Simple idea for home decor

As a rule, we always include a bowl of pistachios on the coffee table. One evening, eating pistachios and throwing the shells in the other bowl – I thought maybe you can use it in their works and started to collect the shells in a large bag.

I searched the Internet and found a few examples that surprised me.

One example is to make drainage for potted plants, in another example, the pistachio shell used as a soap dish.

At the same time I saw a cool picture of a wall decoration made out of the shell and immediately wanted to repeat it. I thought that my first attempt will be training and decided to just paint the shell.

First of all, the pecan shell must be washed to remove all salt and other debris. The first time I did this, but will do so next time.

Put the shells out to dry for this you can just put it on the paper and when dry then paint with spray paint.

Do NOT press hard on the button of the spray paint otherwise the shells might fly across the room. I painted inside and outside. Make sure the paint is completely dry.

You can also paint over the shell manually, if you need a variety of colors and spray paint all one color. I used acrylic paint!

To attach future pistachio birds to the wall, you will need double sided tape, scissors and a little patience.

Voila, our decoration is complete! How was that result?


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