Stylish and cozy home on wheels

A dream of a life full of travel, however, not every dreamer that dares do move into a house on wheels and go, aimlessly. As a rule, the frustrated travelers was most afraid of inconveniences. However, the owners of these homes believe: former bus transformed into a mobile dwelling, it may be more comfortable private townhouse! Take a look and see!
“It took us 1,5 years to change the bus to a motorhome. Now we went to a two-year journey across the United States and Canada”
“To the items on the tables do not fall while riding, we use Stoc”
“Our bus is more like a home”
“Personally, I love the most in your RV kitchen with all the features”
“Hygiene in Quimper, there is no problem in case there is no source of water at hand portable shower”
“We have converted into housing a former school bus”
“This is our first house for travel in Australia. They had to cook meals on the street, but the feeling of freedom is extraordinary!”
“This is my new home!”
“In my cozy bus there is even a heater!”
“Our home on wheels”
“We lived in a house with an area of 500 sq. m. and died of boredom. Now my four children live in Quimper is 25 square metres and we are happy!”
“To live in nature, in the wild, it’s fantastic!”
“My first project – Volkswagen T3”
“We just finished doing from the car, the caravan. Still can’t believe it!”
“The project is almost finished”
“Modification of the van in the house lasted 10 months and cost me $12000”
“Small room with excellent views”
“Instead of the planned 6 months reworking of the bus to the house lasted two years”
“This is the former scheduled intercity bus 1966 issue”
“I spent building homes all my money and just happy I made it!”
“We bought an empty van two years ago. Let’s see what we managed to do to him!”
“All we did by hand. The stove adds comfort to the entire living space”
“Well, that a couple of times had to stay up late? But my house is on wheels in a former bus is ready!”
“This thing belongs to a former firefighter from Toronto”
“Remained mere trifle, and in two weeks we go on a trip to Alaska!”
“My sister and I are traveling through Europe for more than 8 months”
“We plan to travel for three months, and then put our mobile home up for sale”
“Finally I finished work on the camper! It remains the most interesting to travel and decorate it with Souvenirs from all over the world!”
“We have equipped our mobile home in just 6 weeks and $1300”
“Here is our house!”


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