Shower room in eco-style with their hands

I offer a shower with elements of wood. I wanted to make a cheap, but beautiful. I think we’ve got… ))

The size of the bathroom: 2100*1700. The size of the shower tray of pebbles: 1200*700.

White tile – Polish 1000 rubles per m2.

Tiles on the floor and in the shower (under the tree) – granite, Spanish about 1300 rubles per m2.

Both types of tiles no complaints (neither during installation, nor during operation).

Mosaic (shelves in the shower) – the cheapest (from 100 to 200 rubles per grid).

Holder for
towels made rails for the kitchen (the junk off and tightened,that’s all)). In the end it was about 200 rubles instead of 2000 (what is sold in plumbing stores)

The box in the wall (to store cosmetics, jars, cups, etc.) and under the sink (for clothes) made by hand.

In General, living with this renovation for a year.. And we have our shower room definitely happy ))

Plan bathroom (sorry for the quality, because it drew itself as I could))))):

the view from the top

a view of the wall with countertop

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