Paint the paneling in the house

For those who have in your house paneling in the form of wooden boards, there will come a time to decide what to paint it.

A good painting is able to extend the maximum life of the lining, protecting it from the external environment, and to preserve the appearance and texture of the material.

Battens paint roller.

Currently there is a huge selection of paints, which can be treated with this material.

To ensure that you have a view about them, you need to analyze the purpose of paints: flame Retardants are substances that are best suited to improve the fire safety of wooden siding. Applying them, you will reduce the Flammability of the material.


One of the means of complex protection for the wooden lining Please note! Industrial processing of flame retardant gives a much greater effect than applying it manually.

The last way is impossible to provide the necessary pressure.

Antibacterial compounds have antibacterial properties and protect the wood from rotting. By purchasing this part, see special notes “for the interior”. This means that the composition is water based.

Acrylic varnishes are water-based are used for the final processing stage and perform two functions – protective and decorative.

If you want to keep the texture of your lining, then use the coating.

It should be applied in two steps: first apply the clearcoat, and then Polish with added coloration mixture.

Synthetic varnishes.

Despite their higher toxicity compared to the acrylic water-based, they are also often used to cover wood siding.

Such coatings give the material a rich luster and a smoother surface.

But due to the toxicity they are often used exclusively for outdoor use. Xylene and toluene contained in them can cause harm, concentrating in enclosed spaces.

Composition based on wax is perfect for covering instead of varnish. Although it is difficult to apply, good protection material and nice semi gloss will be worth all the difficulties.

Varnish with the addition of coloration mixtures

Decorative compositions

The above compounds can’t answer the question of what to use, when the main purpose is not protection of the material and giving it new style.

Decorative paint

Next, we list the main types of decorative paints:

Oil paint.

Quickly absorbed into the material, provide good protection of wood against moisture, but dries slowly, and after a certain time, gradually begin to lose saturation. This type of paint is not recommended for painting all of the siding, because it is not breathable and the tree was not breathing.

It is better to use it on multiple individual elements and stay with it. Acrylic paint is able to Shine and keep the color much longer than oil, but they also surpass them by other parameters. For example, an acrylic paint not crack even when the temperature significantly changes. However, even they have a big drawback that will hurt your wallet – the high price


The best options for lining inside is acrylic akalak.

It has no toxicity, it does not cause allergic reactions and contains no heavy metals. A lining covered with qualcom From all of the above it is seen that there are many different choices of coatings, both decorative and protective, so as not to make the wrong choice we advise you to carefully study the markings. In the instructions from the manufacturer, as a rule, also the correct application of the selected composition.


Preparation of material for painting. Wherever you are stopped, always need to know the correct method of applying the composition, because otherwise the result of the work you may not like. To prepare wood siding for painting you in the following ways: First, you need to remove the material the previous paint.

If you find that it clings to its place, then rinse 2% soda solution. Then the remaining fragments will only give a new look to your interior decoration. After removing the old paint, sand the surface of the lining is a simple pumice stone. Of course, you can use the sandpaper or sander, but the result will be worse. Treat siding with linseed oil.

It is well to moisten the material to facilitate subsequent color. Council. The best result for you will provide about 50 grams of turpentine and dry pigment like ochre, minium, or something like that that you can add to the varnish. Finally, the material of the lining soil. The use of specific formulations of primer for wood. It is also possible to use the same composition for the painting. Painting technology Before you begin to paint wooden siding, you must wait until it is completely dry.

Painting lining the tip of the bristles

This material is easily painted, if you follow some useful recommendations: Apply paint only the tips of the bristles of the brush, distributing it in a thin layer along the panel, preferably in a continuous movement. Coating with paint or varnish should be done in several thin layers. It will be more effective than applying one thick layer. To paint the material in tight spaces, around architraves and skirting boards, you need to use a fine brush.It’s about 5 cm in diameter.

Finally, it should be applied from the top down a thin layer of paint. This will smooth down the bumps and traces of the brush. There are many options for painting the siding. What to choose – you decide.

Pick the desired composition depending on the desired result, and selecting it, do not forget to apply on the painted, following all possible rules – it’s for your own good.


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