New life of a fisherman’s hut

For an everyday solution to attach the veranda was followed by the redevelopment of a Grand renovation and radical transformation of an old house near the lake

The house of the forties of lake Wilson in North Alabama, Randy and Lynn bought 18 years ago and never did. The family needed somewhere to stay for the weekend to men (the couple has a grown son) could go fishing enough.

The idea that it would be nice to update an old shack came to Randy and Lynn immediately. It all started with a harmless idea to attach to the house a summer terrace. But, after some thought, the couple decided not to limit ourselves to a porch and to renovate the house entirely. For help in this Grand remake of the invited designer cherry Pitts.

Cherry offered to “deploy” the layout of the lake. I had to tear down the wall that covered the survey area. Now a spectacular wall of Windows in the floor, and the lake can be seen from almost anywhere in your home.

Also the house was built the porch (the same one with which it all started), made wider and the master bedroom have raised ceilings.

After the alteration the building has increased in size. Now its area is about six hundred and fifty square meters, almost twice as much as before.

Because now the house facing the water, the interior was designed as open as possible, with a glazed interior doors, with rooms seamlessly flowing into one another.

It was also important to hide the storage system, so nothing prevents you to enjoy the wonderful scenery. Had to work hard over kitchen: designer hid all the appliances, but so cleverly that even the refrigerator did not notice.

Now stay in a country house became much more comfortable, although the trip to the lake before the alterations were a family tradition. The fact that the head of the family, Randy, an incorrigible workaholic, and this house is a place where he can truly relax. Therefore, investment in repair will certainly pay off in the future.

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