and illegitimate. The kitchen, for example, is located on the former living room, where according to the original plan must be a kitchen, now a children’s. Customers wanted to make a shared space, so I chose the big room of 23 sq. m. the Main difficulty was to stretch across the ceiling of the hood, and place of communication, but all in all was very comfortable — even the island together.

Tip: If your goal is to place the TV so that it worked for two zones, you can hang it from the ceiling on telescopic fasteners. In this case, the TV set over the island — you can omit and twist the screen to the kitchen or to the sofa in the living room.

In a totally black bedroom is comfortable for those who love monochrome. The color and style of the rooms is like a fingerprint of the owner. Customers, who have decided to make the whole interior of the apartment in shades of graphite, hardly worried about what others think — that they are comfortable and cool. And this is important!

The Union room with a balcony is also not consistent, as the transfer of the radiators. Between the balcony and bedroom made the compartment door and put the vertical radiator in anthracite color is cool stressed style and very good crosses in the mood with a white brick wall.

To the guest bedroom special demands. Because here were to spend the night elderly people, the room was supposed to be more intimate, not as aggressive as the rest, but combined with the overall design. We proposed to make here a white wall and in the maintenance of the General style — black velvet headboard to ceiling Windows and dark curtains.

Somehow not dare to call this room the nursery, right? Here live five minutes to a student’s a big boy who do not put the bed-house! 🙂 Black and white interior of the room, if desired, can be diversified and colorful bedding and bright pillows but unlikely son customers will want to do so. Print with a green leaf on the wall at the head — high, to which he agreed. Room well designed for a kid: the glass door extends the space above the working area there are overhead cabinets that hide behind the facades, the richness of a teenage boy. Low open shelves helps to restore “order” in 5 minutes. 🙂

How much of your life you have seen tubs without blinds?)) In this case it’s justified: squirt usually appear when trying to take a shower in the bath. Here is no such problem, this bathroom perfect for their owners: the one who likes to take a shower, is a shower cabin, and the one who wants to luxuriate in the bathtub full of water, does it at will. Important note: to accommodate a shower cubicle managed after we increased the bathroom through hallway — this part of the redevelopment, too, was not legalized.

The Council
Bathroom is the place where a variety of multicolored bottles of gels, shampoos and other cosmetic products. If you fundamentally preserve the beauty — transfer fluid in beautiful dispensers, chosen according to the style of the bathroom and buy towels that will match the color between themselves and with tiles.

Total area of the apartment — 78,09 sq. m. Walls that are on the plan — new. The apartment was completely dismantled all the walls, no wonder we called the redevelopment “extreme”. Here I would like to reiterate that we are not imposing anything to the customer and always warn of the illegality of the changes. The final decision is made by the owner of the apartment, and he also takes responsibility for the new layout.

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