Stylish homemade furniture

Decorate a child’s room,and at the same time to take his useful educational thing? Why not. We have prepared several relevant ideas.

1. Bright poster

Why not let the kid participate in the decoration of the walls of the nursery? For example, creating his own stylish poster. If your baby has not shown the talent of an artist, you can help to paint (or print) the outline of the image and ask them to paint it.

Even very young child can bring this lesson using the method of drawing with fingers.

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Instagram @_dellwin_

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2. The rug in the technique of patchwork

And this idea for older kids — those who are already able to cope with the scissors. The child may participate in the selection of fabrics and cutting workpieces. Or help mother to baste the next Mat. It is not necessary to swing too big product: the same classes baby quickly bored.

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3. Cotton garland

Garlands of textured balls are made of natural fibers, is a real trend. They are called Thai cotton lanterns or garlands, you can make one yourself with your child.

For this you need proper thread (choose not too thick thread), PVA glue and the most common and inexpensive balloons. Inflate balloons slightly smaller in size future lanterns, wrap in several layers soaked in the glue thread, and then leave to dry. After complete drying of the blow the balloons and carefully remove them. Lanterns ready! Can be strung on a thread or Supplement their light garland.

4. Decorative wreath

Wreaths — contemporary decor, they look great on the wall, door, opening Windows. Make this together with your child and decorate the nursery.

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5. Paper garland

Simple, inexpensive, effective and very relevant way to decorate a child’s paper garland.

6. Creative panels

The poster is not the only option of wall decor. Can make, for example, creative panels in any suitable technique for you. Alternatively, it could be:

• applications from cereals;

• drawing of salt;

• from marine pebbles;

• paper 3D murals and more.

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Instagram @mom_zinas

7. Stylish decorative pillow

Another option for interior decor for the nursery that will appeal to moms-handy, decorative pillow. By the way, it is possible to make from remnants of fabric or old clothes.

8. Wall collage

Your toddler loves to draw? Why not arrange a wall collage of his drawings?

Life hack: almost any image will look more stylish,if you place it in a frame with Passepartout.

If for several frames in a child’s place is not there, you can scan drawings in, zoom out and to collect miniatures in a single collage in any photo editor. Print in color, and voila!

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9. Cups stationery

Look how stylish these organizers can be accomplished in origami. Online you will find a lot of various schemes, select the best and do with the baby.

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Instagram @kingkongdesign

Instagram @kingkongdesign

10. Interior box

Miniature decorative interior box is another stylish idea for decorating the nursery. Connect the baby to the choice of fabric, creating patterns. You can and applying labels, use special markers for fabric.

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11. Racking-ladder

Look what a useful accessory that hanger-ladder can be placed blankets, magazines, coloring books, to arrange an exhibition of drawings. And you can wrap it in garland or Supplement mounted pots and containers for storage. Good reasons for “hunting” for the branches and sticks during a walk, isn’t it?

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Instagram @_staryigorod

Instagram @_staryigorod

Instagram @_staryigorod

Instagram @_staryigorod

Instagram @_staryigorod

12. Wigwam

However, there is another reason to look for sticks to make a stylish and incredibly cosy wigwam for the nursery. Your kid will certainly appreciate the idea and will gladly help you bring it to life.



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