Stylish and practical cabinets for decorations

Wardrobe jewelry is every girl’s dream

Wardrobe for decorations becomes a necessity when going to work, ceremony or a business meeting, we can’t find a pair of matching earrings to the ensemble or “extracted” from a confused tangle of beads and chains need the bracelet.


The Central place in a dressing room a dedicated Cabinet for jewelry

Bold pen boxes, decorated with stones, give personality to your interior

Cabinets for decorations: the inner filling

Locker for jewellery is primarily a tool which allows you to order you to arrange the decorations to at any time you can quickly, simply and beautifully complement your chosen image.

It has several types of containers and devices for storage, which enable to hang or lay out the jewelry in the types or sets:

  • For rings in the special Cabinet mounted rod holders or slots.
  • Earrings can be kept on separate hooks or just to be affixed on the side walls, trimmed in fabric with soft foam layer.
  • For long loose hanging jewelry (chains, necklaces, bracelets) also, a special hanger.
  • The organizer can be equipped with small shelves for storing jewelry in the signature boxes from the manufacturer or in small boxes that will fit several pairs of earrings or rings.

From a functional point of view, such a wardrobe for your home are simply irreplaceable. But it is not only useful but also aesthetically attractive object
furniture organizer for jewelry can hide at the rear of the beautiful floor mirror to be stylized wall decoration (painting panels).

Locker is often made in the form of a miniature chest with warm wood, elegant leather, or decorated with paintings, stones or metal parts surface.

You can purchase a ready made Cabinet or book in companies specializing in the manufacture of furniture organiser for your parameters:

  • for large collections of jewelry, for example, with additional tanks for storing earrings or rings;
  • hidden drawers for jewelry made of precious metals and stones;
  • with exceptional appearance, inlaid with stones or painted according to your sketches, and so on

Separate drawers for storing jewelry

Good accommodation jewelry in cells under glass

It can be unique, with many built-in mechanisms in the wardrobe or fancy shape
the rack on which hung earrings, necklaces and other sparkling jewelry will act as an additional decoration of your home interior.


When selecting an outdoor Cabinet for jewelry with a large number of small cells, consider its practicality and performance: the organizer will certainly fit all small items (earrings, rings, etc.), but cleaning the dust small containers and their contents will take a lot of time.

Original ideas for storing jewelry

The easiest option is a stand for ornaments with their own hands, made from branches, hooks, wire and foam pads collected in a quirky asymmetric design. The surface materials used, stained or decorated with fabric and lace.

Placement of jewelry in a beautiful porcelain cups

Miniturize with your jewelry

Can be adapted for any wardrobe
the box, smashing the interior walls, or just lay it in the saucer, cups and boxes. These containers will perform “themed” places to store things of different sizes. But they are not as convenient as a hinged design: loose cell slide on the bottom of the box during his opening, small ornaments will be displaced, and long petticoats confused.

Wall mounted or floor standing Cabinet of natural wood is quite expensive, but you will easily be able to make original and equally beautiful jewelry organizer for yourself.

We offer you to make a wall organizer for home, the basis of which are the picture or photo frame:

  • In the first stage, we decorate our basis – open with paint, lacquer, draw a picture or ornament (for example, in the technique
  • The easiest way of creating a fixture to store jewelry is to pull the canvas loose fabric (lace, mesh, etc.). The cell material is a hanger on which are fixed a pair of small jewelry: earrings.
  • So the organiser has expanded its functionality under the fabric install base out of wood (Board cut around the perimeter of the frame). It is possible to easily strengthen the different sizes of hooks – hanger for larger and clutter of products ready.


Covering the Board surface pattern or an original print, you will create not only a functional wardrobe for jewelry, but also decorate the wall with bright and unique decoration.

  • You can create a surprisingly elegant and refined openwork wardrobe organizer. For this purpose between the lateral sides of the frame is stretched several rows of wire, the ends of which are fixed on the “wrong” side of the stapler or small nails. Tiered hanger for jewelry in various sizes and dimensions ready. The upper storeys are hung earrings, loose bottom are decorated with rows of beads and chains.


This arrangement of jewelry to avoid tangling products and provide unhindered access to the smallest types of jewelry.

That wardrobe jewelry is a thing any girl’s absolutely necessary, you see. We hope that our article has also become an additional incentive of creating interesting and original piece of furniture. To construct the organizer from virtually any waste materials, the main thing is your imagination and creative, original ideas!

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