Stylish and cozy home microoffice


Although some experts insist that the bedroom is strictly for vacation, sometimes we just have to use it for other purposes too.

The main thing – to do it correctly, that functional areas do not interfere with each other. For example, if you work at a computer while your partner is sleeping, it is best to place a work Desk behind the headboard. Well, if you sleep alone or working mode of your pair is the same, then you can organize a home office in close proximity to the bed – at arm’s length.


In the kitchen we spend a lot of time cooking, eating, socializing. But this pastime can be implemented and the work is quite convenient and allows you to do several things simultaneously. However, the place for home office you need to look for the most “pure” – away from the stove and the sink, closer to the dining table and fridge. In these cozy environments, any work will be done well and quickly.


Actually, this “magic” area can be in any room, from the living room and finishing the hallway. For the arrangement you need quite a bit: cantilever or sliding table but a couple of shelves for accessories. A huge advantage of such a working office in his mobility. If you decide to do in the room or apartment relocation easier for him to find a new angle.


The traditional location of the workplace in non-traditional performance: normally under the window have a huge table, we propose to turn into a working surface of a window sill or piece of furniture under the window. It is also a great solution for insulated balconies or Bay Windows – the daylight will create the most comfortable conditions for work with papers or crafts.


Option for owners of private houses on two or more floors. The place under the stairs usually remains untapped, but if it is correct to equip this area, you can win a few square meters and thereby relieve the other room in the house. However, to operate under such “passing place” you need to either learn to ignore the environment and the stamping of households, rising to his rooms, or to take care of additional sound insulation flight of stairs.


A winning option for rooms of non-standard configuration, and areas with a large number of cabinets or doors. Even in the small span between them you can build a niche with a Desk. Do not overload such spaces furniture, it is better to prefer light and shelves.


But this option is the most mysterious of all. Such an office is”invisible” it is possible to arrange, using a large wardrobe or small storage room. The idea is that after hours you have had the opportunity to push the chair in, close the door, or the door, and the office will disappear from the interior. Is a convenient technique, for example, for one-bedroom apartments, because at work, as a rule, reigns creative mess, so it can be quickly removed, closing the door. However, in this home office need to think carefully about the artificial lighting system capable of replacing the window at any time of the day.

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