Mosaic in the bathroom: types, materials, colors, shapes, design, choice of finishes

Mosaic in the bathroom is not only practical, but also very elegant solution to significantly freshen up the everyday environment and to create a truly masterpiece in design.

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  • Features finish bathroom mosaic
  • The types of mosaics
  • What material is that?
  • In a bathroom you can decorate with mosaic?
  • The color of the bathroom
  • Form mosaic
  • Designs of mosaics in the interior of the room
  • Examples of the layout of the mosaic
  • Photo mosaic in the bathroom
  • Design ideas bathrooms mosaic
  • Photo gallery
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    Features finish bathroom mosaic

    Certain nuances:

    • To design a small bathroom in the apartment, will suit small glossy mosaic in bright colors.
    • Also a small room can be visually expand with mosaic border in a contrasting shade situated low to the floor.
    • Decor mosaic around the mirror will not only give this product an aesthetic appearance, but also protects it from the ingress of water.
    • With such a design is impossible to perform zoning, for example, to separate the shower from the bathroom.

    The types of mosaics

    There are three varieties:

    • Mosaic tiles. With its help, you can achieve the most complex of compositions, designs and drawings and thus give the interior a bright and original notes.
    • Self-adhesive mosaic tiles. Particularly flexible, making it easy to design any complex, rounded and curved plane.
    • Tile under the tile. Is a one-piece product with a mosaic pattern eyelet. The tile mosaic is a more budget option, looks no different from the original.

    What material is that?

    This finish klassificeret the variety of materials used for its manufacture.

    • Ceramic tiles (glazed ceramic tiles).
    • Plastic.
    • Glass.
    • Smal.
    • Metal.
    • Stone.

    The type of material depends on not only the appearance of the veneer, but its operational life.

    In a bathroom you can decorate with mosaic?

    The most popular finish options.


    The manifestation of certain fantasies, it turns out to create a truly unique, original and beautiful design of the walls in the bathroom. Wall tile mosaic, you can decorate as the entire surface or only selected areas. Also a very original way the walls look mosaic tiled with shower cubicle, washbasin, Cabinet with mirror or bathtub.

    Photo light-pink mosaic with drawings on the walls in the bathroom interior.

    On the floor

    For outdoor decor, it is advisable to choose more durable and thick tiles under the tile. The design of the floor looks equally good as in a solid performance, and decorated with ornaments or a beautiful mural.


    Due to facing mosaic tiles, countertop, under sink, becomes aesthetic, elegant and exquisite look.

    In the photo the interior of a bathroom countertop and under the sink in mosaic tile in shades of blue.


    For the design of the shower pan, for security purposes, you should choose anti-slip mosaic with high moisture resistance. Color scheme preference, pastel or bright tones, harmoniously subordinate to the dominant design of the bathroom.

    At photo shower in the bathroom, decorated with emerald mosaic tiles.


    Exquisite and unusual mosaic stone decorated shelves, turn them from a simple storage space for various items, memorable design element.

    On the bath screen

    Screen with this decoration, you’ll be not only functional, but also highly ornamental, giving the situation an expensive, thorough and very stylish look.

    The ceiling

    Is the most simple and unusual way, forming a unique bathroom design. Using mosaics of the ceiling to fill the room with attractive magical beauty.

    The color of the bathroom

    Thanks to the wide color spectrum, including, as a striking contrast, and all kinds of pastel colors, it is possible to realize any design ideas.


    Has a really stylish and modern appearance and blends seamlessly with a variety of colors and shades, adding the necessary atmosphere of individuality.


    Rich blue finish is associated with the water element and allows you to plunge into the sea theme.

    The photo mosaic of blue color on the walls in the interior of a modern bathroom.


    This design is particularly suitable for those who appreciate the beauty, nobility and chic. Gold finish, due to the shiny and shimmering effect gives the room a warm glow, space and cosiness.


    Greatly refreshes and harmonizes the space, giving it freshness, coolness and cleanliness.


    Is quite a bold choice, bringing in interesting interior touches. Silver mosaic tile, looks equally good, with both full and fragmented decorating surfaces.


    Fills the atmosphere with ease, and contributes to comfortable relaxation. Beige, is the noble shade range that allows you to give the room a special elegance and perfection.


    Delightful green or light green veneer, adds to the interior a freshness and natural motifs.


    Thanks to this trendy color of the solution turns to create, not only a perfect base background, but also to create a truly aristocratic design.


    The classic version has a very noble and expensive look and at the same time bringing the atmosphere of coziness and solidity.

    Photo on glass mosaic brown shade in the design of a small bathroom.

    Mother of pearl

    Will undoubtedly become the most sophisticated part of the decor, which when hit by light rays, glows and play multi-colored highlights.


    Incredibly stylish dark mosaic, instantly attracts the views and gives the atmosphere a certain mystique.


    Give the interior of perfection and aesthetic refinement. With such a creative idea, it is possible to fill your room with harmony and purity.

    Form mosaic

    Common forms:

    • Round. Becomes bright accent of the interior and due to its high decorative qualities, harmoniously complements the other elements, giving the space an extraordinary beauty.
    • Honeycomb (hexagon). Hexagons allow you to create unique fictional patterns and thereby set the interior individuality.
    • Square. Is the most common and classic form, the most commonly used in decorating bathrooms.
    • Rectangular. Quite familiar version, characterized by its versatility.
    • Diamond. This geometric form of the diamond, will certainly be a very stylish interior solution.
    • Curly. Fancy shaped pieces of different shapes and sizes, represent the unconventional design approach that allows to enrich the visual image of the room.

    Photo bathroom decorated with colorful mosaics frosted round shape.

    Due to the specific shape you can create a truly spectacular and unusual decor, which will surely be the most striking and eye-catching element of design.

    Designs of mosaics in the interior of the room

    Several original design solutions.


    Due to these elements having a reflectivity that is impossible to change the spatial perception of the room. Mirror mosaic tiles, great immigrated under a variety of style and colors and takes on the surrounding colors.


    Using panels of chipped mosaic or matrix, you can easily decorate not only walls but also floor or ceiling. Such decoration may be placed, as in a particular area, and around the perimeter of the bathroom that allows you to turn it into a unique picture.


    The main interior is a highlight and a bright accent, no doubt attracting attention to themselves. Thanks to the mosaic decoration with a pattern, turns out to realize any fancy ideas.

    The combination of mosaics and tiles

    This combination with tile flooring, completely changes the look of a room and gives it a certain accuracy, cost and real perfection.


    The hexagonal shape is very popular in interior decorating. Mosaic-a honeycomb is a very active element of the design that can become even more noticeable due to the bright colors.

    Under the stone

    Has a stylish and sophisticated appearance, texture imitation travertine, granite or marble stone and rich natural coloring palette, lending an atmosphere of uniqueness and perfectly suitable for any style decisions.


    Natural smoothness, pleasant to the touch surface and unique mosaic of pebbles gives the space of smooth lines, natural shades and attractive appearance.

    Photo bathroom with a wall decorated with a mosaic of pebbles of white shade.

    Mosaic inserts

    One or more mosaic strips, depending on the location, can not only adjust the geometry of space, but also provide a very effective partial veneer, which is due to the play of light and the soft shimmer gives a special atmosphere of mystery and sophistication.

    The combination of different colors

    Classic black and white combination is the most traditional, but quite stylish and original. Due to the different color combinations like yellow with orange, beige, brown or other, can be formed as simply and graphically as well as luxurious and artistic design.

    Examples of the layout of the mosaic

    There are several basic methods of layout, for example, a seam in a seam, diagonally or many others, the options presented below.


    This styling resembles brickwork. Most often to create this effect using rectangular elements that are shifted every second row.


    Is a matrix of small or large sizes on the grid, which paste on a surface, which allows to simplify and to facilitate finishing works.


    The classic version of the pickup, which is quite popular and provides an opportunity to emphasize the specificity of the interior.


    Mosaic tile, due to its plasticity, perfect for corner clearance. Such decoration smooths the sharp corners of the various ledges or boxes and creates a spectacular blend surfaces.

    The photo mosaic blue wall with a corner layout in the interior of the bathroom.


    Due to the continuous, discontinuous, parallel, intersecting, symmetrical, broken, chaotic, or other lines, for example, in the form of a wave, the situation becomes truly distinctive look.

    Photo mosaic in the bathroom

    This design, in accordance with the overall interior design picture are really unusual and attractive. For example, the toilet in the style of minimalism or hi-tech, it is better to choose gray, metallic mosaic finish or other not too bright and fancy shades, and for a room in the style of Provence, or country, wood veneer or mosaic tile styles in patchwork.

    In the photo, Moroccan mosaic on the walls in the bathroom, made in Oriental style.

    With well-designed decorating points, you can not only create a harmonious interior in the toilet, but also visually enlarge it in size.

    Design ideas bathrooms mosaic

    In the bathroom due to the different mosaic tiles, impossible to identify, distinguish and visually separate certain functional areas or just to create a border around the individual elements.

    Photo bathroom with contrasting fragmentary decorated with mosaic walls and floor.

    This decoration thanks to its reliability, durability and practicality that allows you to draw a wall, floor or ceiling surfaces to create an elegant interior.

    Photo gallery

    Mosaic is not just a finishing material, and the present art method of decoration that allows to depart from the usual clich├ęs, to bring to life any design ideas and give the bathroom special personality.


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