Spacious apartment in “Moscow-city”

Architectural Bureau SL project led by Alexey Nikolashin has designed the apartment with an area of 300 square meters, located on the 82nd floor of a skyscraper in Moscow-city. Being a non-core housing customers, this residence was to become not only a place for living and doing yoga, but also for work in the daytime, turning into a space for relaxation and parties with friends in the evening.
For the project was allocated five months, and in the room there was already the wall was decorated ceilings and laying floors, which is only slightly tinted. Right at the entrance there is a dressing room, the back wall which has niches for wine refrigerators and racks for wine glasses, painted in Golden color, giving the interior a intelligent touch of glamour at night, like an expensive club or restaurant. Because customers asked to add to the interior green, then the column in the corner covered with plants. The total area occupies about a third of the apartment, including living room, library, dining room and kitchen. Home office and yoga room is a separate room. Bedrooms and bathrooms are inaccessible for outsiders to get into the private zone can only fingerprint. The main bedroom has proved to be intriguing — one of the walls with dark grey Alcantara and there is a huge black bed. But the main project is, perhaps, not the interior, and the view of the city and the river.

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