The bathroom in the patchwork: the ways of realization of patchwork techniques without the use of fabric and needles

Since ancient times, technique of quilt was very popular with craftsmen from Eastern countries. Previously, it was only used for sewing various home textiles, clothes, bags and other original items. Today dynamic compositions with intricate designs and patterns without a specific theme of the story can be found in the interiors with unusual performance. Bathroom patchwork symbolizes a new era of art. Motley scraps are widely used for decoration of various parts and components to the room for bathing with a virtuosic palette of colors.

The contents

  • The bathroom in the patchwork: the canons of design

  • Achromatic colors patchwork tiles in interior bathroom

  • Bathroom patchwork finish with dynamic colors

  • Bathroom in the style of patchwork with a focus on ethnic motifs

  • Variations of the bathroom design patchwork

  • Photo gallery – bathroom patchwork

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Designers managed to transfer a variety of designs and patterns from textiles to tiles due to their digitization and the creation of such decorative coatings. This has significantly increased the potential of bathroom design in the style of patchwork. Association with the design of man-made products of variable fragments of tissue will give the bathing room a special touch. Patchwork compositions will create an extraordinarily warm atmosphere to obtain pleasure from the contemplation of non-standard finishes and decoration.

The bathroom in the patchwork: the canons of design

Could there be a needlewoman, which was used stretches of fabric that their idea and execution technology will be the refinement of the interior design? Until recently, colorful textiles were found only in the form of curtains, carpets, upholstery on the stools, chair covers, decorative pillows. It was an integral part of the situation bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens that reflect the aesthetics of the shabby-chic, Provence, pop art. Moving into the room for bathing and washing, patchwork decor can solo in different ways:

  • floor finish ceramic carpet;
  • veneer accent walls decorative panels of tiles;
  • the design of arches, door or window jamb;
  • decorative panels above the mirror or around font rounded shape;
  • decorating the outer or inner side of the shell;
  • myocardial cooling of the stairs leading to the catwalk in the hot tub or shower compartment;
  • the design of the screen under the font;
  • straggling finishes throughout the space of the room.

Finish bathroom in the style of patchwork

Bathroom patchwork welcomes virtuoso use of different modifications of ceramic covering materials: tiles, mosaics, slabs, porcelain tiles and panels. Dependent on the area of the room should find the optimal size and finishing elements:

  • From 10 to 25 cm for decorating small spaces. Small parts of the lining, folded the narrow rows, scatter the look and create the effect of perspective. This diverts attention from a close borders of miniature bathtub. To facilitate finishing, it is recommended to use block composition of the mosaic.
  • From 25 to 45 cm for walls decoration in spacious rooms. Here you can safely try on different images of the patchwork tiles in the bathroom: holistically lined one of the walls, to compose the fragments in perpendicular planes.
  • Plate with a size of 45 cm organic look on the floor, without overloading the view volume outline with dynamic colors.

The size of the finishing elements is chosen based on the area of bath

When choosing the design patchwork mosaic or tile you need to consider the visual perception of polychromatic decoration. For small bathrooms it is appropriate to use models with monochrome colors, colorful, but small component patterns and ornaments. Design rooms with a large area – expanse for imagination of the decorator. Veneer even with multicolor color is perceived easy and amazing, like painting with abstraction.

Achromatic colors patchwork tiles in interior bathroom

At the mention of patchwork techniques imagination is a riot of colors, a complex ornamental design, isn’t it? Decorators decided on a new use of its Foundation: to make the composition of the neutral monochrome colors – black, white, gray and their shades.

Dim color scheme full kompensiruet images intricate ethnic patterns and combination of patterns with different shapes. The lack of bright colors allows you to look closely at the strange script zigzag, curved, geometrically correct, intricate kaleidoscopic elements of patterns.


Monochrome tiles in the style of patchwork in the interior of the bathroom

Restrained color palette bathroom in the patchwork perfectly reflects the principles of strict and laconic interior. Do not be limited to paving with proportional form in the form of a square or rectangle. Minor insertion or triangular shaped elements with an interesting pattern will add a minimalist setting in the bathroom unique features.

Black-and-white tiles accentuate the the sleek bathroom interior

To dispel the myth about fast annoyance boring achromatic palette of the interior of the bath patchwork, photo selection clearly demonstrates a spectacular finish tile and stone pieces in black and white. The lack of saturated colors can be successfully replaced by dynamic-looking embossed textures, from glass-based glazes that can create three-dimensional 3D effects. Due to the neutral monochromatic palette pechorskogo design during a visit to the bathroom, eyes never get tired of muted colors subtly decorated interior.

Bathroom patchwork finish with dynamic colors

Boho, pop art and kitsch tend to abundance of diverse details of the situation with colorful color. Imitation covering of a floor or wall ceramic rug, woven from multicolored threads that best reflect the mixed decor of these styles of design that promotes elegance and effervescence to every detail.

Used prism colors when decorating the bathroom in the genre patchwork has no tonal restrictions:

  • welcome all kinds of bold accent colors, expressed in the contrasting combination of bright colours – purple and green, ultramarine and a ruby, red and blazing red and burning energy;
  • encourages the use of unexpected bathroom colours – Bordeaux, khaki, gold, silver, purple, berry;
  • approved the use of ornaments with complex shapes, painted with neon colors.

Contrasting combination of bright colors

To create the simulated man-made products in the manner of a patchwork, tile for bathroom is made integral elements of sewing and knitted products:

  • the edges are formalized imitations of diverse stitches, overlock stitches;
  • the decor reflects the finish multicolor buttons, applique, embroidery jacquard patterns;
  • the design is exactly copies the loop-like woven texture of the canvas, executed in different techniques of knitting.

Bright accent wall in bathroom interior

No other style of design does not allow to use as much fancy decoration of interior bathroom. Except for the inconsistent colors in one song can easily combine delicate patterns with simple geometry, simulate the coatings of natural materials and images of the swastika with sacred value.

Feature the techniques of patchwork is to use variegated decorative elements in the form of patches without any schematic rules calculations. Because of this, each song turns completely different in a single instance with a unique design.

Bathroom in the style of patchwork with a focus on ethnic motifs

Colorful bathroom decoration patchwork is able to convey the flavor and ethnicity of any people in the world:

  • The Eastern designs with a burning gaze variegated colors – orange and sand to match the desert landscape, a bright yellow and scarlet, simulating the sunrise and the sunset in the rising sun. To expressive to denote the domination of the Eastern motifs on the facing of the bathroom, in the decoration must be present ethnic patterns: Arabesque, booth, Moresca, Paisley, and many others.

Oriental notes for a bathroom in the style of patchwork

  • Rustica with a restrained color palette and ancient teratological motifs, dominated by images of animals and birds with archaic images.
  • Italian style with grotesque and zoomorphic motifs, illustrating different species of flora and fauna, fantasy creatures, theatrical masks.
  • French direction with a lattice pattern “trellis” composed of diamond-shaped elements with the small, like stucco, rosettes.
  • Floral and floral motifs, which embodies the natural scenery of Provence.

Tile with floral ornament for bathroom in Provence style

  • Antique Gothic zigzag chevrons, scales and strelochnymi outlines of patterns.
  • Modern and modernism is evident in the geometric patterns with expressive broken lines, versatile shapes and signs of cubism with multiple planes in the decor.

Geometric pattern will perfectly fit into modern interiors

Various designs may separately or together appear on patchwork tiles in the bathroom. Photo variable models will help to pick their own exotic or contrastingly different from each other the elements of non-standard veneer for ablutions. Any pleasurable motif or pattern on the tile producers will be able to reproduce based on the provided sketches or layouts according to individual order. Patchwork design, where the main emphasis is made on ethnic grounds, always looks original and man-made, though the decor with the scenic painting.

Ethnic motifs always look important

Variations of the bathroom design patchwork

The inimitable images of patchwork cloths can take a worthy place in the interior of the room for bathing, treating the diverse stylistic concept:

  • the excessive simplicity of the country it is reasonable to make colorful mosaic décor made of tile with a neutral background (white or sky) and natural color ornaments yellow, red, green;
  • strannosti environment in the style of retro or vintage accentuate tile mural with faded dull colors, imitations of cracks, scuffs, rough edges, chips, design type with ancient majolica handmade art painting;

Antique tile looks impressive in the interior

  • the prevailing white Scandinavian interior true color rich tones, as if spilled on a white sheet of paper colored with watercolors;

Tile patchwork will add individuality in the bathroom, Scandinavian style

  • a chaotic finish in the genre boho is appropriate to limit a fragment to accent the wall, floor or to use to decorate the countertops in the washing area.

Wall decor in the zone of wash tiles, patchwork

Not to create the colorful effect of excessive coarseness, should partly use items with patchwork design in the bathroom. Photo of the patchwork combinations of decor of tiles with colored shower curtains, rugs, stained glass lampshade ceiling lamps, glass Windows or doors – source for inspiration and selection of optimal design solutions for the interior.

Bathroom in the style of patchwork is original, inexplicable ideas decorators, art-based with all the color palette. The interior design with a predominance of bright colors creates a festive environment, motivating the adoption of a bath or shower in a joyful atmosphere with an abundance of rosy-decorated interiors.

Bathroom in the style of patchwork is original

Patchwork decor admire the variegated colors, mesmerizing originality of ornaments, provoking to touch your hands to unusually performed compositions, as if sewn from ceramic or stone scraps. Thanks to the stunning visual effect of the patchwork has always been very popular regardless of the changeable trends of interior fashion.

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