Table three quarters

Sometimes to beat corners can be difficult, especially if it is external, not internal angle.

A young Turkish designer Seray Ozdemir has proposed an unusual solution for small rooms where it’s important functional use of available space. Designed corner table under the pithy name, “3/4”, includes a collection of “Corridor Society” – furniture designed for apartments without living room, rented by several students.

To organize a common space, the designer suggested to use a table with a soft couch.

The design is almost circular in shape. “Almost” because the circle is no single sector one quarter, which allows you to move furniture close to the speakers corner.

The table can be approached from either side, to settle down for him alone with a book or to arrange a joint tea party.

Although the idea was inspired by the realities of the student dormitories, it is quite applicable in an ordinary apartment.

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